Afghan President During US Visit: 'We Die, But We Will Never Be Defeated'

Ashraf Ghani discusses the security of his nation and the importance of the partnership with the United States.
10:06 | 03/23/15

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Transcript for Afghan President During US Visit: 'We Die, But We Will Never Be Defeated'
I want to first pay tribute. To more than 2000. That victim with the 150. I believe 2012150. Americans who pay out. The more than -- thousand. And NATO soldiers who opened wounded an action. But also. That hundreds of thousands. Wit never duties. Close to a million. And they assessment and woman. It gotten no Micah. You have been. In the most remote this badly. In the highest peaks. And parched deserts. And beautiful paddies. That also involves it man sexually. Each one a few. It's left a legacy. That Alexander spent. That the fund is spent his mark Q. When you wake up it night. Sometimes you're not sure with a you back there. Or he. That's what active fights me as the president of Afghanistan. Is what I had the honor to he would repeat it the from American veterans. I left. A piece of my art. And at dad. Thank you. Wet I want just. To state on behalf of that plan people. Is that each one a few also. It's definitely. An apartment if B one that you passed in and you're not there. Just to fight I come back despite. You've built schools. Unit that you don't droves. Whether physical infrastructure. Is great and it's changed lives. It is that out too cute. Did you Bruntlett. N Judith Kaye. An attitude of discipline. Exactly. End up on people but particularly. That plant security forces honor that that. Combat toes of the United States and leased estate. Ended on December 31. To pass and quirky. So what's the legacy. The legacy is now. A proud up on security forces. That his deal with the best of fuel in India needs the best of eureka. I special forces. That flipped the. It would children children with Q. Are carrying the bush. Our army corps. If changed but that and that's that is out of contracting what you. Our special police forces an accident sent. All of them and they you fund the end RK god. The military academy mrs. green again. It's going to trade generations of clients or are going to be. Committed. To that values that Jim reed. So valiantly. In so honestly portray and has collapsed. ODs. Are legacies. Of our partners. And I want to thank. And legacy of what you'd get. To bring those supplies is now called the Norton. The route to. Europe. Two Georgia. Azerbaijan. Turkmenistan and on tough lets them the rules that you first open with them. In order to get supplies is will be happening I just looked TO. We hope that within five days. Will be able to connect. I'd goods tool in front yet. This again it's an enduring legacy what was done in the time of war. Is now becoming. What equaling the last just let Sony brought. The road four piece adult or interactions in connection. The second so my first this again to repeat is that thank you to every one a few. And the Pentagon it. And the US if its community and the diplomat. But mostly. To them make a taxpayer. The men and women. You all a few. Look may your heart and dollars. They didn't let that. And because the Fed. The government of national unity. That a captain eight is committed to act count for every single one out those dollars in its. This phase of that partnership with the defense community is about building systems procedures process he. So that the right leadership. They did indicate that stat. Can make use of those resources. For the disposal. He again. The deployment. Of Reese's father. Didn't there. Officials. Eighth in a different kind of thing. To leave behind. Systems and procedures. That funds would be a bit too ran. And Bradford dictates and hopefully centuries unless the state faces. My text message to you. It's. That you're not going to be a bird. We do not. Now ask what the United States can do for us effect and they and president Kennedy. We want to say what have honest then will do for itself and what the war. And that means we are going to put out a house in order. We. A Frontline state. We diet on a daily base. I've held more children it my arms who have been wounded. Or killed. And violent lightning bug you. When you're watching the plea in a school. Why just simply walking to work. Act twenty. Year old. Woman. Who went to work and when I spoke to father. The father said the night before that there it's at five. You can now hope to retired. Because in six months I would be a good to pay for the expenses of the house. Unfortunately. Now that needs to continue to. We done. But he will never be defeat. Terrorism. Is that threat. It seems. But we the people that Afghanistan. All waiting to speak truth. To Terre. By seeing no you would never overwhelm us. You're never said US. We are going to all their workout. In in this and get there our partnership. With the United States is foundational. Because. We wouldn't be the first line of defense. Or freedom. And open. Addict for creating the conditions. Waited out under. Reese's. Millions of systems. Can entertain. This my area that she cats. In green. Light to that date. My fondest hope. And to the veterans. Case. That we hope. To wedge canyon happens then the stories. As civilians. He visiting the you're left minus. The peaks. The deficits the valley's. The homes. Of people who vacuum left Bryant's attached. So dear. Come back to us. It some years. And that moment. Lands. Millions of us would be eight to see thank you to each won a few personally. Shake their hands in and thank you tackles. Thank you guest list differentiate between United States and Afghanistan.

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{"id":29839606,"title":"Afghan President During US Visit: 'We Die, But We Will Never Be Defeated'","duration":"10:06","description":"Ashraf Ghani discusses the security of his nation and the importance of the partnership with the United States.","url":"/Politics/video/afghan-president-us-visit-die-defeated-29839606","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}