Bill de Blasio Elected Mayor of New York City

De Blasio is the first Democrat to hold the office in nearly three decades.
3:00 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Bill de Blasio Elected Mayor of New York City
Given up for the next. My fellow New Yorkers. Today -- spoke out loudly and clearly. For our new direction for our city. It. United. By a belief that our city should leave no new Yorker behind. Okay. Okay. We are proud of what we've accomplished on this campaign get and were humbled by. Let me say it all of view from the bottom of my heart thank you. Thank you for all you've done. Okay. But let me be clear. Our work all of our work. It's really just begin date. And we have no illusions. About the task that lies ahead. Tackling inequality. Isn't easy. It never has been -- it never will be. The challenges. We face. Have been decades in the making it. And the problems. We set out to address will not be solved overnight. But make no mistake right. The people of this city have chosen -- for aggressive act. Yeah the it. The okay. And tonight we set forth on -- news. Together as one city. Osama smoothly or burritos else. -- -- And most loved about and -- that combined. Saturday and little. The latest -- -- little and cod bed and sound. -- it's probably doesn't know let's let's give them no -- John Bastia that result meant. Well. -- and because list yeah. I had dead to ancestor of god I had you -- and it got me no -- he's got. -- -- -- -- -- And that's the most of our economy not one -- -- Como or not so -- not see your god. Okay. And. To every one. Who knocked on doors make phone calls persuading. Then. House parties. Are even sweet -- about this campaign. -- is yard. There are so many inspiring individuals and organizations so many friends. Who made this victory possible. If I mentioned -- east -- name we'd be here all night. But you know who you are well and you know I wouldn't be here without you. I do want acknowledged. To close friends. Who guided and advised me at every turn even when the polls didn't look so hot. Please give it up -- ambassador Patrick gas -- and -- all day. Okay. And. And I want to say how grateful I am to bill hires an envelope and the best stand. -- And a special thank you to people have helped me since my first run for City Council here in this neighborhood every helped me out Kaufman Jim grounds give them around most loss. A. By the people -- -- most grateful to. And most grateful for. Are standing right next to me. -- -- My best friend in the world. She is brilliant. And every bit as compassionate. As -- is tough. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- everything I have to feel fortunate about. I am most looking. Most less. To be the father of two extraordinary children TRI and -- Okay. -- it made me proud every single day. My fellow New Yorkers. They are very stylists. -- Tonight. I feel the deepest appreciation for generations of my family and including those no longer -- And a special thank you to my Italian family and friends. In Rome and in my grandfather's. Hometown. Of -- I'm not -- beg -- to. And my grandmother's hometown of us on -- loved them I say -- due date. Okay. I thought we -- a little Italian. Earlier this evening. I received a call from -- -- And even though we have our differences. I know he loves this city as much as -- do. I want to say. To everyone -- vote I didn't learn today it. I promise I won't stop working to earn your trust. Now and I've spoken to him throughout this campaign about it tale of two cities. That inequality. That feelings of -- you doing very well. Lost -- many -- slip. Further behind. -- Is the defining challenge of -- times. Because inequality in New York is not. Something that only threatens those who are struggling what. The stakes are so high for every new Yorker. And making sure -- son or daughter of New York. Falls behind. -- finds. That very promise a varsity. -- It. Just. Feet. And New York. Is that right it is embodiment. Of the idea behind American greatness. It doesn't matter where you were born and what you look like what your religious it is or who you love. -- you have brains. And hearts and gods and -- this city. More than any other in the world will offer you a real chance at a better life and for generations. And New York has immense opportunity. That's what it has been to so many and that's what it must be again -- it's how immigrants who arrived Ellis Island knows we have nothing to their names but a few bags and high hopes. Started businesses. That became that rocks the entire communities. It's how kids have grown up score -- goal from every Borough. Have become CEOs and playwrights fashion designers and architects. Doctors and teachers. It's how for