The Briefing Room: President Trump gets laughed at while speaking at the UN

Kavanaugh denies sexual assault allegations in new interview.
20:46 | 09/25/18

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Transcript for The Briefing Room: President Trump gets laughed at while speaking at the UN
Happy Tuesday everybody you're watching the briefing room coming you can Washington bureau BBC news I'm John San cute she alongside Terry Moran and Mary Alice parks. Big day for Thursday were not there yet we're gonna get there shortly but we're gonna begin today with the United Nations president from giving his speech they are up in New York earlier today. And there was a little. Interesting moment that happened during that remarks will talk about on the other side and that's. In less than two years. My administration has accomplished more than. Almost any administration. In the history of our country. America is so true. Didn't expect that reaction but that's. You have that was that the reaction any of us would've thought because remark like that Terry Murray and it was kind of played. It sounded certainly like the United Nations laughed that the present that State's first I think just in there used to hearing presence Japan Post like we are used to hearing present term do it. I think that lot of people obviously in that room in opposition to what he stands for. But then he roll with the punches as he does the kind of played with the moment and by the end of the whole world was laughing. Because it was a trunk in moment. Nia totally and Mary house were talking earlier about this speech. He definitely didn't have and little rock and man reliant but. A lot of impact he can have on the world stage the president this moment and here's a lot of it shelf or Ron. But I was struck by this slicing to sum it up we rejects the ideology of globalism and Greece the doctrine of patriotism. Obviously sounds like president trump siren and Americans are used to and in that moment at that stage. In that environment to make such a declaration is really unbelievable and the problems facing the globe brought his plea of complex there's ever yet president trumped up there. Making it sound like any prospects for teamwork or build bridging didn't need a building bridges working to gather being unified. It's far off and not in his entry and I. Would bring Jordan tells of this conversation she's up in New York with our team that's been covering. On the president's trip at the UN all week in Jordan. You know that teen that surrounded him a year ago right we think of that first speech to use the UN you definitely heard Steve Batman van and Stephen Miller on it in those voices. The teen they crafted this speech this time they'll have been telling us that you were going to see. A different tone the president definitely. You know hitting some of the targets he wants his Mary Alice points out. But none is directive a hit on North Korea like his target was last time. Absolutely in many ways this speech was a study in contrasts an outline that Mary Alice quoted. Is one that I have flagged as well because that was Gary Stephen Miller asked right he probably. Slips that lying in an hour but a lot of the people surrounding the president are different this year around them last year. The president I'll snow is coming on this stage this year whining too. Tout his progress. And say hey you win look at what I done as president so if last year wise the fiery. Our rhetoric this year was sort OK Ewing here we are second year and see what I've dine and as ever wind hell is that in mind that he started opt led. Dispel so flat in that Grahame and his dot on his use cell wound now. That's alliant the president needs used to getting is hundreds of closets or in these rallies. Eyes so for someone he watches the president rehash that same line in different forms. Over and over again it was really striking to see the world leaders I just laugh at it he did kind of go along with Ed and and move forward with his speech and meet this. Broader appeal for companions American patriots had them. Over you know local isn't that at this same time we're asking the president. This time that he wouldn't say you know there are some ways in which the EU in any international organizations have worked where embracing them where they do. And it's not it to false dichotomy. Right Franklin Roosevelt. Was not unpatriotic. Right Dwight Eisenhower was not unpatriotic George Herbert Walker Bush is not unpatriotic these were American patriot patriotism is a natural emotion however especially Americans. But they can also sake let's solve problems through international institutions. Are we have. Now maybe the question isn't the question that the truck movement raises. Does America's surrendered too much sovereignty and to some the international criminal court or in sometimes like like the World Trade Organization right those are legitimate questions but this. Stephen Miller asked dichotomy languages I figure a patriot or your globally count. It doesn't square with the fact of our history. What can you vote and you have to remember to him as a candidate right when he was sort of getting what his global policy was going to be at least during an interview fire member currently with the New York Times David Sanger. That VF CC GS it to him it sounds like your policy is America first. That sounds great and he suddenly adopted that on the campaign and that's how we swear the adjudication of Donald Trump that we as we all know from being out there covering them and Jordan you know this is well. When the president here is a phrase or an idea he likes he will latch into and that's why today even though it's surprising in normal circumstances. Covering this president. It's standard operating procedure that leash. Currently you don't like dominate the conversation Eric you have questions Syria the ongoing civil war and unbelievably sad humanitarian crisis unbelievable it humanitarian crisis that's resulted from it. Climate change our Ron. North Korea he's a question that the rest of the world that we have to tackle together nothing will be done if we don't tackle it together and so it is remarkable to see the president had states against say. I like he said since he took office that he's not interest and engaging with other world leaders on some of those topics. In Jordan before we review and are used in the game out there covering this tomorrow is a pretty busy day we have that and another event the president also. A speech by the First Lady. The data First Lady facts you lay out an upcoming trip to Africa and this is a big deal the First Lady. I've never taken and nature transatlantic voyage on his First Lady asked that were sent tax. Learn more about countries she's visiting Tamar out and we also learned that the president is going to host a press conference tomorrow