Alaska Challenges Delegate Vote Count at the RNC

ABC News' Tom Llamas reports from the floor of the Republican National Convention where Alaska is challenging the delegate vote count.
8:26 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for Alaska Challenges Delegate Vote Count at the RNC
A lot happening down all of them Lawrence I don't get down there right now aren't on on the line. On the net Barbie outfit that light on what has happened not Philip. Brought Alaska. Yeah well Alaska definitely wanted their votes counted correctly they had up problem with the way it was reported. It two the final vote tally and so they raise that issue with speaker Paul Ryan that's what he does not happen I think one thing at this convention is it's not smooth. Up from the get go from yesterday up until this point. They're keeps seeming to be these discrepancies whether feet from the open writes me was. First dabbled in two millennia from speech and now this proceed yield snapple if you will just behind us it's just not going. Very smooth right now nonetheless look guys the headlight as. Donald Trump's going to be to dominate regardless of what happens here in Alaska. Donna comes going to be the nominee at the end of the day the Republican Party those that don't like Donald Trump those that don't really want to vote brand are gonna have been accepted at the nominee. The top burgers back to that Bob McDonnell. Quietly let the whole 37 his son got Mercury your account growing go to 89 votes it to the bank for a that's a picture from up here at the sky fox sure didn't seem like. That is the agreement with actor it's item that should be. Well look to become a Johnson yup cover conventions before and once they got notice about this convention I noticed it yesterday at a noticed it right now. There are empty seats behind us. I'd I don't know how many cameras you guys are available to you but. There are. And sections that R&D just behind me over here I'd never seen that at a convention. Were all night shoot out you know you could say maybe you had problems on day one but now we're on night two and you still has empty seats. Donald Trump is someone who cannot stand it. Small crowd of Florida DC I don't know what they're ready to fill those seats but hopefully Republicans come and fill those seats at some point. Because right now the visuals are not. That's spectacular right at the your point debit. The excitement the editor gene. This screaming at that being the jubilation if you will it's here. But it's it's not as loud as exciting as it usually is that god junior though I spoke to him after he. He make that proclamation he was totally thrilled again it's great quote. He says I say other than the birth of my children if it's the coolest thing I've ever done it. Surreal slowly advanced credit Eric front pomade it was absolutely incredible pregnant wife actually raided a barber speech Eric from wife Lara telling me that his. Speech it's going to be that great that best meets football that rubs me just a lot that might save. What topic you and that's what this campaign has good about. Donald Trump look bad don't look at birth we've got. If perhaps probably brought him to get your significant property before his death rates are beautiful what recently about the party if the man. Look at the EU might you 100% right we wouldn't understand these primaries. You know a percentage of voters have voted for Donald from there were seventeen at. Candidates at one point. And Donald Trump grab the largest percentage of those voters that's why he's the nominee. But like I set up in other conventions this convention deadly strikes me as different. You're you're you're young you don't see personable you'll feel the players here you'd other note former presidents he only former nominee is Bob Dole. And that's going way back to 1996. Mitt Romney got here Senator John McCain got here some the other superstars if you will of the party are not here. Senator Ted cruise's senator Marco Rubio is it senator vets that's as it that ends up senator documented joke about the whole thing. Governor John Kasich from Ohio but don't say he's not here. So clearly they're they're they're a division of the party and even getting governor Mike reds can really unify the Republican Party at all I don't think anybody up I. I don't I don't lab cooperative state I don't know how many more people decide to show up to the convention. Because governor Mike that is now on the ticket. This it's a clear sign that the Republican Party at least right now he's not 100%. Behind Donald Trump we'll see what happens at the DNC we it may be a similar story. And Tom wearing seat now there seems to be conversations happening down on the floor I'm not sure where you RE your clothes and get this at midnight at that what's happening at. They sell them at a process unfolding right ever I get back to your point you're making about some of the Stanley Roberts speaking tonight that the speeches about adhering. Later on from the folks think you talk to. Your covered this campaign so far the folks we're here tonight. Don't know about it nominee aren't sure they get behind it what it that they each year either from the folks are. 40 am speaking part and I worked at. Antley that tell you think. We'll help that they get on board and get behind Donald. Look Paul man aboard the campaign chairman said one of the bulls this convention was to show a different side of Donald Trump. Bishop Donald Trump the father Donald Trump the husband the problem was that was melodic trumps role last night. And the headline was not bad. Melodic from delivered this amazing rousing speech about all wonderful wonderful husband ate that portions of her speech were literally stolen. For Michelle Obama's connection speeds. They got today. So so for the Mets to their partisan doubt about Donald Trump it's not clear to die you know applied what we're here from Chris Christie tonight. We're ready here from Tiffany drop followed a doll Trump's children as well to talk about her father and a man genome it's. All but right now that they could not question answer because we're engaged Q&A and I don't I don't think they have. A unified message yet. Because not only you know that at a variety of speakers like yesterday at the lauded they also had a lot of speakers talking about things Ghazi immigration and Rudy Giuliani about overall safety national security. Because so we'll see if it tonight it's more unified this single bad taste but to bring you back over here behind me. When you're talking about what sort of a demented floor right bravest and speaker right we're actually looking up at the big monitor and they were at looks like. Laughing at them and it's week's sell. Right now I ended up front right of the why can't tell you exactly what's going on but they can't be too important bereaved meets off the big board. That's an excellent waited. That's what's it like on ABC news it Nadal. You probably can't be looking at the camera angles right now is that why not you can seat on the upper back along the upper deck lining evidently they apt at playing out in real time. Candidates meet people are hearing about the events and acts that are at eight. Our aren't seeing lately that's not a key point it out. That's their kids and they can't be worried about what is happening on that an hour right now I can't even get out there out that they. General although O'Connor deeply and it's be well again what. Looking here tonight what you meet back here that you make any kind of a different out his campaign. Or. You know on brilliant figure governor Chris Christie he is somebody with such a close advisor Donald Trump. He really went out on a limb. Thank you dork Donald Trump right when he got to the race which surprised still many people even people that we're very very close Jim anything when it comes closest advisors since that moment. Now trump decided not to sixty Jersey governor Chris Christie to b.'s running mate he picked by president we said so. I wonder if there's bad blood there and I wonder how passionately Governor Christie to deliver its message tonight he's no Donald Trump may be better than any. Any other republic kid who was in the primary field fly he's been a lot of time in the last three months so it looking at the message you get a sense hum all the kerosene every activity trump. She is somewhat of a mystery. We've we've we've never heard Tiffany drops because the campaign trail as far as on the stuff like he bought guard Doug junior Eric at least I haven't. Gillick that we got she ever heard from her that I can remember. It was during that Barbara Walters interview. I'd love to hear what he had to safety to rethink grad the University of Pennsylvania court Donald trumps all the water Hobbs on the visiting here that add up court speaker Paul Ryan we give you know. That's bigger Paul Ryan will magic Donald Trump. By David speech that he ought to keep pushing keep pushing for their south agenda but I want a year's fashion outlet here out fired up he had. I don't want to hear how we can package that Donald Trump domination to other Republicans to make sure they do not stay home in November.

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{"duration":"8:26","description":"ABC News' Tom Llamas reports from the floor of the Republican National Convention where Alaska is challenging the delegate vote count. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"40716824","title":"Alaska Challenges Delegate Vote Count at the RNC","url":"/Politics/video/alaska-challenges-delegate-vote-count-rnc-40716824"}