Chris Christie Addresses Weight Surgery At Newark Tech Announcement

New Jersey governor addresses media's questions about his health after announcing education plans.
3:00 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Chris Christie Addresses Weight Surgery At Newark Tech Announcement
On behalf of our 2200 students here are as -- -- vocational school which consist of four schools. We -- like to thank you for being here. For this groundbreaking. But most importantly. Will be in our partner and the last three years. In us move in this county forward. When it comes to education. In this state. You have led the way along with. Senate president Sweeney. Speaker -- Oliver and our course our very own the chairwoman education center Dresser weeks. I see is seven and -- pitino there. There's no question. You put our students first. Today is a great day for Nortek. We are billed in and in that and -- new edition here and we know that technology and its involvement at -- and help our young people. Did you -- issue governor. I like to have to students. From Nortek. Charles -- to -- who's been accepted. At long -- university. And New Jersey City University my alma mater formally -- Jersey city state. But maybe governor if you put the word and maybe get him to the University of Delaware. And also -- and Trent. Who's going to Delaware State I authorities she was going to university Dover. -- at this time Charles could you please come up and at the end. Good afternoon everyone my -- Charles Montague I am a senior here at -- -- -- I'm part of the national honor society and I do plan on attending long island university and fall. It is an honor first and foremost -- a privilege. To welcome governor Christine to newer -- We know he's no stranger to as discounted having been born in Newark and -- -- Livingston. He has also collaborated with county executive Stephen sends -- On a variety of projects including the development of the new twelve acre Essex County riverfront park in Newark. And the sea lion exhibit at turtle back zoo. When you think about these projects. Along with the new technology enhanced active learning center also known as TLC. You understand that they contribute to our. New quality of life. Hello everyone my name is -- teacher and -- -- EU business stood here and I -- I lost a member and FB LA as well let the second semi assuming castle here -- -- attack. Governor Christie we will like some. Who would now like to bring Governor Christie to the podium -- let's open up our appreciation. Under the head of the seven minutes when he -- embodied here. It if this -- All right. Thank you very much. Well thank you all students thank you very much and all the folks you're -- -- today thank you. Four what you do every day for the students in this county. You provide an extraordinary education. For folks every day and and the biggest reason why I'm supportive. Of this project that we're breaking ground today. It's because I want to continue. To reward and encourage success. And achievement. And here under attack you have success and achievement. I'm not only by your students but also obviously from your faculty and your administrators. And so we need to look for all different ways to enhance the educational experience. For our students in every corner of New Jersey. And expansion here Nortek is just another way to make sure that we provide as many different paths and avenues. To exploit the creativity. And the intelligence of our students. In every city and -- -- New Jersey. And so for the folks here at -- -- this is an exciting day. -- will be even more exciting when this news center is built and opened. And you can hear inside the walls of that building. The excitement. And the absolute joy that comes with learning. And that choice and that excitement. Leads to greater greater life preacher -- the students. And helps their parents. Achieve the goals in the aspirations that they have for each and every one of their kids. When they send them off to received -- education our school system in this state. Joseph mentioned. In -- remarks. That we've been doing great deal for education and that many folks we're here today have contributed. Mightily to. Our accomplishments over the number vast number of years. -- -- senator Ruiz is here we've worked. Very closely with the try to make sure. That all the different educational issues that confront our state are given a full and fair and open hearing. And she has been someone who has brought people together. To compromise and to accomplish things for the people not only effort district but for the people -- the entire state. And all that would not be possible of course without the leadership of the senate president and the speaker. We work -- team to try to make sure that we bring everybody together. To accomplish things. Government. Is not a debating society. Is a place where were sent to achieve things. And I'm proud to have the speaker and the senate president. Be my partners over the last three and a half years. In achieving things for the people of this state to -- we get sent to these jobs to do. So this just another example of -- and another example of our investment in this city. And miscounting. The county of my -- fan growing up. I know how important Essex County is the vibrancy of the entire state. -- so taking the time to. Make our commitment. To the city of Newark. And to the citizens of this county. It's an important step to take and would be possible without. The leadership of the county executive. No one fights harder for Essex County then Joseph. He loves this