Buttigieg makes 1st Democratic debate spin room appearance

Mayor Pete Buttigieg said that he's electable as president because he comes from outside Washington and represents a new generation.
4:39 | 09/13/19

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Transcript for Buttigieg makes 1st Democratic debate spin room appearance
Mayor Pete how aria good. Thanks for joining us how to cut either unite way. That's a win a chance to really lay out why my vision and in our idea is different why it it's not just about that. Technical specs of our plants about how are actually gonna make sure. Any power plants get done and from climate to Medicare is I propose Medicare for all who wanted to education opportunity to lay out what it's gonna take to have ideas that are. Bold enough to actually meet the challenge that we have. And can be unifying at a time when our country is dangerously divided or is it fair to say that you sharpening your message to to sort of differentiate yourself in a sense that you think your some candidates out there that shared the stage he tonight whose plans are unattainable supposed to question in my vision is different it's not just about what's attainable it's about what the right policy is so I view it differently from certainly senator Sanders and Warne who think that we can just throw the switch on on this big part of the American economy with health care I think it's much better to trust Americans to make that decision for themselves. And have other differences and some of the other candidates but most important thing I think is how do we actually get something done because some of these covered under the conversation about gun control could have been the same as the one they were having when I was in high school in the current Haskell shooting happened so it's not just a question of who's got the most clever ideas it's how we actually gonna cut through this Washington mindset make something happen you're promising voters are going to be a unifier who. But even in your own city of South Bend. You've had trouble unify the community here whether he with race issues were reached with the police. Why should voters believe that you can do that the concrete when we're so divided right now it's well we are certainly divided country and our city is confronted these issues together it's not perfect but we take every step do we candle lift one another up and that's what we gotta do nationally as well we cannot go on like this and defeating this president unifying the country. That doesn't mean watering down our values are pretending to be more conservative than we are in his maegashira solutions speak to the actual issues that are facing people in their lives people watching the debate. Tonight saying what does any of this can it do for my bottom line system that affect my life or is that just more of the show. David largely on the campaign trail for us to ask questions you get that baseball deluded does spin room the size you first. I'm after here at that there debate what asked about electability have been traveling around to swing district sold for parts of the country still a lot of time here in the suburbs people want this you know. Somebody that can be Donald Trump all of these polls have you pretty far down. On the electability factor how do you pierce that how do you break through. Prove to people Kitchener she beat him. Well electability is one of the main reasons I think people should support it looked. Every time Democrats have won for just my lifetime that's so what we're gonna get out there and then campaign and look the best way that you can demonstrate your electable is to win somewhere and that's what we're seeking to do in the early states but also think about this. Every single time the Democratic Party has won not just my luck to molested two years it's been with somebody who came from outside Washington. And somebody who represented a new generation in a different set of ideas. By contrast every time we've tried to do with the safe choice the establishment choice somebody's been Washington for a long time every single time we've come up short mayor fiercely let me answer my question. On the US I've done this when I've run for office. You always be one person. Who tells you something and makes you think again and rethink what you're we used to have his position where this on any policy. Who along this campaign trail or any part though that the Iowa New Hampshire. You've met. And they told you something so powerful. About their own experiences that makes you rethink a certain policy whether it's on health care or what you've approached the subject her background. That story be sure that bat argument. Many a story changes the way you think of some have you met that person yet. You know the great thing about campaigning is every day you meet different kinds of fuels when he child also why he's that's another thing untouched in this winking most of my meals are in vehicle is now a citizen at a table but again you meet people who challenge your ideas all the time that's the beauty of it but the main thing is I think I'm being challenged in this idea that we are incapable of reaching across the aisle are or reaching out to others looks some people are just gonna sports as president no matter what. Fine but so many people come to my events lately who say look. I'm a Republican have always voted Republican but I'm drawn to your campaign and partly second tested to see the speech to commit a pretty strong case a lot of progressive ideas but. The world's not divided into good people are bad people or people were permanently on one side of the aisle in the other it's about what leadership can draw out of us my C a huge opportunity. Without watering down our values are pretending to be anything we not I see a huge opportunity to build a working American majority around the issues we need to tackle from. Immigration that has done violence to waitress mayor Pete thank you so much for your time we appreciate it. Good luck in the spin room to lot of reporters up and are expected to be within its him to miss it.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Mayor Pete Buttigieg said that he's electable as president because he comes from outside Washington and represents a new generation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"65584786","title":"Buttigieg makes 1st Democratic debate spin room appearance","url":"/Politics/video/buttigieg-makes-1st-democratic-debate-spin-room-appearance-65584786"}