Biden COVID-19 task force member: Transition delays ‘translate into lives lost’

Dr. Celine Gounder discusses the presidential transition and President-elect Joe Biden’s strategy for a coordinated national pandemic response.
5:57 | 11/20/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Biden COVID-19 task force member: Transition delays ‘translate into lives lost’
And for more on the presidential transition we now bring in doctor Salim down and there are a member of president elect Biden's comment nineteen task force and an infectious disease specialist at Bellevue hospital so church doctor Janet thank you for joining especially during this extremely busy time which of course president trump has not conceded defeat and a GSA has not officially started the transition process what contact have you had with the current administration's coming task force inch how much has the lack of coordination sent back your teen. One partially we simply can not have formal contacts with the current administration with our counterpart. On the White House colonel Myers task force until the GSA move forward with ascertainment. Every day that goes by without ascertainment everyday that goes I were not having those conversations. Is a day lock in terms of moving forward on plans or testing for vaccinations. And so on and an all of that will translate into lions slot. Now you could be talking with the White House corona virus task force what types of conversations would be happening right now. Well it really like to know a few things one is. In terms of the supply chain where we act in terms of personal protective equipment then a leader's iron hammer earlier this year we discovered that many of the battle leaders in the stock pile it didn't work so we really need to know what supplies we have matter disposal where and how easily they can be redeployed based on where they're needed we also would really like to know where things are. Our Atkins terms of negotiating. With pharmaceutical companies for vaccines for the monoclonal antibody treatments. So that we can figure out of the circus energized about distribution. And some of that also including conversations with other. Members of the private sector so for example retail pharmacy chains. Or stay and local officials again this kind of distribution is seeing math. And logistical challenge and Americans probably don't remember. Ned polio days the last time we really had to do that scale of mass vaccination. And Joseph Biden of course safeguards on January 20 the same time it's believed that a vaccine may already authorized how earlier task force handled. Well in terms of hathead how to scale up the vaccine. You know we're really going to be emphasizing distribution you've. I Frontline health care workers essential workers. People who are at highest risk so that include people for example living in. Nursing homes a system the I think facility is and then we also realize that communities of color had faced just. Proportionate burden. The primary is endemic day you'll be among those targeted but you know partner part of village just six years also figuring out. Which of these vaccines will work for which of these populations that's. Because of lead characters. In the patients the vaccine and and the distribution characteristics. NIH director Francis Collins said that when 90% of Americans need to take the vaccine can this pandemic to end quickly realistically. How many Americans do you think will actually taken and how you change hearts and minds ominous. Well unfortunately there are a lot of vaccine skeptics there are a lot of people who are hesitant to get vaccinated even before on a virus for any number of reasons on them don't want to be told by the government to do some of them are suspicious of the pharmaceutical industry some people think while natural infection is better which it is not. And then now you have all of this when his position and injected into the approval of this current. Vaccine or the current vaccines aren't a buyers. And so I can understand why people are skeptical I would say. That we are not putting pressure on the FDA. Biden Harris team we're not putting pressure on the FDAX. Today the approval of the corona virus vaccines you really want them to conduct their normal scientific batting. I'd sit provide the emergency use authorization that people can really have confidence in this vaccine. We're also gonna have to do a lot of work. Around messaging about reaching out to all of those different communities who do feel skeptical and are hesitant and understand where they're coming from an address their particular. Concerns the president elect said today he would not lockdown this country but if the worst fears about holiday travel proved true would you recommend a national locked down. Only learn a lot since the spring I think in the spring. As the on an off light switch and now we have a dimmer switch we can be a lot more targeted an hour restrictions. We don't have to lock everything down. We know that certain Texas settings for example indoor dining. Ed hardy or are higher risk for transmission and then our city schools so we can be targeted geographically by zip code on community transmission and we can be targeted by the high but setting that most. The trans net. The president elect Biden stressed the need for a national coordinated plan to combat this disease how difficult will a national plan B after the chump administration gave our church to the states to craft their own strategies do you expect governors like Governor Christie non lunch South Dakota to get on board. It's important to remember that we are Federalist society. Federalist government and so you're always going to have differences among the different state. And terms of what they're doing some of that frankly appropriate because they you have different demographics different settings not urban vs role it's not going to be necessarily the same strategy that makes sense you do need an nationally coordinated plan. And I injured Tennessean and current of this EDC in terms of being able you. Julie disseminate guidelines recommendations. And importantly technical assistance to the state and local health aren't really help them in partnership. Doctor downed or thank you so much for coming on the show we appreciate your time. My pleasure.

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{"duration":"5:57","description":"Dr. Celine Gounder discusses the presidential transition and President-elect Joe Biden’s strategy for a coordinated national pandemic response. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74308726","title":"Biden COVID-19 task force member: Transition delays ‘translate into lives lost’","url":"/Politics/video/biden-covid-19-task-force-member-transition-delays-74308726"}