place cares deeply about it and will fight with anyone at any time. At a very high volume. To be able to make sure -- gets the things that he believes the people this county deserve. And so I am I was thrilled to be here today to be a part of this -- -- the state is very happy. To be able to be behind the investment that's being made here. Newark -- -- the families and students who will come here. And benefit. From the education that they'll receive. And so. Thank Joseph for inviting me to -- look at how this baby works now right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- come and over you know this is like the second world breaking today Rula what is you're never supposed to put hats on. Pure politics and world number two is -- don't go over and do something that showed the setting up to -- but. We'll go over there to always got for me. They make -- -- -- so bad. -- -- -- you can move -- the potato the first well the way it was that was the whole setup was to keep America. All right so I understand there might -- few people who are have a couple questions. David. Well I mean it -- -- keeping it secret is nobody else's business. So. You know. -- from from. My perspective in in my family's perspective. The steps I've taken recently are for Meehan for Mary pat and the kids. And you know if asked about it I will never lied about it but. No it's not anybody else's business but mine. And so you know that's that's the reason made the decision that I did -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now. I don't feel any more effective today that I fell twelve weeks ago now. Now -- this and you know folks ask questions like that have absolutely no understanding. Of what's going on -- of this process. You know this is about. My long term health. And I've been very fortunate for the last fifty years. Not to have any type of effects or complications. Come from being overweight firm the better part of last twenty years. And so. The decision that I made was that I try to hold what's -- thinks they had worked this was an opportunity to try something different. And I'm doing it for my long term help this is a -- Feel better -- tomorrow. This is about being healthier for the rest of your life and try to extend your life for as long as you possibly can so. You know from my perspective you know that kind of question just don't understand what the issue -- Bryant. Do you see this at all playing into your decision. As to whether or not to run for president and -- prayers -- listen. My decisions about anything to do with my career. Are based upon what I think is best for me and -- for my family. And you know wherever size I happen to be when I have to make decisions about what do next my career I doubt -- play any roller effect in. In in what I decide to do I mean you know I think I've made -- pretty clear do you guys over time and it's doesn't it's not. You know it's not a career issue for me. It is a long term health issue for me. And that's the basis upon which -- made the decision so it's not about anything other than that. Now my family's. They've never convinces me to go public with stuff like this I can guarantee. They're they're not thrilled about the fact that this is public. -- they believe as I do that this is a personal issue for me and a family issue for us. But in no way if -- -- -- convince me. Their presence convinced me not. Anything they said. They certainly weren't saying -- that go do this sewer -- pat was not urging you don't do this this is my idea. And I came to them with the idea and they were supportive of -- what. Spurred -- do it was you know again it's as I said they in this morning's newspaper -- turned fifty years old and it made me think. And you know -- gave I got confronted with you know your own you know mortality is you start to age. And so from my perspective. You this is about Mary pat and the kids and me. It's really not about anybody else and ended it shouldn't be about anybody else. Everybody's to have opinions as is obvious from this you know scrum of people here today but I don't. With all due respect everybody here your opinions on this issue really don't matter all -- -- to make. Your opinions may not. Yeah -- -- it's ridiculous. It's ridiculous silly. I mean I don't mean to demean what you all do but this -- -- And and you know I. I think there -- so many other more important issues there -- deal with in this state -- -- -- basis that for this kind of attention to be drawn to the fact that. You know pursuing. A weight loss measure is I think shows. Just how. Really shallow. A lot of this coverage has become a while a lot of people ignore -- Jessica blew out what lieutenant governor gone it's hard when you're actually insert Jerry you know. I was in charge. You know it's like it's like asking if I decide to take a -- and on Saturday afternoon to like caller and say hey Kim I'm taking a -- for forty minutes you know you're in -- I mean. Ridiculous. -- -- -- surgery -- for a total of forty minutes I was asleep for forty minutes. And now the lieutenant governor was not in charge. During those forty minutes I was in charge. And he now. It's it's a ridiculous question. Public do you see yourself I think you can see your column was the -- -- do you see yourself as any kind of. And but he. And now this -- at first houses surgery. It was pretty quick and it was forty minutes I you know -- that this morning I went in at 7 o'clock in the morning I was home by 5 o'clock in the afternoon. -- -- -- You know as -- little sore for a couple days afterwards but you know I had the -- on