'The Briefing Room': White House addresses possible federal shutdown, California wildfires and more

White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on Roy Moore, Jerusalem and Donald Trump Jr. as well.
14:43 | 12/07/17

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Transcript for 'The Briefing Room': White House addresses possible federal shutdown, California wildfires and more
It's a White House diagnosis of life wrote for the president of the United States and many other topics to cover I Eric welcome to the Greek hero on the ABC news's political director Rick Klein joined today by making his. A Pennsylvania Avenue T Mary Alice parks. Our political unit and Alley Rogen. Off on Capitol Hill. And I wanna start Alli with you because the bombshell of the date with senator Al Franken just a couple hours ago announcing. His plans to resign. A not quite a resignation and notably not really accepting a whole lot of responsibility in all of this going down swinging at anything on the White House response and admit it. Alley but how has gone over on Capitol Hill the announcements and the Franken morning. Rank incorporated's announcement today has sent absolute shock waves through the US senate it is the first member of their ranks to sort of be caught. Up in the meat to you. Act that in. Movement and it's it's really and just total. See change overnight almost you saw yesterday. A group of senate democratic women start calling for his resignation and that absolutely snow balled up to I think our county's forty senators. Democrats and Republicans who said it was time for senator Franken to go. So. It's clear that this is something that they just decided was not tenable. For some a member of their institution. To you stay in control but then the real question I think going powered. Is what does this say what sort of precedent does that sat. For allegations like this going forward the senate really still has not addressed these broader issues of the culture. Up here that has allowed this sort of behavior Q take place wreck. And there's a question of the guys for the White House is well and that's our standards they're trying not to make news on this easily say anything involving the president that's already been. Asked answered but but they're also very awkward conversation the White House and a couple of different levels of Roy Moore you have his own statements that some of the freaking me clear. Think that Democrats took pleasure in pressuring crank out the door in some ways it was hot as there and then. In the briefing with Democrats getting what they were after getting what they wanted they wanted to drop a stark contrast to be able to say. We are handling these allegations one way Republicans are not. And they want Republicans to continue to face those questions about their president about Roy Moore and. Re single Dana so what an interesting speech week we heard from senator Franken because he is pointing out that irony it. Pointing to the president point two Roy Moore at the same time is carrying this flag for the Democrats. Very reluctantly and I think when you look at it from a broader policy policy standpoint he seemed very eager to be judged. By the ethics committee he thought the ethics committee would have cleared him. Over on the house and I asked he was speaking there was a committee looking at how congress is handling. A lot of these allegations and you have a lot of female congressman congresswoman in particular. Saying we shouldn't have. Members of congress evaluating themselves that this whole system really needs to be over all. A lot of a lot of questions the White House really not answered I believe we've got our our our chief White House correspondent Jonathan Karl. We have yet. Okay not yet we'll have mid nineties yeah we'll have probably we have promised but but but he eats it strikes me it. The White House has always going to be a position as the president's own history and Democrats realize that they try to set up. This could eat bigger than all politics but certainly in the White House perspective they don't want you see that clearly but he. Don't wanna be talking and it struck me Sarah Sanders continues to struggle in what looks like double speak when you say that. Allegations that a major new campaign. Art to be brought up anymore because the voters decided but allegations came. For against and elected officials sitting congress into center right now should be acted upon Al Franken should resign. She just is struggling to find it we not to look hypocritical and and I just to Akron where anytime soon. Broccoli she's estimates of what is the administration do because. At this moment you would look to residents. Who or perhaps some. Big policy speech. Announcements about what the White House is doing as the congress is is investigating themselves and and doing in this reflective moment. What's happening at the White House and all we're getting our personal anecdotes about her relationship. And big deadline coming up tomorrow government funding. Israel as a I guess I guess that's exactly right for the White House where they hope that you'll reach is meeting the White House today in the and at the back in there they are also saying that they want to be part of any deal. And right now because. We don't the Democrats who needs it now the White House last there is undergoing ovaries saying actually though we don't want to be part of here talks about a resolution. Optics. But ship it whole listed issues that are here its legacy in their ground Alice we're what are the prospects right now up and shut down tomorrow next week two weeks. Well the and that the short answer Rick is we're not really talking shut down tomorrow. Senate democratic leadership aides have. In a indicated that talking Nancy you're going into this deal. This meeting today with the other members of the big four and president triumph with clear. Focus on getting to those big items you mention. They want to do a deal on doc a fix for those undocumented children. In immigrants who came here with their parents they also want to fix on the Children's Health Insurance Program which has RD officially run out of money. Couple months ago they also want to and they also want assurances on some spending levels. Above. Levels. In addition to defense spending. So they they're going into this meeting with a goal. Getting some assurances from the president but I think they're gonna all Democrats aren't going to shut down the government tomorrow but the big question is one thing you at the end of this month. After December 22 when the current continuing resolution they're voting on today tomorrow runs out. So you Don Carlo at the White House how badly does president truck needs talking Nancy right now. Well you know he needs a. ID EDT the fund the government that's the the one thing he's gonna need of every year to do no matter what lets the Republicans. I get a filibuster. Proof majority in the senate and get everybody on board. In their raucous sock conference in the house the he needs them. To fund the government so I think we will figured out is exactly right we're gonna see a temporary resolution but. But a real showdown coming right up to Christmas. And John regal little out of order further topic bar because you have a really interesting exchange. With with the white house press secretaries are Sanders few moments ago that way. Get you to talk about we know that none of them do here. Woods I was on Capitol Hill yesterday not answering some pretty important. Questions. Yeah well I as as we reported yesterday it is testimony closed door testimony with the house intelligence community committee he. Said that he couldn't answer conversations. Questions