generations. Even in the face of untold economic stresses. Working parents in New York knew. This city had their back. They knew it -- all they had. This city would reward their kids with a shot a real shot. At something better. New Yorkers are strong and resilient. Dedicated and big hearted. Our greatness. Is not accidental. But neither is it inevitable. To maintain that greatness and to ensure that our brightest days are ahead of us. We must commit ourselves to progressive ideas that will lift us all up. It won't be easy but it is he's said so. It's -- challenge I know this city is up to. Because I've seen the commitment of New Yorkers from every Borough every neighborhood every income bracket. That commitment to rise to this sounds of our time to gather it's. The best in the brightness. Our board and every neighborhood. We all have a shared responsibility and -- shared stake. In making sure their destiny is defined by how hard they work and how big they dreams and not -- their zip codes. -- So when we call on the wealthiest among us. To pay just a little more in taxes to fund universal pre -- and after -- -- Yeah. Arms threatening anyone's success. We are asking those who've done very well to ensure that every child has the same opportunity. -- -- just as well as they have. -- That's -- how we all -- -- Public -- thing. Is that correct prerequisite. For that thriving neighborhoods that great opportunity in this city. And -- is respect for civil liberties. Okay. That still are not mutually exclusive. In fact we must have both. We must work to promote it real partnership between the best police horse in the world. And the communities -- protects from danger. Be it local or global. New Yorkers on both sides of the bags understand us. We are all hungry. For an approach that acknowledges we are stronger and safer as a city. When police and residents worked hand in hand it's. And it. And that's how we. All rides together. Opportunity in New York's -- from strong neighborhoods. And when we demand that big developers build affordable housing. And when we fight to keep hospitals from becoming luxury condos. Okay. Okay. It's nuts to punish the real estate industry. We do these things so that every day hardworking people. Who anchor our neighborhoods. Can -- and work and be healthy in the communities they -- Okay. And. And yes my friends. That's how we all rise. To -- Yeah. New York. Is no stranger. To big challenges. We used lead based. The depths of the depression. We stared down the hateful destruction of terrorists. We've been -- -- porosity of gale force winds and surging times. And each and every god. New Yorkers have faced seemingly insurmountable. Obstacles. Wit -- And determination. And an unyielding commitment to one another yeah. And we have a ball. Always prevails. Okay. But that's challenge before us today. Is different from any we've faced before. It has no distinct or dramatic catalysts. No insidious -- No electronic image on our radar map. The growing inequality we see the crisis of affordability -- -- It has been decades in the making. But it -- Freed upon this city cannot weaken our resolve. And it wellness. -- -- The people of our city come from so many different places with so many different stories. By our -- we are clear eyed and realistic. Yet we stand united. United -- shared hope I shared optimism. A shared faith that there's no problem bigger than our city. No adversity more powerful than the -- -- of our collective idea as an accident. New York's resilience is legendary. Our toughness is unmatched. And how will it is unbreakable. So I -- -- tonight. The road ahead will be Deborah -- but it will be it's not hold us. Okay. Aggressive changes won't happen overnight -- today will happen. And yeah. -- will be in many. Obstacles that stand in our way but we will overcome them. A and I know this. I will never stop fighting. For the city I love this city we all loved so much else. And I will never forget that as mayor. -- I don't work for you. A. And we he has New Yorkers. People whose stories wouldn't be possible anywhere else on earth. We know that we are not defined. By the cold -- of our skyscrapers. But by the strength. And compassion. And boldness of our collective spirit. We are at all at our best. When every child. Every parent. Every new Yorker has shots. And we ravens. Are great. It's when we all eyes again.

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{"id":20798690,"title":"Bill de Blasio Elected Mayor of New York City","duration":"3:00","description":"De Blasio is the first Democrat to hold the office in nearly three decades.","url":"/Politics/video/bill-de-blasio-elected-mayor-york-city-20798690","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}