Saturday I planted so that I had a three day weekend. Com and I was back to work -- Tuesday I I I at a public event novel that I'm on the reconstruction of route 35. And then I did -- -- stated accounting. That night and then I went over did a fund raiser for Kevin O'Toole and I think -- -- about 10 o'clock so. It was pretty much okay com and no I want to make this really clear I do not see myself. Nor do I care to be a role model. In this regard for anyone. This is an intensely personal issue for people in only people who have gone through being overweight. In understand how that can dominate. Your thought every day. -- understand how intensely personal this is and no matter what happens with me in this newest attempt. For me to lose weight whether -- perceived to be successful were not. You know the fact of the matter is everybody has to make these decisions for themselves. And I understand that as well as anybody having gone through this for the last twenty years so. I -- -- one of those guys is gonna write a book. Or who's gonna like you know if I'm successful you'll run around on TV shows that take -- victory lap will give me -- now heart this is. And I'm not gonna talk down to people were going through this struggle like I am every day I understand how difficult it is for them because I live it every day. And all I wanna be is a role model for my children. I don't care to be a role model in this regard for anybody else in other regards may be in this regard -- Of course feel differently exercise feels physically yeah yeah I mean no not I mean not really. I -- -- at the beginning stages of this thing and so no I don't I don't feel markedly different physically know and and I'm. And about how I feel about myself. I feel great about myself you know. But I felt great about myself before and then I'll feel great about myself after no matter how it goes -- not -- You know that doesn't this is never to fine to me in my own mind. It's been an element of of my life but it hasn't the -- to New York who I am. For me. We maybe -- other people but certainly not for Mason now. Mean I don't feel. Differently you know all in that -- about how I feel about myself. This is bad news for -- and -- -- I I love myself just as much as I did before so it -- -- really make any difference so I'll still be held to contend with Terry. You tell us how much who have lost so far are. -- -- -- -- I don't you know listen I don't think that's anybody else's business. An and I also having lost and gained more weight. Bob collectively in the last twenty years and probably all the people in the front row here way. I know that that's just temporary markers and not. Not what my long term goal is my long term goal is to get myself into a position where. Hum hum hum hum healthier and I can live a longer life and be an active. Parent and hopefully some day grandparent as -- age. That's this that's all I'm saying is all about the future thought about today. If this decision was about today I wouldn't it done it. Because I feel fine today and I'm pretty active in. You know. It's still only getting more active for me about a about activist she -- at the moment you know so I like it's not about today is about me looking at myself for fifty. At -- projecting out. It's -- -- -- I get older. Can I -- this way and continue to be as active. As I am today and I came to the conclusion that I couldn't and so I needed to try to start to do something now and that's the -- decision so. If I -- the benefit like tomorrow -- get up and feel better great but that's not what it's about. -- -- I've been told by -- intriguing -- -- So I'm back through the end the discussion here's the guy in charge of for a one races. He's told me they don't need them are told -- much given to -- so there's really not a discussion. And you -- I'm going Korean -- What -- right now we now. -- -- and excited to come out with -- now. OK I mean a number of a number of folks in the press it started to ask questions. About my weight loss. And -- report from New York Post called directly yesterday and asked and I made the commitment I was never gonna lie. About it I mean I can tell you -- -- yesterday afternoon. No one other than my family. My chief of staff of my chief counsel. You knew what was going on. So when -- you know Maria Camilla initially got -- the phone call. From the reporter for the New York Post. She called me ask me you know how -- -- -- push pack. Because she that she noted happened. And it's -- it does not that hard. You know so. You know is the fact is it wasn't my choice. At the moment but if I had the choice I would never ever talked about it. But when you -- start asking questions. And then a reporter asked they direct question about it. I told -- that's when I told Maria what the situation was and I told her. We're we're not gonna lie about this we're gonna tell the truth and tell my story. And I met with Beth last night and and talked to about it so you know that wasn't my choice. But. -- now that's happened has happened so that's you know that's the way it goes. Charlie. On this as you stated several times and your personal preference not to. Disclose this but -- -- the national. Then you have. Spotlight that you're under. What didn't you would consider it will be strategically saying -- let me get this out now because at some point it's gonna come out anyway and it's. -- but I don't -- -- as a negative Charlie you're you're you're presenting this -- if it's a negative like you know that the theory being if you have a problem. You -- and put it out -- therefore you