Barbara Mikulski Champions Hillary Clinton 'Because We Know She'll Carry the Torch for All of Us'

The first female Democratic senator spoke with the Democratic Women of the Senate at the DNC.
17:36 | 07/28/16

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Transcript for Barbara Mikulski Champions Hillary Clinton 'Because We Know She'll Carry the Torch for All of Us'
It's. It's. I was the first democratic woman I'll back in today's setting in her own right. Yes yeah I have women in this. Sure it's a backward yeah. I was the first I didn't want to be the only. I didn't want candle what I wanted more women so we could I reports in my book although you. I start rents have grown. I've had the privilege of mentoring so many talented. And you know what in 2000 I got a call from one of them. She was considering the senate wrong. But she had one question keeps asking me federal bar. Tennis general really get things done. I told her I'm not employee did she prove me right. It's a senator she can't into the economic security of American families. When Republicans tried to turn Social Security. Over to the big banks she helped deliver a knockout. And when the Supreme Court suddenly Ledbetter. No way of an equal pay. She is was pushed my belly Ledbetter fair pay act. I finished that job and the fair pay act. It was the first bill Barack Obama signed into a ball currently paying. Let's probably didn't think she's going. Our next Brad Pitt. And now. But you don't want it. Count across the generations. So I just have one question. Are you with us. Up America it's time absolute. We didn't put servants did Golan now. Thomas so should you. Our shoulders here's where. We're ready kept right. The bullet hit parade and the White House because we know. Show Karen good source for all of the lights. The and a half year in. We have faith ridiculous. Antics were Republicans determined to roll back up care options are women. Bet with Hillary Clinton Clinton that they never stood outside chance. When the bless administration. Tried to block women's access to plan B contraception. Hillary was behind my side and ready ten fights. I did man went sample. Save this isn't about women's health on science. Not political ideology. Yeah yeah yeah. Really stood out to an administration. Ruled by special interest and the extreme right. We re fused to back down and Toby have DA did their job and with science. And women. First. Now. Women across America are free and it's news say emergency contraception. That's not only a leader who knows how to stand our ground fight for what his right. And now. Our country fire word. Five I was there. I saw Hillary's V. The United Nations Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing. It was a ten. There words a great deal of anticipation. Around the first lady's remarks. Whether she would speak. What would she say. I watched with the crowd of women I seem names. One after another. Injustices. Suffered by women around the world. She was. Ended Herman. And have Lou. Me fear death. As she declared that women's rights are human rights and human rights women's right. America and I would feel good ride. That's Hillary and many. He broke that silence. And then November. She'll great big feeling one then for wrong. There businesswoman. I can tell you. How important family and medical leave is for 21 century jobs. Hillary plot for that. She thought for a higher minimum wage. She knows we build our economy from the middle out. She supports new of the ridges and job training programs for laid off workers pants she wants to make sure that we. Hell every one. I want served row as Seattle based organization. Mom's right easing. By eating more economic security. And now it's a million people and moms rising and Hillary aren't biting her paid family leave. The Hillary is up on edge. Might have built buildings and casino. But Hillary is building the foundation up an economy that works for every one. And that's real change. Minnesota's still workers. Pat that broke out markers. Called the witness DO. The senate heads up hair are women this deal. And Hillary Clinton and element of this deal. Here's my Hillary's story. After that devastating earthquake hit Haiti. Some water in the rubble where dozens of orphans sent to be adopted by families in my state. Distraught Minnesota moms are on the ground looking for their babies. When they called me I called the only person I knew would help secretary of state Hillary Clinton. She. Did not pawn it off she went to work sheet got those babies home. That's Hillary that friend who takes the car that mom who gets it done right. Those kids may never know she changed their lives forever but she did. That's a leader and that's our next president. We all know. Then Hillary. We all know. That Hillary is the most knowledgeable. Most experienced. Most capable leader to run for president. May be ever. But here's some thing you may not know. Earlier this year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Hillary called me to check in. Not once. Not twice. But several times. Here she was in the middle of an intense campaign. And she was asking me questions about my treatment. She wanted to know how they were going. And she told me to keep up the fight. Her