Congress to vote on ending shutdown

President Trump announced a plan to end the shutdown for three weeks, while Roger Stone, the president's longtime friend, is indicted by special counsel Robert Mueller.
17:27 | 01/25/19

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Transcript for Congress to vote on ending shutdown
Everybody I'm. Dwyer a Washington welcome to the briefing room on this Friday to major headlines developing today great to have to. Of ABC's finest reporters with us Chief Justice correspondent Pierre Thomas chief transportation correspondent David Curley I clearly didn't get the tie memo guys. I going casual Friday here but you guys are in serious attire for some serious news headlines that start with the shut down. The president just announced and then after 35 days we have a deal with listen. The announcement just moments ago in the Rose Garden he says effective immediately he's gonna allow funding the government for three weeks. But he didn't get what he wanted for the border wall here's the president. I have seen and heard from. Enough Democrats. And Republicans. That they are willing. To put partisanship. Aside. I think. And put the security. Of the American people first. I do believe they're going to do that. They have said they are for complete border security. And they have finally. And fully acknowledged. That having barriers fencing or walls. Or whatever you want to call it will be an important part of the solution. Before part of the solution perhaps to come but not imparted this as part of this deal the president making a pretty major concession. And before we get into the politics. Of it and Terry Moran is at the White House let's talk about the impact. There's a huge relief. For hundreds of thousands of workers federal employees but also the contractors and today of all days you reserve got David here is because the air traffic controllers. Today when it was sort of in the center of the shut down storm. Huge numbers of them are calling out of two major senators David that sort of almost seem to prompt perhaps. This this sort of critical juncture did air traffic control system was slowing down. So I think that this being the second hated a lot of people were going to miss you kinda gave us a sense that we were coming to this and then I think the air traffic controllers could have been me exclamation point on because this morning. At two centers one outside of Washington DC and one at Jacksonville Florida number. Of control is called in sick we know from at the Washington center which is extremely spurred Virginia of the thirteen controllers there were supposed to be on shift today. Six called out toss a path nearly half of them were out. And FAA had been telling us experts have been telling us all along that when you have the problem of fewer people to deal with the system. You're knock that justify safety. Record fifth. It you're not gonna jeopardize safety so you're going to actually slow the system down and that's what happened. They did had a ground stop in LaGuardia air force base for nearly an hour and then this is rippled through the entire system. Jacksonville also slows of these two air spaces were very slow and you can see the board's half the flights were delayed. As we SEC winners are bad winter storm it's her ripples across the country delays going everywhere and this is on top of those TSA workers quit long lines the Coast Guard of course working without pay the IRS. For a lows hitting the courts even. And the FBI bureau was struck this week are coming out that agents seen some of their investigations against. You know some pretty serious perks. Had to be put on hold because of this he. He saw this across the board number one you had the FBI agents association which represents most of the aces coming on the sake this affecting national security is affecting our ability to do. Drug cases and go after violent offenders. And then today something extremely unusual. The FBI directors. Posted a video which was intended only for the employees. And he was careful to stay out. The political fray in terms of taking sides. But he said. I'm not a person to get. Angry and he's a very low key kinky guy he said but I was as angry as I have ever been and some time. And then when he made it was very personally talked about. Look yes you volunteer you serve at the FBI because you wanna help people but he didn't sign up basically to not be able to pay your mortgage didn't sign up to not be able to appear cargo. And to pay the rent. It was a very personal and you could tell that things were reaching that point. Where this has gone from a political issue to affecting people to the point where something had to give. You got the impression today from talking to officials at the White House that they were starting to need to get a real sense that the scope of this was growing in fact. ABC news has a new poll out just this afternoon take a look at this few weeks ago we we found only 18% of Americans said they felt the serious impact. From the shut down right now that number is up to 22%. Suggestion a couple of weeks and our poll and we found that. And obviously as you saw there the president's approval rating down to 37% that's close to his lowest mark in our survey since he took office. So for some of that political pressure certainly. Dean felt let's bring in Terry Moran he was in the Rose Garden when the president made the announcement. I Terry what are you hearing from Bob from officials there about why the president decided to make this decision. And where do we go from here. Well the