Chris Christie Wins Re-Election in New Jersey

The governor's victory speech focuses on the people of his state.
3:00 | 11/05/13

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Transcript for Chris Christie Wins Re-Election in New Jersey
Yeah. Tonight. -- -- and you're -- and I am so proud. Oh. Reason. Well. Yeah. -- loser zero. -- -- Right here this indecency. -- -- -- water -- have you. Easy. It's. About us. Is that he is with us all. I'm. -- Okay. I'll want to say thank you -- me he loved you. Okay. Am. Greatest honor Hepburn -- me a long term power users in these. Okay. Yeah. And yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A. Okay. Okay. It's. Very gracious in her -- -- -- -- -- -- at all. Saluted. -- -- like this. Incident. Our office. They want these. We promise we -- it was his friend and turn it upside. Okay. Years ago we -- harness your news. -- -- -- Work anymore in fact all. Oh yeah there -- me from him. World we've had enough work we're. We're here. We stand here tonight -- it is possible. -- boots doing your job first. And working together firms. To fight for what you believe -- yet still stand by your principles and yes. Good people who. Burned over last Greer values it is. Here's it is much -- about talking that is about us. Aren't people around the table this -- we talk show that was -- -- -- he -- To be able to bring people together and she boom he needed to Lucci who works over. I -- we can't do this in Trenton, New Jersey. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. The. When we -- we finally. Even matter in people's lives. And while it's really. -- -- -- -- Yeah. Presumably he's it was -- we don't show. -- -- -- -- -- Because women -- lead if you -- either you need to show our. Okay. Okay. Six people were actually. -- three years you won't. You keep going back and try and work if you. Costs are people who do. Vulnerable hoping. -- tonight. Overwhelmingly those people who just ahead on murder it's finally here -- -- who were -- It. And here's why didn't want. Who wanted -- you know. We don't always billions of users. So also recently signed to certain -- Six. The the there -- -- they wanted boom. He didn't say no longer whose eyes. -- -- -- Do -- chips. -- -- -- Never -- zero I love. Okay. How -- -- -- I reminded of soaring. Passes through -- dual master's goal just blew me go ahead. One year anniversary. Of -- head. He call. When it didn't hurt that. This year. I'll send. He spoke about people public. He's. -- home -- slam. Don't care what color is it involves. Decently he did have. No carrier as a Republican or Democrat offering you food when he -- it's. Your. The storm you didn't care who someone who thought that government should be vehicles small. You're -- in fact -- homeless. Reverend -- this morning. And he prayed that today. This series and -- would stay with us. Well beyond. Daisy. To her car and today. I'm -- you. I don't know this spirit -- -- Okay. -- Okay. -- the end all the people who live here. They're ready yeah student. -- our -- -- in Brussels problem. We're going from -- not. Congress involves. Working hard. For -- -- -- -- yeah it's hard for us. And doesn't. It even happens we have him and we excluded fight. The law and every day. The congress passes. To reduce the size. Don't spread through. Or pensions and benefits to work were -- education system as a base and create. Okay. This -- years we will -- -- -- -- changes permanent. And invites me news. I did not see exactly its harbor to reduce home fast I -- a second term to finish the job loss can be. And -- euros in him. -- -- I -- over the last. Year. Had a reason and eighteen and eight -- Paris where they live. A and who did. -- -- A special last -- Worked tirelessly. We need me. To help combat. Ready. Great city New Jersey. Okay. And I want to. This -- Whose ask me what I. -- -- Okay. -- -- -- -- -- Her Jersey kid. You can't go I'll see you want to -- the top did you ever out of her life. Every day I would get up and no chance to do something great page views and rhetoric. Chances. -- of the great people don't probably never be certainly never. It's. Nastier. That's not change. Is no homers from. -- Easy vision is different job mrs. the secret. It's sacred trust. It was he and you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- users expect. Us today is returned to normalcy in our promise you. And -- want. Any thing. Any blue pardon. Any governmental entity. Or any force -- -- -- -- and needy and completion of violence. Okay. You know. Secret mission is. Serious. Vision. -- -- -- -- Is -- -- -- Yeah -- And on -- battlefield. Sandy earnestly into. -- jurors will never seen any future behind. Okay. -- -- -- Okay. -- Okay. The -- Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. You ask for -- Just in. Leaders stayed here. And people below you'll. That's. -- is it here. -- -- -- -- Those -- He wants me. It's. Okay. People of New Jersey. Q did he must work. And I had ever calls you back. That you hope. If you need me that you -- -- us. Answer that. -- god knows. That. Trust that we together can probably guess we're years -- lead our state. I know. -- tonight. It is you're. America. Angry when -- dysfunctional government and lost. Okay. And this today. When they didn't believe. Okay. Working African Americans Hispanics. -- -- and sea dwellers and farmers and teachers. I'm really -- working together. Yeah. And I think tonight. -- currency. I don't know my dad and brother this is -- here tonight with the here is debut. I think tonight. Rules particularly. All you would hurt -- class warriors. Yes he blows against them is. The dominant -- rooms in. -- -- Zero. -- through yourself. Because that's tomorrow you'll have to -- -- -- workers. -- -- woman who -- every day but tonight. Tonight. -- -- -- Same city. Fusion. She's Chris. It's. Get back to work it is.

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{"id":20798669,"title":"Chris Christie Wins Re-Election in New Jersey","duration":"3:00","description":"The governor's victory speech focuses on the people of his state.","url":"/Politics/video/chris-christie-wins-election-jersey-20798669","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}