can control the way it's played. I don't see this is a problem. I don't see it is an issue you're -- In -- implying that the reason I didn't want to tell anybody was to somehow I was embarrassed her photo was a problem that's not the issue at all it was not your business. It's nobody's business other than money in my opinion now. Once someone asks me directly and I'm in a public position amok -- a lie about it. But now I never thought about strategically. How I would put this out there what I was plan and was strategically how I wouldn't put it out there. And I did pretty good for twelve weeks you know so I'm now some bad it's probably twelve was very most people thought -- -- so I think you know we did. And we did. I've seen win -- me America the -- -- this exactly the way we wanted to handle it. And you know -- to make sure that I was covered from a government those perspective you know that this a couple of days before the surgery I sat down with -- -- -- and -- McKenna and told both of them. More I was gonna do and why was doing it. So that if there was any issues that need to be dealt with they could you know they can inform me what they thought that was that so. Beyond that. You know I mean. In my campaign chairman didn't know. My campaign. Consultant did know my campaign manager didn't know. My communications director to know because I just didn't believe it was their business -- -- it was my business and still list but you know. Now we got the question and that's this that before wouldn't lie about it fast about it directly because they got -- wrong thing to do. Guys we got I imagine hearing that there's -- -- -- -- -- it. You know you realize -- said before there was nothing they said it's their presence. It's their presence in their age and I -- -- As an elementary school. Point six grade one and fourth grade. You know so I'm I'm in this father business for a while. And I hope some day god willing to be in the grandfather business it's so it's just their presence. -- -- and and knowing you're getting older. And you wanna be around -- -- so those people of public life at the same concerns of people on Friday live trap. -- this is no different. I just because have a public office and I have some measure of notoriety. Doesn't mean that I my feelings about my family. And my concerns about their future any different than yours or anybody else -- sitting here are the same ones. And so that's why did it because I want to try to put myself as I get older. In the best position I can be to spend as much a great time with them as I possibly can. How difficult was it to make the decision to have it gets pretty hard I -- you know. This surgery surgery in and you never want to approach that lightly and I certainly didn't but on the other hand. We are knew something I felt like I needed to do. How long I've been thinking about it I -- -- -- -- in Curtis I started thinking about this. Of last year when I turned fifty and I'm. And and originally had planned to have the surgery. Right after the election. In November -- but -- sandy -- And so I canceled doing it and then rescheduled -- when I felt it was time when I had a little more a little more breathing room. -- -- -- -- -- -- I can take credit for keeping with the idea thinking about this -- Now she's so wrong I mean really seriously. -- -- City has a healthy ego probably healthier than mine. Especially if she thinks she's getting credit for this now -- I remember to -- saying anything about that so. You know she did. -- -- -- -- -- Mike's shirts get insurance and I paid for -- -- Now you know amok at a price it out for him out. Any more than you know any more then you have any right to know how much Sheila pays for what she goes to the doctor what are moderate pace for when he goes the doctor. Or anybody else now. No right to know that. That's my personal business they're told they're going to federal statute. Familiarize yourself -- Your question. Its way to -- yeah. -- no chance to you know over the stars Traci just -- -- over again. -- -- Yes sure that is the it it is a procedure that is covered when you go through the steps he needs to go through by the state. Health insurance plan the -- myself much and we are covered by yes. Yes. -- -- -- What are you from the press. Hallway and -- I can do it sorry that that yes. What bothers -- I'm sorry -- somebody else talking back -- -- and I can't and I can't hear your questions. That it would. Everybody because -- can't -- White House. The proceeds of the that anything you know I think I -- -- -- right I mean you know I. Did this. For myself. My wife. And my children. And unlike some of you and they will still pay attention to -- -- dry run for president or not. And so the fact is it has nothing to do. With running for governor this year with running for president -- any time in my life if I ever decided to do that and I say this yesterday. It may sound odd to some people put this is a -- a lot more important to me -- run for president. This is about my families and future. And and that's I think a lot more important committee. Then the idea for -- for press the United States -- you have a specific -- weight loss goal and what is it. Yes and -- telling it. The governor. I'd like to get -- -- better idea -- you know. How much if your typical big change in terms of what you -- -- you need to think -- supplements and also curious about what the news that the name you used to -- into the hospital. I'm sure -- very curious about that I'm not telling you the name I used to check -- -- the hospital. That is also cover under