Biden campaigns in South Carolina amid criticism

The former vice president and 21 other Democratic presidential candidates will attend Rep. James Clyburn's fish fry.
3:18 | 06/21/19

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Transcript for Biden campaigns in South Carolina amid criticism
Former vice president Joseph Biden who's in South Carolina along with a bunch of other candidates at congressman Jim Cliburn it's. Famous fish fry this weekend represented if Cliburn is one of many black lawmakers defending Biden after his latest controversy. This time Joseph Biden made comments saying he could get things done in the saint. And reference to work he did in the past with two southern congressmen who supported segregation. Saying that they never called him boy only call him son he didn't go over well so I want to bring in Avery harper who is down in South Carolina. Avery obviously. Biden in hot water here he was called out my many people including senator Cory Booker continue to. Ellis about the phone call that they hadn't. Well. The Biden campaign isn't confirming that Holland. That phone call but put her he went on sue. MSNBC last night and he spoke about what he described as a fifteen to twenty minute phone call out with former vice president Joseph Biden in which he was able to sue. Explain is being racist connotations. The word of boy he's taking away from the conversation saying that he felt. Absolutely better a bounce that that incident about. Price president Joseph Biden and that he was able to get an apology from him so that is what we're hearing from from senator Booker at this point. Again Avery South Carolina mom has a racist past but it also has a lot of black voters do you think they will see this as an infant day. Taken out of context or or see it as a candidate who is out of touch. Well I think if you look at the the black and establishment he's talking about the democratic establishment the backbone of the party that's here in the states. Dubbed bride and has very deep ties to South Carolina he's been here for many years he has very significant but influence here. And so a lot of the folks that I've been talking to say that. Hey they they didn't not like for comment today our hope that the vice president clarifying those comments but they don't think. That there is any malice behind that I was able to speak would Jamie Harrison he's the former chair of the Democratic Party here in South Carolina. And and that's really solving said that people here in South Carolina loved Joseph Biden the head butt me you know he hopes that he clarifies those comments. And I just wanted to tell us about the event because obviously you're down there the fish Fries happening wise it's such a big deal. Well there's many thousands of people will be at this event it's free it's open to the public. It's a chance for ordinary South Carolina voters to come in contact get very up close and personal with all the candidates when he still. Now all but one will be speaking at. The event tonight it's supposed to be lot of fun music food open bar hot and so as a chance for all of these voters to. Be introduced to some of these folks who have Vincent South Carolina some people have been campaigning heavily are Tommy look at Connolly harassment Cory Booker but there's other people who are just getting their feet wet here you look at person like Pete villagers so it is an opportunity for all these candidates it's really. You know make a good first impression not only are voters that on the democratic establishment here to cap the state. Right Avery however down there in South Carolina thanks for joining us today.

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{"duration":"3:18","description":"The former vice president and 21 other Democratic presidential candidates will attend Rep. James Clyburn's fish fry. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"63865412","title":"Biden campaigns in South Carolina amid criticism","url":"/Politics/video/biden-campaigns-south-carolina-amid-criticism-63865412"}