Chris Christie on Weight Surgery: 'I Turned 50 and It Made Me Think'

New Jersey governor addresses media's interest in his weight: "It is not about anybody else."
4:23 | 05/07/13

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Transcript for Chris Christie on Weight Surgery: 'I Turned 50 and It Made Me Think'
All right so I understand there might be few people are have a couple questions. David. Well I mean it -- -- keeping it secret is nobody else's business. So. You know. -- from from. My perspective in and my family's perspective. The steps I've taken recently are for Meehan for Mary pat and the kids. And you know if asked about it I we never lied about it but. No it's not -- -- -- else's business but mine. And so no that's that's the reason made the decision that I did -- -- Not -- Behind -- -- you. Now. I don't feel any more effective today that I fell twelve weeks ago now. Now let's see this and you know folks -- questions like that have absolutely no understanding. Of what's going on -- of this process. You know this is about. My long term health. And I've been very fortunate for the last fifty years. Not to have any type of effects or complications. Come from being overweight -- the better part of last twenty years. And so. The decision that I made was that I try to hold what's -- things they had worked this was an opportunity to try something different. And I'm doing it for my long term help this isn't like that. Feel better -- -- This is about being healthier for the rest of your life and try to extend your life for as long as you possibly can so. You know from my perspective you know -- kind of question just don't understand what the issue -- Bryant. Do you see this at all playing into your decision. As to whether or not to run for president and -- prayers -- listen. My decisions about anything to do with my career. Are based upon what I think is best for me and -- for my family. And you know wherever size I happen to be when I have to make decisions about what to do next my career I doubt -- play any -- -- -- in. In in what I decide to do I mean you know I think I -- they're pretty clear do you guys over time and it doesn't it's not. You know it's not a career issue for me. It is a long term health issue for me. And that's the basis upon which -- made the decision so it's not about anything other than that. -- -- -- -- They've never convinces me to go public with stuff like this I can guarantee. They're they're not thrilled about the fact that this is public. They believe as I do that this is a personal issue for me and a family issue for us. But in no way if you ask me did they convinced me. Their presence convinced me not. Anything they said. They certainly weren't saying -- that -- do this or Mary pat was not urging me to go into this this is my idea. And I came to them with the idea and they were supportive of -- what. Spurred me -- it was you know again -- as I said they in this morning's newspaper -- -- fifty years old and the big we think. And you know -- gave I got confronted with you know your own you know mortality -- you start to age. And so from my perspective. You this is about Mary pat and the kids and me. It's really not about anybody else and ended it shouldn't be about anybody else. Everybody's gonna have opinions as is obvious from this you know scrum of people here today but I don't. With all due respect everybody here your opinions on this issue really don't matter all -- -- to make.

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{"id":19128348,"title":"Chris Christie on Weight Surgery: 'I Turned 50 and It Made Me Think'","duration":"4:23","description":"New Jersey governor addresses media's interest in his weight: \"It is not about anybody else.\"","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-weight-surgery-turned-50-made-19128348","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}