my privacy rights and I didn't waive those when I ran for governor. Secondly -- how might this change to beat us. Typically that I used to -- but it doesn't change much more than that. And it's in this in this is not like so people understand this is Alex a magic thing. We're like all of a sudden you get this thing and then bank like you're you're losing weight if you still have to do. A lot of the things that you need to do to lose weight normally. So it's not it's doesn't change my routine all that much except I I just these lesson I eat less -- a modest -- as -- used to -- So it's not very complex. That's one of the things that attracted me to it -- like simple things and this is pretty simple. The victim in that. You discussed why -- Teachers voted against him -- or other other -- I am. I consulted with doctors and ask them what they thought would be the best and most effective. Treatment for me. Given my age my weight and my -- my circumstances. And the advice I got was that. Band surgery would be. The most effective thing for me to do and so that's why did it. It -- now. Is the only the only person who to spoke to be about about this surgery was Rex Ryan. -- and he didn't know that I was considering it he was like urging me to consider. This was like in. -- after my birthday. But sometime in September is beginning the football season I remember. And I was having a phone conversation with racks. On another topic. And he brought up. The fact that he had at this surgery and talk to me about how it worked for him. And what it didn't like him all the rest of that the completely volunteered it and I listen to the conversation he talked me probably about fifteen minutes or so. And I -- that I said thanks Rex appreciate the advice in. That was hit so -- never any subsequent conversations about what he's the only person that actually talk to me about the surgery. Who had any experience with it other than my physician. And you know. I was -- nice of Rick share that with me in and I and I like -- a lot. And there was a good conversation but it certainly wasn't the thing that made me do it but it's certainly give me some more information. You know to consider beyond what I've already heard from the physicians yeah. Party yeah. -- -- -- Tebow note now. My conversation -- either absentee -- oil. It -- -- and working out like. Having happened. I work out four days a week. And I have a trainer. I do every tells me that -- it's different every day you know I have a trainer and he comes to the house for days a week. -- you know what it's different all the -- is no typical routine -- so he has an iPad the stares at that I had and then yells -- me to do certain thanks so it's different all the time but it evolves it evolves and you know the general terms -- -- -- -- and and weight training. In general terms but there's -- -- -- thinks that he does. And I do that. Four days we can have to do that for forties we probably. I think -- and -- are working together. In 2008. And I started at three days a week and then once I became governor increased it to four days a week. It's not. -- -- Now I could not that part of the stories and correct. No no doctor from -- ever came to my house my surgeon never came to my house part of the story is completely incorrect. You know I get treated with my doctor -- I wanna get treated with my doctor but it was not in my house. He's very good guy he recognizes that he wanted to try to help avoid the circus so. You know we met in other places -- he never has been in my house and that part of the story was flat wrong. While with a hostile for the surgery but not for anything -- for now though it's I was in the hospital was that. Eight hour period ten hour period from 75 that Saturday. That was a -- yes -- the surgery occurred NYU -- go on medical center on February 16. At 7:30 in the morning. And I was home. In -- -- by 5 PM. And fully in charge the entire time. -- -- That's would be my road all right any else yes sir look at this point. Nine they always do. My favorite nights of the year. If today this it'll be something else that's OK it's innocent. It's a fun night it's meant to be a fun night everyone goes -- to have a good time. I'll have a good time tonight. I think my reputation is pretty well set at this point I give as good as I -- So I'm not too worried about being over man tonight. We'll do just fine they'll have their shots in the off my shots at them will raise money and it'll be -- it'll be a fun -- -- -- I -- this this certainly not make my life anymore complicated at the correspondents there my I think I'll do just fine tonight and I'm not worried about it. -- -- like the last. Sort of Iran might -- yeah. -- No not really allowed -- I guess I. Everybody has the last -- New Orleans have been so but no it's not like intended in my mind is -- Now now I mean and then it has sees what I can be -- you don't. There's certain things that I don't eat anymore -- just -- you know. It's harder beat them very worried and it's there's certain things I do we I don't need as much of -- so. You know and again it's it's it's just -- -- -- I mean and that's. Did the deal mean you know it's you're not you're not as hungry she used to date which is you know somewhere -- -- Charlie. And hurts -- 500. Course what I've heard it's moving -- bombardment again what your administration did you. The lieutenant governor met with them. Intensely -- For over a period of time. But they had made up their minds that they wanted to move elsewhere and so there's sometimes no matter what you do you can't change somebody's