Clean energy, climate change focus of Biden’s economic recovery plan

Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden says his plan for converting housing and automobile industries to be more environmentally friendly will create more jobs.
5:38 | 07/14/20

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Transcript for Clean energy, climate change focus of Biden’s economic recovery plan
When Donald Trump talks about improving efficiency. Retrofitting lighting systems only heat with LED balls. Not Royce dad. He said he doesn't like Kelly. The lights no good. I always look orange. End of quote. Lights no good. Always look large. I think about it energy retrofitted for lightning. I see incredible projects like the one right here in the chastened. I see small businesses like preferred electric the design install. Award winning energy conservation measures to reduce consumption of electricity. It's a business as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Synergy cost per year. Icing master electrician is in union workers. Went through union apprenticeships. You start off good wage equality benefits only grow from there. These investments are waiting waiting waited for this country. Creating jobs cutting energy cost protecting our climate. That's why today I'm releasing my plan to mobilize millions of jobs. Ability sustainable infrastructure. And an end an equitable clean energy future. March 1 four years. We're gonna give four billion buildings. All across this country to same energy make over. Did you get here at chase chase and a trying to create at least one million jobs in construction. Engineer aided manufacturing. In order to get it done. It's gonna make it. Places the places where we work we live we learn healthy here. Improving indoor air quality water quality. It's going to save it tens of billions of dollars in energy costs over time. A total real. Are not just gonna focus on commercial spaces. We're gonna give. Direct support tell families. Are the same thing where their homes. Offer cash rebates. And low cost financing. To upgrade energy eight efficient appliances. And windows. Improve its travel cut their monthly energy bills. Over time save them thousands of dollars a year. We're gonna make a major investment. To build one point five billion new energy efficient homes. The public housing units will benefit from community. All the communities three times over by alleviate affordable housing crisis. By increasing energy efficient see him by reducing the racial wealth gap linked to homeownership. Last week. I talked about using a person's empower the federal government. To reinvigorate domestic manufacturing. That's what we're good to the American automobile industry is well. United States owed to maintains. An enormous fleet of vehicles. We're gonna convert these government fleets. To electric vehicles. Made his sourced right here in the United States of America. The governor provided the demanded. The grants. To retool factories. That are struggling to compete. US auto industry. Is deep bags of suppliers will step up. Expanding capacities of the United States not China. Leads the world to clean vehicle production up. Regretted make it easier for American consumers. To switch to electric vehicles as well. Not only by building 500000. Charging stations. Are offering rebates. And has sent. To swap older fuel efficient vehicles. For a group clean made in America vehicles. Saving hundreds of billions of barrels billions of barrels of boil. On an annual basis. Get this will be one million new good paying jobs that the automobile industry. Supply chain. And the associated for sharks need to get it done. We also know that transforming America electrical sector. To produce power without producing carbon pollution. And elector far ended increased share of our economy. Will be the greatest spurring of job creation and economic competitiveness in the 21 century. That's why we're gonna achieve a carbon pollution free electric sector by the year 2035. Did you get work on it right away. Lead the scientists at the national labs and migrate universe migrant universities HB CU. To prove it and make technologies needed to generate store and transmit. This clean energy. We need the engineers to design. Workers to manufacture. Will become the world's largest exporter. Of these technologies created even more jobs. We don't do this. Art administration rescue bureau industry and help it retool. Many solar energy to same cost as traditional energy. Weather eyes more than a million homes. We'll do it again this time bigger. And faster and smarter.

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{"duration":"5:38","description":"Presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden says his plan for converting housing and automobile industries to be more environmentally friendly will create more jobs.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"71781109","title":"Clean energy, climate change focus of Biden’s economic recovery plan","url":"/Politics/video/clean-energy-climate-change-focus-bidens-economic-recovery-71781109"}