ABC's Jake Tapper Thanks Troops, Families of 'The Outpost'

White House correspondent Jake Tapper talks of the soldiers and the events that influenced the book.
3:00 | 11/16/12

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Transcript for ABC's Jake Tapper Thanks Troops, Families of 'The Outpost'
Wanna talk about the troops around who are here and those who are not some of whom -- to have their pictures are on the wall here -- Michael screws -- it's Kevin Thompson. And there there are others. My son Jack was born on October 2 2009. And -- the next -- in the haze of my wife's recovery. Room I heard that eight other sons had been taken from the world on October 3. And the heroes of the October 3 battle of -- -- home Kevin Thompson Josh Kirk Michael screws Justin Diego's. Whose whose widow is here. Chris Griffin Vernon Martin Josh heart Stephan mace I think -- mama's here. The way the story of that attack was immediately covered was along the lines of why would anybody put a combat outpost at the bottom of three steep mountains fourteen miles from the Pakistan border. And it was a question that nobody answered not the media not the military and -- -- -- -- I'd been covering the war in Afghanistan. From the security of the north lawn of the White House and I wanted to know more about the war. And eventually telling the story of the battle became a broke the project but. When word of the book project -- out. A young intelligence officer Dave Ross -- off from 371 -- got in touch with me and he wanted to make sure that the book was not just about the battle. He -- and -- understand why they set up the outpost in that place he -- -- understand what -- brought the US to understand province to the campus rally. -- you -- me to tell the story of what the US was trying to do. In that area. He wanted to tell me the stories of lieutenant colonel Joseph Fenty and Brian -- Quinn and Jared Monti and pat -- burdened by the -- and then Keating. Who are not here tonight. And then a young lieutenant from 191 camp the squadron that followed 371. Got in touch with his name was Dave roller skate here. He wanted to tell me the story of his team. And the successes they have in the valley and he wanted to some of the stories of Tom Bostick and Chris Pfeifer. And -- pretty torn out here. And went on like that from more than two years. That this book is long. But in a lot of ways it's too short. Because there -- lot of stories that doesn't tell. There are people here tonight whose names are not mentioned in the book but they were there they serve there. Hopefully the stories that I attempted to tell honors all of those who serve there and all of those who no longer with us. So I want to say it is to the soldiers and families the failures in this book. Are mine. Anything impressive in this book is yours. All I did was tell the stories of what you did. And I came home my in my forever that's I came home from meeting roller and -- -- some one afternoon and told my wife. Honey I -- a worthless piece of junk I didn't use the -- -- And -- -- it. And I still think it because I don't feel entirely comfortable telling these stories. I don't feel worthy of getting any of the -- notice that your heroics. Your dedication in your sacrifice. -- -- I've been snapped out of my stupor right now have a greater appreciation and understanding of what you and your families and door for me and my -- morning. And our freedoms than I ever did before. My hope for this book is and it makes a few more people -- touch more appreciative. The stories in the book are unbelievable. Not because I wrote them but because they happened. Whether it's the malaria Monday nightmares -- the constant dangers posed by the enemy the constant -- dangers posed by the mountains. The saga of health when he 610 the ambush at -- -- the assassination of -- yes guess. The troops here and their families. The moms who have lost suns the wives who have lost husbands. You should be honored and toasted everywhere you go and but this book and tonight. Our small attempt. For me to do that to thank you. So -- everybody would raise a glass to the troops. And the families of 361 -- 191 calf six forecast three sets 61 count. And the 227 -- -- I was embedded with and the medevac unit the dust all American dust off thank you so much from all of us here.

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{"id":17742022,"title":"ABC's Jake Tapper Thanks Troops, Families of 'The Outpost'","duration":"3:00","description":"White House correspondent Jake Tapper talks of the soldiers and the events that influenced the book.","url":"/Politics/video/abcs-jake-tapper-troops-families-outpost-17742022","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}