mind about moving. Sometimes -- the beneficiary of that -- we've heard someone here and the other people other states' -- achievements sometimes we -- up on the short end to that sticks almost disappointed. We wind up on the short end of the stick but it wasn't for lack -- effort lieutenant governor. Personally worked really hard on. On this one and she was reporting to be a regular basis about our efforts well on this -- we just we just came up short. I'm I'm sure I don't know the specifics right -- with lieutenant governor's office. I'm sure that she offered them certain incentive packages are available under state law the moment but I don't know what the specifics are. She told issues fight to try to keep him and I said good lesson if you need the help let me know what she said okay. And that's completely -- and I work I don't. You make you go over every little thing with me so you call our office and find out what what you didn't yet. Apparently didn't tonight he knew -- company. -- -- the -- here's Andrea just -- -- support it. Yes I just need to be -- he. -- California. New York and cannot -- and violent possibly could that I maybe you can't believe that have -- -- -- and one and in this area and and I'm wondering if you wanted to banking company JP. Why don't you first -- -- we -- -- for him because you chose to live here. Saw me that's that's that's testimonial number one. I listen I'm New Yorkers who don't understand why people who want to live in New Jersey are just challenged. They're just challenged that and you know what we'd do what we hope to to a New Jersey is to is to help these New Yorkers. Who feel for some reason after some kind of status thing. We're having in New York zip code to understand that what they would really prefer to have is not something that gives them status but suddenly gives -- great quality of life. And -- this state provides folks with the opportunity. To have their children get a great education. To live in vibrant cities like this one or -- -- east great suburbs around rural farm areas. Video New York City doesn't offer you that meant so you got kind of no one size fits all New York here you know you have everything you -- want to ask for -- you made an extraordinarily wise choice in. It's probably the nicest thing I've ever said -- -- for public radio so considered -- real compliment. Yes it sounds like you've got some good advice -- -- -- -- which UK which -- suggests this procedure lap band procedure to anybody else know. No first of all works -- give me advice. Rex just told me what his experience was. And and that was very -- to -- and it was good information he gave -- information. Bristol wasn't telling me what to do and I and ISI said earlier I would I would not tell anybody to do this. If someone came to me you have questions about the nuts and bolts of it and what it's like BO during the surgery after the surgery. -- I'll be happy to answer questions from friends. Your -- are taking random you don't -- split it I'm happy to take questions from friends who might have you know interest in it. And I'll be happy to talk some about it -- that would about any aspect of my life with them but. I'm Isaac said I am not gonna be out there being trying to be some add to -- or role model on this thing this is too hard. And people have to make this decision on their own. I'm certainly happy to give people information about what my experiences been like thus far but I certainly wouldn't be one of these people -- proselytizing. About this I think it's much too intensely personal issue a decision. That I think a lot of people in this country just don't have any real appreciation for. And so on certainly not -- to go out there and add. And at that by making it somehow seem like it's easy. An easy decision to make -- something that fits every situation because it doesn't and people have to come second -- themselves and their heart and in their minds and that's what I did. But is not -- that came to me overnight video came to me over a long period of time are trying dozens. Of other things. And and being temporarily successful. At times and then falling backwards again and so you know I don't know that this -- in the same way. Mean you're just because all -- here doesn't mean that like I -- -- here. Pomp and in -- and it doesn't mean that I'm ensuring that I'm going to be successful there's no guarantees in life. I'll try in this and I are trying hard like I tried most things but. I'm certainly not here to lecture anybody. I would never ever do that and even if I get to my goal -- whatever that is I'm not gonna be lecturing anybody then either. I just gonna be thankful for the fact that I got to where I want it to be and hope that it has the kind of positive effect. That I hope it might might might health. As as -- age. If you're welcome back. Grant money to stay here is -- right and program. Now the state is not taking grant residential grid applications yet I suspect you'll be doing so some time before Memorial Day. -- PO DC jail make that announcement as soon as they're ready to take the applications online and have the centers opened. But my my understanding is that -- happened prior to Memorial Day. My web -- not really sure yet. Do I think my -- has been an asset this guys get really frustrated with the stuff. I think my -- been an asset I have. Listen I'm not political analysts that I have no damn idea I really don't I mean. You get as many people -- argue both sides that is you want it's really of no moment to me because it was and is. Why am. So. You make what you have. An