Analysis of Senate Confirmation Hearings for Rex Tillerson

ABC News' Josh Haskell interviews Mary Bruce about first day of confirmation hearings for Rex Tillerson.
3:30 | 01/11/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Analysis of Senate Confirmation Hearings for Rex Tillerson
And he or about bringing BC's Mary Bruce can't speak to the side here for a second. Stroke back hear me. Mary's can give us a little bit of a recap of her conversations apartheid which senators. Leaving. Coming and going the route that date it's been interest in this aegis you know so much action. In the hallways right now today some senators going for an hour sole Rand Paul we're different times. Run to a meeting Tim Kaine of times I gotta run to Armenia we'll talk with you after Mary Morton previewing his real. Tell us what senator corker was telling you going. Walked alcoholic it's interesting rate is just has not like it's. He asked a lot of questions about Russia that of course has been dominating this hearing. But partner and a lot of others aren't willing to necessarily actors yet what we heard from the president elect at his press conference because basically haven't seen it just. And there's segment we can comment on something we haven't gotten the full details of yet now asked her what was happening behind these closed doors behind these walls are here. Corker said he is confident that that despite Tillerson has ties to Russia with business ties its. Personal. Relationship with food and that that he built but. Tillerson will be able to be tough on Russia will be able to exit to draw a line between his previous experience and and its role it is department. As the top of. I was just talking one woman who's been it's I don't think he was kind of angry it. She thought that they were letting Tillerson off a little specifically. From the Republican senators but not all the senators. Have been easy until and I fractious Republicans being very tough on Tillerson one of the most fiery exchanges with that senator Marco Rubio. Trying to nail him down on president is asking BearingPoint questions especially. Now whether he thinks is a war criminal asked if he would attach that leave politics until it's not quite ready to go that aren't even though he's made very clear he thinks that Russia is a danger. The US thinks that economic sanctions are sort of an important role in the US toolbox. But he also is. It wasn't a silly and ridiculous hours maybe against another Republican senators hoping he would go think that by no means of being easy on him on this. And looking back concessions hearing yesterday there were many quick headlines that came out of that. First day one recusing himself from anything related Hillary Clinton in some other specific questions on cases that were open. Old cases what for you so far we Tillerson really strikes you is. That kind of headlines. I think just what we are sending out rush I mean him trying to separate himself from his previous relationship from his previous business dealings is thin and what's dominated this. Entire hearing has been very interesting to see all of this play out as Donald Trump has been answered all of these questions as well I protesters we've seen. With a lot of concerns about two dollars and record. On the environment on climate on energy sources and 41 years that ExxonMobil. And that's a long record and you're seeing a lot of questions pointed questions. On that issue as well. Definitely wolf thank you I'm sure we've not heard the last of Russia and this hearing keeps you got your only halfway there yet but we are so today. Many more headlines and we do expect Cory Booker in other senators we know that Tim Kaine. Did talk about climate change is Mary Brewster mansion so we'll hear more on that we're gonna take a quick break and when we have more special when we come back from launch. We'll have further updates. From here in Dirksen for now on ABC's Josh Haskell right outside the Rex Tillerson hearing on Capitol Hill. It.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"ABC News' Josh Haskell interviews Mary Bruce about first day of confirmation hearings for Rex Tillerson.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44715164","title":"Analysis of Senate Confirmation Hearings for Rex Tillerson","url":"/Politics/video/analysis-senate-confirmation-hearings-rex-tillerson-44715164"}