evening. At 5 PM right before show time so that's going to be a mad scramble. For the press corps here and that this president he makes a hotline on a normal day he makes huge had lines on a press conference de Sao. Law be out waiting with bated breath for an act. And we spinone had a busy day tomorrow you must be so its second Jordan Phelps opened New York in the team thank you as always we appreciate it. Let's switch gears Brett Cavanaugh that is the one of the headlines we've got to. Coming to a theater near you on Thursday the president weighing in on his interview on Fox News last night let's take a listen. Isolated capital that he as a sponsor. I think he's just a wonderful human being and then I think it's horrible what the Democrats have done its economy and Atlantic they're really confidence there's. They're trying to convince. You know they don't like they don't itself. And they know he's a high quality they don't. It's just reasons Phillips. They're playing big time games. They've played very well been playing actually much better than the Republicans. Six years ago. Nobody ever thought nobody ever heard about how new charge comes up and she's well enough. What gaps she said she was totally indeed bring. She was. All messed up that she doesn't. OG. The supreme court judge. It would be a horrible insult to our country and this doesn't happen. I can't turn ram one of the things that we do know is gonna happen he's the Republicans on Capitol Hill. They have their question are ready to go for Thursday's hearing that's right inexperience sex crimes prosecutors what they say an outside lawyer. Brought in to keep the Republicans from doing what Donald Trump's ticket which is sound. Very very dismissive he was reciting. The fact as were counted too as Byron Ferrell and and Jane Mayer in The New Yorker which is that she she acknowledges she asked inebriated is that clear memories. But he decided to dismissive you know and and so so. But the way they don't want to sound. So they've brought in it might be cynical political ploy but as somebody sat through the Anita Hill hearings you know listening to all of us this on able to ask a decent question I'm going to enjoy. A a proper questioning. Certainly have. Doctor Bosnia forward and I hope of judge Kavanagh as well somebody knows how to frame a line of questioning to respectfully. And factually. Develop. What is happily let listed. Bring Katherine to this conversation she does have some new reporting as to what the president's thinking on this and capturing a eve even talking to your sources over the White House. What are you hearing about that change it we've seen within the last 48 hours here because the president had been. Pretty restrained we sore that tweet from over the weekend and that now. It's what we just sore at the reaction to the UN this interview. It's a very different trump from where we were last week just hear her out let's here her Alexy with the story goes where we are now. Yeah exactly you saw this when he reacted. Two affords the claims as well I had restraint. For about a week and then of course named Terry saw that. Again today of course White House aides or attempting to. They keep him a little bit more strange with you and I have both reported in the wake of Ford's allegations but today. John I think he saw the most forceful. Defense of the president calling this con games really the strongest yet and specifically. Going after an act second. Victim and Catherine you know we did hear from one of those key Republican senators that they are going to mean senator Lisa Murkowski. About hearing these women out on the allegations we'll take a listen that. It's very important take. Allegations. Of those who have come forward to take them seriously. And I think we needs to go into this hearing. We have. We've been viewed that we will listen to you doctor Ford story we will listen. To judge cap and i.'s response. And and then we will. Weighing the media weigh what we have heard I think it is important that we have a process. That. Is viewed as credible. And respect. You have Weiner Republicans saying what the president will not which is that she should be listened to you in this case McCaskey hinting that. Both of the two a female accusers should be listened to first and that judgment should be reserved I think that is what has been so shocking. To everyone watching this story. Today a week ago like you said there is still conversation from Republicans that they would reserve judgment. Now it's pretty unbelievably brave for the professor to fly across the country attract God's country to show up here. And tell her story when half of the jury's attention already saying they've made up their you know on both sides and in Terry. Think of us and it actually Democrats have consistently called for investigations which is asking. For more pounds on hot how they're gonna go to browser to vote against them. There but they're talking about asking for more facts whereas Republicans are consistently now sang. On that they have made up their mind. Right I think that Terri at the end of the day we know that. This is not going to be suddenly a miracle that her Kavanagh is gonna win some democratic votes it's pretty much in the sand where these both sides are gonna vote. On his nomination it was an agent showed that it's not clear where all of their Republicans and a bright I think as far as the Democrats are. And that reflected the country as well it. Yeah I guess it is just that the times everything right at ice cream everything gets tossed into art and totally polarized environment in Minnesota. The question of the DNC Keith Ellison has been accused about domestic abuse by his partner it recently like in the past few years. NPR news in Minnesota ran a poll only 5%. Of Democrats in Minnesota believe Karen Monahan. Whom is accusing Keith Ellison. We see these facts a lapse. Through our partisan ones and so to the politicians that we elect. It'd that's. More reason for investigation. For a chilling allegations are looking to claim and for processors to be in place. To look and quick and Terry quickly just on that fact what do we know for process for Thursday's who the other gonna start at 10 AM. And we know just based on we heard from doctor Ford's team that they don't want to crossed paths with per capita. Threat they don't see him. And they aren't likely to have. And they are still very very upset about this outside counsel this professional questioner which no one would be comfortable with. As I say have I think it's going to be somebody knows what they're doing her asking a question but you know that can be uncomfortable. So it's possible that that that you may come and sell only answer questions from senators right. You we know who had no idea but right now it's just. She said and then he's and to. In his idea. Republican senators