asset as best you can. I mean that's what everybody should be tried to do. Whatever you look like. Whatever gifts you have. You try to make the most of them and so you know I've always tried to make the most of who I am. You know and and I don't think I know I deal is put Glasser guy. -- -- Joker today on the radio say you know he knew he shouldn't lose -- much weight can still loses mode joked you know I was like. It's a fascinating theory put you off in my emotional we find -- either way are really worried about it yes sir. Now this guy right -- in the middle. I would hope so. Mean this and I'll have lots. Vote trial bucks friends in New York -- Sarah Louise -- -- -- no. Any number of folks in the legislature from Newark to free holders. The county executive who works here every day. I'm -- lot of partners in -- and I hope. Then I'll have -- partner in the mayor's office of mayor Booker decides not to run for reelection. And someone else and then would be elected but. Mean that's a long way off freight and and one I don't know that I'm gonna be governor -- because there's an election for -- between now and then some -- to assume anything but assuming. That that the right thing happens and I win then. You know I'll look to partner with whoever. The people of the city Newark. Among elected their mayor whether it's rare book or work or some of the other folks we're talking about running and you know and I hope that we'll have the same type a positive relationship that the mayor and I have. It doesn't mean we agree on everything but the peel -- and I can always talk. Calm and reason with each other and I would hope that -- the same kind of relationship if he has -- successor in 2014. I'm the governor Arnold I got the same -- -- -- with -- -- successors. Yes. I -- -- ever since she's doing great job -- give a damn less about the push back and I hope she doesn't either. Change only comes. Real change. Always gets pushed back and not quite frankly I don't care about the politics in New York advisory board that's weather advisory yes. See another lesson patience pays off. Patience pays off listen these. Investment in schools like this is absolutely vital to give. Every kid in this county. The opportunity to reach their full potential. Now some kids wanna go. To a conventional high school some kids want to go to a charter school. Some kids want to go to a religious school like saint Benedict some kids wanna come here to a place like -- -- The fact of the matter is I think all too often in this state we have invested. -- disproportionately. In the traditional path. And not. As. Robustly. In a half -- -- technical school. And so I think that what today represents. Is an acknowledgment by the county. And by the state. In terms of me and the and the member of the legislature are supportive of this that. We need to invest robustly also -- every path that would allow these students to reach their full potential. And so the reason I was so enthusiastic about this idea when Joseph brought it to my attention. And the reason why I'm committing the state. -- to be a financial partner in this is because I believe it will give them a large number of students and Essex County another option. For them to pursue. Maximizing their potential. And that's what we should be doing in this state for every one. All of our students not just want to pursue a particular path -- or -- they should all have the opportunity. Well not just like one that's leading necessarily. That this lean -- mean necessarily to the traditional type of education -- it. Here -- attack they have the opportunity to expand beyond that surgery and that's a really good opportunity for some kids some kids don't want that opportunity five. We -- paths for them to follow. But I don't think we've invested enough in schools like this and that's why. When -- broadly the idea. I was I was very happy to get on board. And to help work with him in the folks here the free holders to make sure that we invest in the school and it's important and I think. These these young people that you see sitting here today. Represented. -- that investment -- -- made and it's a good investment look at your eyes furiously to good investment. He opted for lap band surgery because it would be the most effective for him he says he has no interest and lecturing those who struggle with their -- Aaron -- -- ABC news Newark, New Jersey. -- -- I think the support that we perceived from from the trade unions. He's an indicator. Of what we've been trying to do economically. I think this is -- this is a group of folks. Who all. The supported governor Corzine for years ago -- I remember watching that convention. And and a news accounts of that convention. And and that the statement from the podium for years ago was. We're gonna kick Chris Christie's asked for more into the state to the other. So. -- -- four years later have those folks supporting me. That's good work. You know especially when they say that's what -- do -- the first time around and I think what's an indicator of his they've made a decision that the economic policies. That they supported for years ago were failure in the economic policies that. There is there were putting in place now our success. And that's what concern not a traditional supporting group of them of any Republican candidate -- -- -- -- -- you have to look at it to say they're looking at these policies as saying you know what. On this -- been working hard frosts. Have put more of our members back to work and so we're gonna stand with him. And that's the kind of politics we need