Battle over immigration

The Biden administration said it is trying to dismantle and rebuild from the previous administration's immigration policy.
4:34 | 03/02/21

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Transcript for Battle over immigration
More on how the Biden administration is handling the influx of immigrants at the border we're joined now by our chief White House correspondent Sissy in Vegas is there we just heard. From Mac gotten and there and yet despite what we see the new Homeland Security secretary Allen Hunt America's insists that this is not a crisis so what is it. Oh yeah. And we're looking. To weakness here is. Saying in reality. On the ground and into administration. Eat an iris. I have the potential to be overwhelming and they aren't any reared near the border and says. Mean you know hundreds urge 200. Wednesday. Border and in eighty. They are. Almost every bad Edward. Bennett are here and now on every bad is and then just is just your. Or even in January alone the British rule change our candy how my and an angry that is more in routinely seen in. And in a more than eaten our since this is definitely on Bryan Muir not your very post any. Quarter. And Cecilia president Biden. Given office promising a very different approach from the trumpet ministers as Matt just said that is partly two account for the increased flow of migrants to the border but there are critics in Biden's own Democratic Party who point out that thousand children are being detained some in the very tense cities. The president trump was criticized for using so how is the Biden administration responding to that criticism at this moment of crisis since you set. Looking at. Here is our relations. Are now you're evil in their own party being out here. Are all. Doesn't matter which party he's doing pretty it. Is wrong or how the administration are funny. There's. What we're seeing you over her and rebuild went and he is not as an animal world immigration. I'm more administration is. We're glad Britain zero immigration. Debate bill and Brenda what. Does your issues are read. Is there. You are you. No. Validity and he got to reduce. And the other. Donny and V. And my city. I'm Daryn they're temporarily while an artist you know nurses or looks for her Listerine and the only. Roster here Elliott. They are in Erie and east. That. Or do you. Re right. Knee on our. Job is not being able green eyes. And little more. When their Amazon doesn't mean we are the this day. 500 children who still not need to be reunited. And the government will not. As a result of that they all immigration. And administration. Is pretty. The quarter and 00. Would be in. The end when her. Arm but you see why the administration. And the risk or who we're warriors. UAE in Central America. Who Joseph yeah all of the theory. Are into. More urban. I guess quiet under. A relay as RA sustaining us thanks for that.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"The Biden administration said it is trying to dismantle and rebuild from the previous administration's immigration policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"76211911","title":"Battle over immigration","url":"/Politics/video/battle-immigration-76211911"}