The Big Vote: March for Our Lives organizers encourage young people to vote

Ryan and Matt Deitsch, of Parkland, Florida, are working to register young voters and make sure they show up at the polls.
6:59 | 10/10/18

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Transcript for The Big Vote: March for Our Lives organizers encourage young people to vote
All right joining us now live are the two brains behind that PSA met each Ryan deeds from Parkland Florida guys think so much. For joining mr. both leaders and M march for a lives campaign as well so. Tell me about your first time Matt and Ryan I think this is gonna be your first time. My first time within 2016. I waited in a long line and I cast my vote and I gotta say you get better every time you vote. So it's about making sure that you go out the first time. And the U worthwhile. Yeah all right I'm my first time was. Is the primary this year so far. And I voted right next to my astronomy teacher is a good time. The says so Matt you wrote this thing give us a sense of how it's been received. Well I wrote this is my brother we thought it would be a good idea it to his make it. Fun and exciting for young people to being gauged in this pop in this process because. People talk about voting on goods as boring. Tedious you get counted it's about. Putting your voice heard that it that we are sick of this rhetoric has been pushed on us time and time again we needed change the way that we look at voting it has to be about. Making its and in that is heroic and exciting. And new for people because every election is a new experience is all about engaging a new audience a new electorate a new elected official. And we can't get stuck in the same old way of doing things. So we wanted to make sure that this way that we are telling young people how they could be activated. How we can come together and actually change the way that this country works. I was an exciting way of doing that. Irony here you're comparing it to sex I see it on for the sex appeal on the lay out the gate there at UB SA. You don't give us a sense of how how successful you feel like you've been and you guys from working incredibly hard to register. Young people you 88 department as I understand it did at twenty state tour over two months this summer trying to get people there trying to. A thirty State's huge. What was your goal and you think you met. While our goal is really just to raise youth voter participation and education all across the country. And from about thirty state tort like you said. We were really able to show that in areas that people would not think like an Omaha Nebraska Kansas City, Kansas Salt Lake City, Utah. These areas we're so excited to become involved in their political system young kids as young as 1012. Even as that he had eight years old. We're so excited to be involved in these sorts of politics to be able to make you country that they want to live in. It's of course registering guys is half the battle. In the last campaigns when he 1678%. Of eighteen to 49 year old were registered they could have gone to the polls only about half of those. Turned out. Why do you think it's so difficult to get people to take that second step in do you do you think this years in different. Well I think you talk about the second step is actually voting we actually break it down into read you to wrap up. In this election need to register educate boat and so registering as just the first evidence about educating about what. Issues are actually on the ballot and about what actual. Candidates are going to do for us. Young people for the most part have been incredibly disenfranchising the system with our elected officials ignoring our needs. They've ignored us for way too long about what students actually need to feel safe in schools and actually safe in their community. And actually engaged actually better education. When you neglect education when you leave the most vulnerable people out. And their needs unmet. Why would we be engaged in the system and that's why us as young people are out there engaging hundreds of thousands of young people this summer registering more people than it ever been registered in a mid term election. In order to actually change the system actually of leaders that listen to odds we've met with over 200 congressman and senators and let me tell you they are incredibly unimpressive. They are incredibly. Bob. They charges they are ready for that they are and they are represented Oscar experts countries and the things that they told us. And so it's about me into the young people are able to ask the right questions and get better answers because for too long we've been ignored. And before let you go guys as you know full well this is off. Both about registering. I young people but also about this mission that you have. For sensible. Gun laws don't school safety. Measures to be put in place after it. Horrible shooting people endured earlier this year. You certainly have sparked an immense conversation among people your age about what to do what's effective what's not. Was curious to get your reaction to some of the things we were hearing. From voters your age out in the western part of the country. We're president trump has been something we talked to them and quits LA a number of them brought up your movement had some pretty nice things to say. Would like to get your reaction to one voice that we heard from over the weekend in Kansas pickles. They aren't standing up for what they will be. And even though we had a difference of opinions on gun control or gun rights. Those kids are taken apart they're being a voice what if anything now meet personally. Whenever you still can't carry happening here on I can't find help him. It made me feel personally saved her defense. There is a chance that some like it makes it easier word from the right people the right thing. Our that was Qaeda members out in Topeka Kansas over the weekend guys Wendy it's your reaction to that in just ask. How do you win over. Kids like that who grew up in such a culturally different environment when it comes to guns. But it's not about winning people over we all agree that these policies will work in order to actually save lives universal background checks pole at about 97%. Wanting stricter gun laws polls about 65%. Especially with young. People and so we talk about what we need to win people over it's just not having these conversations over 200 elected officials don't have a public stance on. Gun laws are gun issues. Because they're scared to touch on this because the lobby has been so strong in order to perpetuate the violence and just help with sales. Here throughout the summer we held more town halls and over half of congress. But the fact that we were willing to listen to some of these communities when their own leaders weren't willing to listen to them. It's about just keeping my conversation going and continuing to speak back and forth with each other until we actually make it change it needs to happen. All right Ryan and that each from Parkland Florida you guys are pretty darn impressive you have certainly kept the conversation going showing a lot of steam power. It's in in this period since that crisis that you endured back and bravery think you both so much about the good work. Based insurance.

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{"duration":"6:59","description":"Ryan and Matt Deitsch, of Parkland, Florida, are working to register young voters and make sure they show up at the polls. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"58395216","title":"The Big Vote: March for Our Lives organizers encourage young people to vote","url":"/Politics/video/big-vote-march-lives-organizers-encourage-young-people-58395216"}