Comey doesn't agree with IG report but respects the criticism

"I thought we had it right but ... the Inspector General, the watchdog for the Department of Justice, sees it differently," the former FBI director said.
3:46 | 06/19/18

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Transcript for Comey doesn't agree with IG report but respects the criticism
I was strongly criticized in a report that came out last week a report that I urge be done. Because I wasn't certain that I was right when you make it hard decisions anybody who's certain is a lunatic. I thought we had it right but I also thought other people might see it differently. And the inspector general the watchdog for the department justice sees it differently he thinks I should have been quiet. And I respect his work and I praised his work. But I still think. That he's under Wayne the damage. To the institution. And I say with a smile I think if I chosen backed. Did to be quiet he'd be writing a report. But are damaged institution by that choice. And so I I don't agree with his weighing even though I respect the criticism. Because I knew reasonable people could see it different. One detail which which irritated me. It's it's that you used private email account to conduct official estimates that. Him how. Yet as I think Hillary Clinton may have tweeted about that too. She she tweet it up my nails yet I see I'm good is this a good moment to apologize to her. No and here's why. Again and or criticize her but it shows me that even at this late date she doesn't understand what the investigation in her case was about. It was not about. Her use of a personal email system. And she didn't get that during the investigation could she used to say we'll Colin Powell when he was secretary of state used a well. That was not what it was about. It was about communicating about classified. Topics. On that system. When those topics have to be done on a classified system. It would have been a few never did which she never did it would have been a problem if she was using AOL or Gmail are Clinton dot com or the state department's on class system. It's look I get why the inspector general included in the report yes what I would do. Is gonna have to write speeches and write my own speeches I would type them at home and then Gmail them into my government account. Or Bristol to work on the draft rights and their homes like work on in my lap. I was not. Talking about anything remotely classified an inspector general did say that as well. But there were two people on the team the Clinton Nino case that a code name midyear suffice looked into it that's what I mean the need your team through two members one Peter struck. The senior agent and one Lisa page a junior lawyer. And unbeknownst to me or anybody else on the team they were having a relationship there each married but partnership with the each other. And to conceal the relationship from their spouses. They were using. FBI phones. To text with a each other. When they know we archive the Texas. So maybe it's a sign that we don't have the brightest people working or organization. But there are lots of those text they bad mouth everybody I think including me. Clinton Bernie Sanders and a lot of that nothing of Donald Trump. But here's what strain knowledge that I not know they are having an affair. I argued and debated with those people as part of a group of about twelve I never saw any indication of bias. And Peter struck. Did the first draft of my letter to congress October 28 the hilly Clinton blames for. We're losing the election so how exactly easy trying to get Donald Trump. I don't see any evidence of a conspiracy. If if the presenters allies won acclaim conspiracy they have to encompass all the data. I don't see how you can see the way we approach this to conclude we were on Hillary Clinton signed Ron Donald Trump's side and I never saw any indication from those two people.

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{"duration":"3:46","description":"\"I thought we had it right but ... the Inspector General, the watchdog for the Department of Justice, sees it differently,\" the former FBI director said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"56011394","title":"Comey doesn't agree with IG report but respects the criticism","url":"/Politics/video/comey-agree-ig-report-respects-criticism-56011394"}