lying outside counsel to help guy asked smarter more informed questions is one thing they were also trying to avoid the optics. The plain and simple optics that there are only meant. On a Republicans night thanks still. All in. In a moment likeness and I knew that that was just a bad picture. Yet totally we're gonna have complete coverage of those hearings to begin 10 o'clock on Thursday morning carrier going to be up there were primarily going to be along they can catch all that right here on ABC I do wanna move on. We had a little bit of my tape crazy day very sweetly Kris you're out here. And Robert Rosen Stein yesterday that back and forth what's gonna happen with his current position as the deputy attorney general the United States he spent quite some time yesterday meeting which he has stepped John Kelly in reaction to that New York Times piece from late last week that he BC confirmed. That he had been in conversations with the. The former deputy director. The FBI about wearing a wire. And potentially been talking about the 25 amendment I do want to bring Catherine back in for this could Catherine we visit came just a long weekend of back and forth that we and learning from our reporting. That Rosen Stein had tossed the idea out there than it was rejected but at the end of the day the issue really comes down to the White House does not want to have to fire. Exactly and that would be viewed as extremely political force in the wake of Muller's investigation because we're Eisenstein you know he's been a frequent target of the president's anger and frustration and I vis a -- Robert Mueller in the length of the investigation so I know what a lot of these the departure as we talk about the firing verses resignations but here. It's extremely important White House is one of my office looking political but at the same time residents signed. Up probably won't walk out of here on Thursday resigning. So it's still to be determined by eighty out flurry of activity here yesterday where. Our sources are telling us that he came over here of the White House to meet with Kelly fully expecting to be fired in front of cameras though the two shook hands because I highly. Unusual pitcher you see it right there to see outside this White House seems. Particularly staged. They want to show that he's leaving with his job any laughed smiling so. John is who knows. What was happening on Thursday but interesting I wanna say it was interesting this morning though when Sarah Sanders was on Good Morning America would georgians she asked and he asked her. Twice whether he has confidence in progress in spite let the president doesn't she wouldn't answer that she refused to answer he says he has confidence in the system. Wanna say if he would fire him and the president of course when it talk about about it among that today. I've a reminder Thursday's going to be a really long day in Washington captain Paul is that our White House thank you for that before we leave you coming days are left 43 issue are now deposit. I think you check your sharpest mind -- an attack but when you know you have beaten the team down here have been doing a terrific job just getting us ready for what seems like the election night that's never cut it come. I think slowing down yeah and I know building and you guys have been doing some incredible work about the diverse field that's building up for the easement terms. It's a history making field anyway you cut it. It looks like Democrats are poised to make history in November and I think Democrats because of some of the youth his record breaking numbers not unique candidate. We have some of those numbers right there. Josh hiring previous record the number of fee amount but did just run this year but. One in their primaries the number of people of color and openly GP TQ candidate. You know just some context on that fee amount number. There are six teen women that are on gubernatorial tickets this year running for governor. Fifteen women sorry six. Thirteen women today they're only six you know governor's big picture there are 239. It be now candidates for the house they're only. 84 female members of the house he popped the potential at double and sometimes even tripling some of the numbers of representation in these categories. But just from mark you know I was struck the unity and we were talking about this and you retirement some of the idea that you and the team pull together. I'm going to get this wrong thank god you're correct me. You were talking about EMILY's List and the group they had reached out to and not even so much the people there on top of the ticket that are running but the training they're doing. That for the large and warn that Y just entered the political split system. Exactly we are training over the weekend EMILY's List says that they have trained 5000. Women artists last year a lot. Or interested in running for any kind of office school board City Council local office. Many of animal probably end up helping out and campaigns to eighty. Being in a campaign manager but they are just seeing such an unbelievable uptick in the number of women raising their hands here. It's definitely in there are still on both sides many girls who has seen the recent on most and is a couple of passing by and I think. Two gubernatorial races were just seen the broad spectrums. Of trump voter verses what's going on democratic politics. He's Georgia and Florida I mean those I'm out of you disagree those two were I think Terry just really see this split in this country you. You and it's just sometimes that we overemphasize. How polarized and divided we were still one people. And right now were all in the mood could throw the bums out. You get to get rid as a generation of a very consensual. And boring and in authentic politics that. That among others Hillary Clinton Cunningham. Symbolized for a lot that work. A lot of people people are wondering what I am but what but what I'm saying is that you do see this surge of somebody like me. And whether that's trump Ian candidate who wouldn't have thought about getting into politics before the Arab come from or whether it is. People rising up and women and non white people and all kinds of you'll rising of the this is my government they're kind of tired of who they have seen in there and that's. Something actually that unifies us we're gonna go. Turning I totally didn't think. I like it differently. People are saying someone like us we deserved to be represented we'll look different sound different different experiences or seeing and Washington actions. Good message we've done and that's what we're gonna do stick with us here on ABC news for all the latest all they can download. BBC news zap for any news any time for Terry Moran Mary Alice parks I'm John San teaching you are watching ABC news.

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