Anthony Scaramucci responds to Spicer's criticism

The former White House communications director discusses his relationship with former press secretary Sean Spicer on "The View."
8:42 | 09/22/17

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Transcript for Anthony Scaramucci responds to Spicer's criticism
You're one Italian that was off the record. Paula, by the way I'm so happy to see you. You did an interview with another ex trump staffer, Sean spicer. Uh-huh. I watched the clip. We're going to see a clip. It looks like he has it over here for you. Watch. I'm not surprised. You resign the day that Anthony scarmucci was hired. I did. Was his hiring the the I am pe us for leaving? Yes. I've known Anthony for a while. I don't think he had the skill set and qualifications to play a leading role in crafting the communication message. I don't believe I still don't believe he had the skill set for that job. Are you surprised he lasted 10, 11 days? Not after some of the things that occurred. So he said you weren't experienced enough. What do you say to that? Here's the problem with the Republican party. We have Republican on Republican crime all the times. The Democrats maybe they don't lielk each other. They're in solidarity. I could hit back at him. Take the high road? No. What I'm going to say we got to get it together as a nation we gr got to get it together. We may be different achbd have different political points of view. We got to cut the nonsense and get it together T. He's entitled to his opinion. You guys know I had my opinion. I had a specific job from the president of the United States. Do you feel you were qualified for the job? For the communications job? Yes. The president asked me to do specific things for him. That office was open so I took the office. I tell you I put a full blown communications plan together for him. It got released on the internet. I think hope hicks is doing a very good job for the president. I talked to her yesterday. She was in New York two days ago. When they interviewed and you were on TV right after you've got the job, you kept saying I love the I love the guy you said it 20 times. I thought you were over the top. Do you really love the guy? Hold on a second. I know whoopi is not here. I know whoopi really loves the guy. Here's what I would say about the president. He's trying to do the right thing. You've may disagree with him. I was on the campaign with him. There is economic desperation in our society. There's economic anxiety. There's only two candidates that identified with that. That was Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. They saw what I saw on the campaign trail people that weren't educated trying to find jobs. Why didn't you love Bernie Sanders. I didn't dislike Bernie Sanders. I've been a Republican my whole life. I started with Scott walker. I then gravitated to Jeb Bush. When it became clear Mr. Trump was going to win the presidency I'm a team player. Some people would call that opportunity nichl. You also said on fox business that he was a hack politician and the rhetoric was anti-american. I love ABC people. You said he was on track to be president of the queens county bully association. I definitely said that. Your colleague brought that up in my press conference. I said listen, you have to Republican the back story. He was hitting the hedge fund industry. He started the fight. I hit back. Did you believe what you were saying? I was sore at him. You have to understand tell me the number of thousands of people in the hedge fund industry I don't think we should be doing that. I think what we do in our society we two dimensional liez people and characterize people. When did all of this turn to this love you had? I spent a lot of time with him on the campaign. Travelled on the plane and got to know him a lot better personally. Again, you may not like the president personally I do think he's trying to do a lot of right things. You said a lot behind the scenes that I could feel you respected the mission. You were privy to some of the information we weren't, a lot we weren't. I can tell you believe in what he's doing. It's a complex world. You've had president Obama on the show. You know it's a tough job. I have wanted president Obama to succeed even though I'm a Republican. I hope Democrats want the president succeed because it's our country. You don't want it to succeed in things that go against the American people like the crazy health care bill they're trying to push. You've don't want him to succeed in everything Anthony, you're all about -- so far you're about taking the high road today. You talk about Republican on Republican crime. There are reports of so much in fighting. I know you talk about taking the high road. It doesn't sound like that was happening in your stint of the white house. There were also reports he was calling you Melissa Mccarthy behind your back which I imagine was pretty offensive. On some ways, but she won an Emmy. I've been called a lot worse. Was it true? I don't know. I didn't spend time tracking down people calling me names. I don't spend a ton of time listening to haters. Was it true? No. You didn't call him Melissa Mccarthy? I was calling him liar spice from the spice girls. Was anyone else calling him Melissa Mccarthy? Oh yeah. It's obvious we've had our differences. By the way a lot of these guys weren' full believers on the trump train. On election day some of them -- You couldn't stand reince Priebus. That's a weird story. I got along with him when I was donating money to the Republican donor list. I was totally fine as a patron of the Republican party. Once the president was designating me for a job inside the administration, the food fight started. I got the job offer on 17th of January. Then there was all kind of stories that came out to delay my arrival into the administration. That's a lot of in fighting. Those guys are gone. Unfortunately I'm gone too. It seemed like anybody couldn't stand anybody. Did you hear what Paula said? The leaks are down. Some of that is hope hicks. Some is John Kelly. Some is also the elimination of leak er. Leakers, whistle blowers. It depends on your perspective. Leakers are people saying bad things about each other in an effort to undermine each other in the process. Maybe they don't believe in the process. I'm talking about the personalities. Steven Colbert on the emmys took a lot of heat because they brought out Sean spicer. Sean spicer brought out his own podium. He made this joke about -- anyway people turned on Colbert for that. They said the Emmy people were normalizing spicer whom they considered to be a liar. My question -- I have to say this for the sake of "The view." We might be normalizing you right now. Maybe. I don't think you'll ever be able to normalize me. I'm a lot like you. That's true. A lot of people think you made up a few things too. What did I make up? Listen, you know what you said. Take a look. My question to you -- We only have ten days to go from. I'm a pretty straight up guy. I sort of told the truth about a lot of things. You said that's what got you into trouble. We're not using you as a comic prop until later.

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{"duration":"8:42","description":"The former White House communications director discusses his relationship with former press secretary Sean Spicer on \"The View.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"50028625","title":"Anthony Scaramucci responds to Spicer's criticism","url":"/Politics/video/anthony-scaramucci-responds-spicers-criticism-50028625"}