ARCHIVAL VIDEO: George and Barbara Bush on Being Grandparents

Sept. 2, 2004: George H.W. and Barbara Bush talk grandparenting, with Diane Sawyer.
4:09 | 01/26/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for ARCHIVAL VIDEO: George and Barbara Bush on Being Grandparents
Cheney we love you dearly but you're just not. Very head. See things. Sex and the City is something married you. Or do but never talk about. So here's my first sense what is sex in the city I don't know what is sex in the senate and the same as it is in the country antenna. And where they write when they said they hear from you about clothes that but that day and the best from with the front could that mean their all of them in all the grandchildren George is putting in their hands and on the money as saying. Not just to sample program your skirt or put on a skirt or pull up their top for something. That's just part of very many can't help but I have to ask you when Jenna stuck out her tongue at the reporters I have to know did you say something to. That's a good question because I got a letter from a perfectly normal person we know who said. Now you are the disciplinarian. Family. I expect you to writer and tell her how outrageous it was so I wrote the girl back and I said if you'll pardon me. 98% of Americans would like to stick their tongue down at the press number one. And number two. That a press themselves said we were all kidding around who Ling it was because nothing. And the other thing is I did hear someone on TV say let's get off it he said Don Bennett. Laura Bush or someone set up that Laura Bush sent those girls and sit sit up straight smile get your hair out of your eyes just forgot to tell him don't stick after tone. I mean it was so nothing it was funny. I feel I have to invite you be my guest and stick your tongue out at me if your. Critical at Templeton. The minute you turn your back and think they were also very thoughtful about them I'm very thoughtful about that. Their relationship from believer of us. Mary he got up for those midnight for anybody in their hands and many years. Most sober shape but they would say they ruled by gentleness other than my. Socking shouting yelling so you were there watching at one point being Hewitt but it. This Mr. President we king future. And they've not like politics and public appearances and that is grown up and they love their dad is is it fresh opportunities campaign it's time for the so. The two removing your son. Four. Did remember remember. Wonderful. Fiorina a lot of our friends there and all friends Jorge Camara and the special moment Omar press that the stage and and are very proud parents. Analysis or what's what's more important than that. Mean at this stage in my life I mean we're trying to do charitable things and all of that give something back. Nothing is more important maiden family. So what does your dream for years from now. I thought this fan morning. Failure to stay intact and then matter what happens the family. Who stand tack in my dream is for my kids is tranquility. Normal lives. And where we can do unfettered by press attention and inherent thing we want as a fan. And that'll happen. My dream for our family. So it's been made. Grow up to get a good education. May be happily married or they find someone they could be happy with. And that they would. Not think they were entitled. To they would work. And that they would then turn around and give back to the country because they're so lucky. And my dream the spin and through.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Sept. 2, 2004: George H.W. and Barbara Bush talk grandparenting, with Diane Sawyer.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"45071632","title":"ARCHIVAL VIDEO: George and Barbara Bush on Being Grandparents","url":"/Politics/video/archival-video-george-barbara-bush-grandparents-45071632"}