about conversations he had with his father because it would be attorney client. Privilege so this raised really to kind of questions for me one. The president has said he wants to fully cooperate well investigation so it but if there have been some kind of privilege. Perhaps the president could release has songs they know it's okay song. You could speak to the House Intelligence Committee and the second question I had Rick. Attorney client privilege. Neither. Donald Trump the president nor Donald Trump junior this song is actually and it's Purdy. So I. I mean I don't know what your I mean you an iPad played lawyers on TV but. But I always thought attorney client privilege was something about protecting conversations. Between a client and an attorney right attorney client privilege and he where I asked Sarah about this interesting exchange. They're wrong. Donald Trump junior refused to talk about his conversations with the president's. Hopefully it currently. With president released Friday site which are allowed to speak to the committee. That's a question you would have to ask his attorneys. We believe that his lawyers had a legitimate reason and basis for not answering those questions but that's something I would direct you to his attorneys to address woefully. Pittsburgh plan. Either I'll trump junior nor present or stories again and it would have to talk with John junior's attorney's office sometime the comment from here. OK so us so we'll talk to the attorneys about it vertically pru would wreck. Well that's the that they're there are gonna jump before we let you go. Big moment yesterday president making declaration that the United States considers Jerusalem. To be the capital of Israel. What's your sense of the White House preparations were could be a tense 24 hours from now. Friday prayers a big deal in the Palestinian territories that could be coming up tomorrow we could be seeing a lot more violence and unrest in the next couple hours and. Days. Well as you know Rick both the secretary of state and the secretary of defense advised against making this move. For fears that it would provoke a violent act backlash. They have taken steps too wise to warn people. Through the State Department. Warren American travelers around the world they've taken some security measures they haven't detailed but they've told us that they could security measures. In case there is a some kind of a of violent backlash there clearly aware that this could happen. And say they have taken measures took her four. Well it's gonna it's going to be tense couple days quite a gamble by the president John Carl anything you tell us is always privileged communication you know that it's absolutely wreck is absolutely. All right thank you got. Up because when it's a hit another topic that I know it struck us just watching this today Nikki Haley beats and interesting comments recently about the upcoming. Winter Olympics in it ends in South Korea we know that the Russians are not going to be invited as it as a block to be there but. But Mary Alice and Nikki Haley said UN ambassador that that we cannot be seeing an American delegation is security concerns in using the White House but that the bad. Her comments. Rights of these things security concerns but I was really struck at the fact that. There's there's did not add to that and really. Did nothing to listen to who. Confirm that we sent athletes that Winter Olympics and it that was just those aren't feels like headline I know it would be huge and there's talk about that. We're talking about South Korea a close ally a close friend. At the scene and we're just gotten about it Leslie. I was frankly your acting ethnic traction on line at the end and three decades enters. That light and it's kind of actor rest being. Able to send a contingent. It just seems there. He seemed more. Insert a protective and it saying something we're looking at. But you're right. Standards has had time to prepare for that question ends and Mike chose not to reassure. Yeah it's that it's not one I feel like these is another example for policy. The team at the White House you think he gets early days later prepare the question denying. All right talk about a couple the right before we bring it to a landing a little bit we are really special podcast a couple of visitors I cast are all things that. Jon Karl I do today. The authors of electro be trump it bossy and Cortland dusty were here to brighten spirits basically policy that limited later this afternoon. I'm making a lot of increasing poverty they hate us a lot in inside the war room inside the decision making it was going on. With a lot of public Donaldson at the junk food habits of the president in the digital a lot of things. Some of their insight into what's going on them over the White House now it must. Telling things that we heard from Linda ASCII. He doesn't receive their being eight Karl Rove type character political operative a leader that's really looking ahead. Towards towards 2018 and looking answer the Republican landscape. That was and of course it's always hunt. It is in busy offering help for that world. Well I asked if that's that your job in that like Mike like him right now we know enough I'll you'll hear from politicians. Our guys was present for Atlanta today and a missile value broken up on the hill some final thoughts about it first. I know it today. Never mind that was not there we'll look the killer but making his regular thing. And I think I think watching Olympic story on apple is going to be very house and you know it. We touched on Jerusalem but I think watching the international. UN Security Council action are we going to see another all out feud between the president and the Pope. The Pope has come out against this new. I has been very local it. Warning anything it's. Increased tensions. So the interest. There else that Lewis. Roy Mars began fictions I'm getting for Democrats in some way and you it's amazing and it's kind of news environment for everything is going so quickly that has the story. It is slow down and it's going to be. It not my house in that press briefing room and every single day between now and election next Tuesday and plenty of day after that he especially accurate right here in these aren't yet senate. Yeah heavy route for very long time that happens and I learned today that despite the fact we have this national conversation on excellent about about sexual harassment sexual abuse. The White House that is not playing. They're not trying part of this the president a couple of tweets early on about Franken and some others but. It when it is that there's a real discomfort at this White House discussing. He the ramifications of this harassment. Scandal that is engulfed. Major figures in media Hollywood and entertainment and of course on Capitol Hill. He was. Still trying to give it to act in some ways. Bringing our it's. Any act. Truly non all right that hasn't been this edition of the review back tomorrow night you mentioned Tuesday. Alan album which was special coverage that night. A write your your digital light stream channels on FaceBook as well. That's all working today from Houston area parks on reclined have a great to see you back here next time on the Greek.

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{"id":51651573,"title":"'The Briefing Room': White House addresses possible federal shutdown, California wildfires and more","duration":"14:43","description":"White House press secretary Sarah Sanders took questions on Roy Moore, Jerusalem and Donald Trump Jr. as well.","url":"/Politics/video/briefing-room-white-house-addresses-federal-shutdown-california-51651573","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}