words. Gave me strength. During one of the toughest tests of my life. And let me tell you she didn't do it. Because I was a senator. There are thousands. Of people across this country who could tell the exact. Same story I am telling you tonight. She has the intelligence. Chief has the work ethic. But most importantly. She has the hearts to lead this country. It. As all of us here now. Our policies that bride. Had her up consequences at home. For fifteen. Years. Up pretty manufacturer. In my state of New Hampshire. Struggled with the porn trade dispute. The cost of the company were so high. Hundreds of jobs were threatened. And Hillary Clinton's confirmation hearing for secretaries day. I raping issued to her attention. And she promised to look into it. Well within just ninety days it issue was resolved. Here Hillary was a newly minted secretary stay. Pat and you get up to speed on every major issue across the globe. And yet she asked her word and she took the time they have about one struggling New Hampshire company. But that's Hillary. When you need a chance again there is no one better to have in your corner. A. Around my. And every year. I. Lunar and urged congress. Hillary's hopes me. In fact she was speaking to a room. Full of women members of the democratic organization I had just mines but standing in the fact that back crowded room. Without likes it was talking directly to me. She sat. If this is RB made every day in Washington. And if you are not part of decisions and you don't like what they decide you have no one to blame but source south. Can't read please fat suit our car. It's my after nearly cool aren't decades of public service. She is still by eating ten make a difference and it's why I'm proud of two bites bar her. When I. For three months. Serious illness. Parents raised me and their family health plan didn't top her grandchildren. They have to pay my medical bills out of pocket. That I was considered a child with a preexisting condition they couldn't find me coverage at any price. I entered public service to fight for health care coverage for all. Nadal. Hillary. Hi we're decade. With the help of her relentless advocate 38 million children are insured. And their families. More seats here. When I got to congress I continue Hillary's work to witness or that a our most vulnerable children have the care they need. That's Hillary as president. Shall fight for a healthier families. There shot her all. Eight and an immigrant. My mother brought me tonight America for a better future. Growing up. I understand that a better future didn't just happen. As Americans. We have to work for the changes we see. In college appalled by the Vietnam War I became an activist. And when I met Hillary Clinton I found exchanges. Darrent. Hillary is up policy made here with an activist part. She knows that the most effective way to make change is to claim a seat at the table. But no matter how high she's kind she's never forgotten food she's fighting for our children and working families. And I grants. Small business says. That's Hillary. Where ever people are getting a raw deal season winds down. Fighting to make it writes that's my mind with terror. Okay. To help them. The rich and powerful. Get richer and more powerful. And trump is willing to step on anyone who gets in his way. Hill Larry Clinton knows how to fight back. Dangerous and loud mouth bullies. But 25 years she's been on the receiving end up one attack after another. But she doesn't back down she doesn't whine she doesn't run good Twitter to give people an ugly nicknames. Yankees sure as heck doesn't win. Hillary just keeps on fighting for the people who need her most. That's Hillary. She's battle tested. And she's the fighter working families need in the White House. Knisley. A. And giant that in the United States senate. She was not seeking the spotlight. We served together on the environment and public works committee and let me tell you. She. Was a work chorus. Humble. Steady. Ready to learn. Then. Just eight months later she was thrust into the middle of the worst attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor. In those dark dark days that followed 9/11. I saw Hillary's true character. She console to a grieving population. She sprang into action. Securing benefits to the families of the fallen. And getting defending New York needed to rebuild. Wind ground zero responders became sick. She demanded answers from the Bush Administration. I saw her do it. She thought to make sure that they got the health care they need. And and when the cameras were off. She never stop working and she never stop fighting. And that's why members on both sides of the aisle. Praised her. For her dignity. Her resolve. And Terry effectiveness. That's Hillary. In crisis. Or in com. When do we need that hand. Or real heart to heart. We can always count on her to come through. And salary dean. Standard amount comes feel like this saying this election. Is not found ginger. It's a bound and other CN does. Well then includes every single American and me that. Democratic women this and it we stand shoulder to shoulder with Hillary. Reid's knowledge and ready to make your. Bread then I think you.

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