Arizona's historic Senate race too close to call

Republican Martha McSally or Democrat Kyrsten Sinema will make history as Arizona's first female Senator.
3:12 | 11/07/18

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Transcript for Arizona's historic Senate race too close to call
Let's get it out to Arizona he said just a minute in a few minutes ago. Are terror Paul Mary White House correspondent been covering this tight race in Arizona. Let's bring her back that's Terry is it possible we will not get an answer tonight this thing may go to a recount. It found it seems very possible that that's what will happen we're still waiting on the results from miracle but county and it's. The biggest county 60% of the voters. In its stake come for America but county I have we've not been pulled from the Sally stand. Don't expect to hear from her tonight same for cinema can't snow is likely that this will come down the wire early vote smattering matter. So then I'll late votes counted so we can be I have real nail biter and probably won't know for a day 82 days. They won't with a poll showing million. Neck and neck in the home need some polls all than the margin of error. Some poll shows that have not been sending Sally app and it it's gonna come down he doesn't have the youth vote. Issues. Yeah I think it's not really. They're really really tight race and getting no matter who wins that and it will be historically get little even if first time that a pain takes and I told the setting. See in Arizona bank you know a Democrat had been held at seventeen Arizona over 20 years and am really laid it down the middle. Side you know pick. I spoke with the top administration. 62% at time at the conference coming at six Sally 90% of thank you extremely high yourself the trouble yourself. That she did in the primary. As a way it's. I don't say this isn't visible over the truck administration yet. Doesn't really. Cole moderate she doesn't really identified the democratic talk to her yesterday she sent to support the president sending 5000 troops in the mortar. It really trying to malign about the as a moderate leader Jeff Blake the Republican in the may meeting that he really played the moderate party seems to work well. Arizona don't really get it ain't going to be such a nail biter I don't think we're in. We're gonna get find out until their copa county is found it. Yeah that's the county hi I have it right. Encompasses Phoenix. But what I Elaine let me just act ask about Ellen I was really struck by here's the cinema the congress from and the Democrats think she supports the idea of sending troops to the border wall or the issues what were the areas of contrast between these two. Candidates what were they fighting over. That really wasn't that much I mean. Basically health care what sentiment number one issue and make Sally did not go to hear it mainly because. She voted for the bill that read heels. The requirement to cover preexisting condition and got out of the real divider between it viewing it Sally tried to paint could not at that far lacked. Democrats playing the middle to get votes but Richard is that sentiment record it's really get down the middle they're not that different and that's probably a big reason why this is so. Clothes. A lot but. A lot of aren't we thought you said that they weren't exactly sending a message resin from by voting that they really were thinking about the candidate. Terror Paul Mary reporting in from Arizona we really appreciate.

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{"duration":"3:12","description":"Republican Martha McSally or Democrat Kyrsten Sinema will make history as Arizona's first female Senator. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59021953","title":"Arizona's historic Senate race too close to call ","url":"/Politics/video/arizonas-historic-senate-race-close-call-59021953"}