Activists say new election laws make it harder for people to vote

Republicans argue the laws are election security, but Democrats say they are a voter suppression tactic aimed at minority voters.
4:50 | 05/07/21

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Transcript for Activists say new election laws make it harder for people to vote
Controversial voting laws being discussed. And pass now and add a number of states the Republican controlled house in Texas just advanced a bill tightening voting restrictions. Less than 24 hours after Florida governor around the senate signed new restrictions into law in that state. The director of the Brennan senators voting rights and elections program earn a Perez's here to break it all downforce minute thanks for being here so. Texas governor of Greg Abbott says he's eager to have signed that in this bill. What does it do what's the likelihood passing and it was do what impact would have on people want to vote in Texas. I was the last one Ers is definitely didn't make it harder for people booed and one of the things that's the most frustrating and a things about this piece of legislation is that the legislators pushing it stopped even pretending that it's about trying to fix what happened in the 21 election. Instead they're saying about future elections and everyone. Who is aware anything knows what those future elections look like it is elections are changing demographics and elections are changing political when she's. And instead of trying to actually compete for voters in the future. I'm we have these politicians trying to manipulate the rules of the games and at some people can participate and some people can't that they chat more job security age which is exactly not what should be happening that is cheapening our democracy -- it's exploiting. And using their role as legislators and it's something I think ultimately the American population does not consider. MA music before that it's like we're seeing two different America's some states are aiming to make elections more free others putting up barriers. Why that divide. I think Haston do you win states that are recognizing what the future looks like. On and embracing the idea of a room busted participatory inclusive democracy. I'm vs states that have a lot of anxiety over the Browning of America what that means for the existing power structure and are therefore going to buy hooker crop could maintain. What ever grass they have on power instead of actually making. Their policies. Their party they're platform more appealing to the voters it's mar. And man of people are hearing a lot about these laws and this debate about. A so called election security and and for government for for people from outside. They might believe there's a great deal of evidence that our elections are insecure people mass numbers of people voting with a fake ID or voting more than once or dead people voting are but. Boxes of ballots showing up are disappearing. I did these legislators in Texas can they point to evidence that justifies this. Absolutely not that was how this first and started about all the broaden. And and as a debate continued and people demanded evidence. The position started changing. People started saying it's not about the 20/20 election which was safe and it's about future elections I mean. All of these lies about. Unsafe collections are pretax their justification that had been used in the past trying to bearers of burned out ox and the evidence does not support. On that these laws are justified yes there are things that we should be doing yes only eligible people should be casting ballots get counted but. That is not what we see happening we see policies that are making it harder to vote has no evidence phase justification. And man we've heard people calling these laws an extension of Jim Kroll but none of them explicitly single out. Any group of people so how are they discriminate against people of color. Every time you put it veered from the ballot box it's going to shave some people from the electorate. And by definition and people who are most on the margins. Have. Defused margins to be able to absorb the bird. So we knew quite unnecessary barriers in front of the ballot box people who have. Time where they can't get off a war for have a hard time finding someone to watch their babies are Joan Walsh have all the information about which are as you need to go to a what rules are there. Are going to be the ones are falling out of the electoral cross slash these are the same people that our country specifically decided to end to.

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{"duration":"4:50","description":"Republicans argue the laws are election security, but Democrats say they are a voter suppression tactic aimed at minority voters.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77562579","title":"Activists say new election laws make it harder for people to vote","url":"/Politics/video/activists-election-laws-make-harder-people-vote-77562579"}