in this state. Not -- partisan politics and everybody always going to the same corners but people making the judgments on who support based upon their performance and their record. Madame I'm really thrilled to have the support from trade unions that are already have and I'm -- to get support for more from as well as we move forward. And I think our record merits that support. Re -- excellent. Good I have exhausted them. See that's my new -- weight. Might have been the new New Jersey and has another question so we -- -- -- another crack yes. -- -- -- -- People go to the Jersey Shore after combat thanks for being being very. Some of them are not going to be going because of how it affected by thanking him -- if you don't you think these aren't very hot night. I'm not a problem like because I had. I think it was the greater -- tournament baseball final the next day. So go to the -- that Friday night was out for the baseball team we had a we -- curfew that night stunk. As I recall. But I -- am pretty -- -- -- GMT -- that that next morning -- I was not able to go but I didn't go to the -- after I graduated. And in fact have rented a house with -- have -- my friends. In seaside heights. We of course we told the the landlord that there were only four of us. On that so. But we could afford if it was only former so we got twelve -- -- actually afford it. And yet we spent the week -- seaside heights but we did it was mostly guys from the baseball team and we did it after. Our -- playing time was over we graduated so. -- -- any PO folks who are looking to go the promise -- there's no reason not to go. You know I mean is this going to be the majority. Of the shore by the time -- time in late day. You know it's happened that is going to be open and ready to go. So go down -- check it out the there's no reason for them not to -- one of those rites of passage that makes parents absolutely crazy but that. Kids will always remember for the rest of their lives and -- -- ever get it stuck to be enough be able to go but we made up for it. -- some thereafter so when it went just -- yes -- Started -- doubts about the get out of here. Now I know I love the weight issue please more. -- Now. Well I tell yeah I guess that I I a -- hungry say used to be. That's helpful -- But it's heard no answers my energy or anything else -- I mean the movie is this and like I said I I did a fourteen hour day three days after the surgery. They did this is this is not -- you were -- but I'll repeat this again. This is not a today issue this is not a next week issue this is -- fifty. And when I'm sixty. I'd like to be like Joseph day. Bryant I mean you know I believe Joseph these looking good and then he's got a lot of energy and you know right. And so and and went on seven. -- so they know it's his about the future this is about way off for me -- trying to do this now. So that I don't have any ill health effects in the future that are directly connected to being overweight that's what I'm attempting to do. And and -- You know that's why a lot of this attention. You know -- kind of -- to -- and -- -- -- well that you all know. For those of -- who remain. This is it by the way. This is it. You asked me any more questions about this and I'm not answering OK this is your shot today. I'm not. I'm not going to be taking questions -- like how it's going now you feel then. The -- -- -- the ideology get new clothes in -- -- -- -- -- not I'm not taken any of those questions if you ask me. While -- -- not -- I had no interest in doing a marathon before the surgery. I have less interest in doing one after that's not my -- OK but the point is. I'm not gonna be giving you all updates as we go along I'm not gonna be addressing this on a regular basis. I'm doing this today and haven't all -- here today and standing up here as long as I'm standing up here and at three everyone your questions. So that we end this because I'm not talking about it anymore it's not. Anybody else's business how I'm -- went. Price it's my business it's my wife's business it's my kids business. I do I reluctantly give them reports and I mean reluctantly. Give them reports and it's -- doctor's business and that's also. As we move forward from this mom happy as you know. I think I've been more available in this kind of setting than any governor in recent history. And on how. Happy to sit here and take questions from the press. But I'm not gonna sit here and give people a day by day. Week by week blow by blow on you know how my -- going you know I'm just not gonna do that it's not anybody's business but mine -- I want to thank. The kids it -- -- Where there enormous patience there can't be anything a whole held a lot more boring. -- -- elicited to a fifty year old guy talk about try to lose weight OK just can't. They can't be more boring than that so I apologize to all of you we had this -- up all Tom before I knew today it was going to be -- day. That my weight loss was going to be how did OK so. I apologize for you having to share some of the spotlight on what is a really special day. For your school and your future. With with my waistline. But thanks for your patience and please know. That I'm here today and Joseph is here today -- is here today Armando and all the other elected officials that are here. We're here today because we believe in you. We believe in your potential and we believe in your future. And we're putting our money where our mouth is were willing to invest in you and your families don't let us down OK thank -- very much.

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