Attorney general announces elder fraud crackdown

Attorney General William Barr highlighted an example of how the scams work and how DOJ is cracking down on them.
2:02 | 03/07/19

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Transcript for Attorney general announces elder fraud crackdown
They picked the wrong people because working with local law enforcement those. The Webster's were able to. Get these people arrested and are currently behind bars. Just before this news conference. The Webster's and I met. With a number of local law enforcement leaders who. Are on the front lines of dealing with his problem. Fraud against elders. So our message and the reason we're here today is that anyone absolutely anybody can be targeted by this gamers. Many of whom seem legitimate friendly like here next door neighbor. Our message is don't be fooled. Fortunately through hard work of the men and women standing behind us and that the FBI and department justice. Our case went to court and arts Hemmer is in jail. Older people. Our. Uncertain about taking these matters in their own hands. Wish it were true that they were winning money and other kinds of successes. So I think it's important. Two. Let them know there are ways in which they can check out these calls and should. And those days is the the more we allow them to know where they can. Check out these calls because there are lots of money involved in this now. Lots of money in this one case that we described. Hundreds of thousands of dollars paid out in the hope that they. Going to get even more money back by being older and some saying see what I can do. In any event it's a privilege of being here I congratulate the attorney general for of this support to these given. Our elder our elder fellow citizens deserve. Are you support and or. Protection. And we're gonna do everything we can to be sure of that there are not defrauded. And that they are protected.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"Attorney General William Barr highlighted an example of how the scams work and how DOJ is cracking down on them.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61533546","title":"Attorney general announces elder fraud crackdown","url":"/Politics/video/attorney-general-announces-elder-fraud-crackdown-61533546"}