president himself said he now has assurances from Democrats. That Dell in his words. I you know be sincere in border security negotiating border security where walls as physical barriers are an important part. The solution but let's face it. It's the pressure. That you just showed many Americans are now feeling the shut down many many more we are one people feel the pain. We all can relate to be can't pay their mortgage or their rent to other note on their cars beer was just saying it was affecting more and more people in his get. Hammered in the polls just couldn't stand the pressure. And so he makes this deal that he could have gotten. Weeks ago essar after all this 35 days of shut down all those workers and their families that pay checks significant. Impact on. Economic growth which has been hammered as well and government operations the FBI air traffic control the Coast Guard. He got nothing. And now he's just called were reporters back in two where he is meeting with. Some evangelical pastors. And each watches television religiously. As soon as you know and he is undoubtedly in. Are fighting mode and called to just call them the biggest wimp in presidential history that's the kind of thing that got us into this pickle in the first place. Because he can't take that pressure either so he's in a very bad plays and undoubtedly very unhappy. And he didn't leave that Rose Garden Terry without. Trying to reclaim a little bit of that leverage he did threaten that if at the end of the three weeks they aren't able to come to some sort of agreement perhaps we could be back here. Again take a listen to the president and his parting words. If we don't get a fair deal from congress. That the government will either shut down on February 15 again. Or I would use the powers afforded to me under the laws. And the constitution. Of the United States. To address. This emergency. We will have great. Security. And I want to thank you all very much thank you very much. So the congress expected today to vote on that measure to reopen the government. Triggering all that back pay the president had already signed added to loss of those workers will get the lump sum. Plus those paychecks will start going for the next three weeks or Sosa that some good news. For them but as you heard from the president a three week clock mark your calendars as you see an RR bar there February 15 as the new deadline. Pierce a major news in the Mueller investigation now a not dates when he would you don't hurt for your two weaving on for weeks. Did that that Bob Mueller has been no I've been investigating this thing. And an issue another indictment 34. And indictments now a lot of people in this scope tell us the bottom line about what this means. This morning with Roger Stone bean hole that a court. With safe seven federal Arafat only is against Roger Stone. Longtime associate friend of the president of the United States occasional advisor to the president your essays he's basically accused of being an intermediary. For we killings and who was WikiLeaks. What is where you least that's the organization that had those hacked emails from the DNC and from Clinton Campaign chairman John Podesta. And the US government the intelligence community has said those emails were hacked. By the Russian government and somehow they ended up in the hands so we can lose. The case that the government made today is that. Roger Stone was trying to get information. About what we humans was going to do next what bomb shell they were gonna drop next and then they began to he began to communicate would. According to the government trump campaign officials who were interest in getting this information he was directed to get the information. The special counsel counsel alleges. And then. After was all over it became clear that the house and the senate were investigating. This whole issue of Russian interference through special counsel claims are Roger Stone attempted to covers Shrek. To act like he really wasn't trying to minding get this information that heat witness tampering basically try to obstruct a case and that he lied to talk. So Roger Stone is someone it was close to the president Pierre he was not 8:8 central figure in the campaign officially but someone has always been an outside agitator. Very loyal to the president various centric. Figure very prominent in politics going back to Nixon. But tell us why this matters. Today we learned she was indicted for lying he was indicted for obstruction that there's nothing in there about conspiracy. And yet there's a lot of talk today about how significant this is in the grand scheme of things give us the bottom line on to be clear. To everybody watching. There's no allegation that the president or Roger Stone for that matter. Don't directly with the Russians colluded used a term we would use there's there's no allegation in this document as far as that. But what it does do is it makes it clear that by the point that. Roger still would have been trying to collect this information. The world pretty much knew that we killings had hit. And a world pretty much suspected of they got it somehow from the Russians. So what does lays out at minimum from the special counsel's standpoint is that. Some people in the town campaign were willing to receive this information that may have in fact. Come from the Russians now that it does as it does not get into collusion. But this is another case of someone close the president having ties to people who were at least trying to gather information to somehow made its way from Russia. Certainly doesn't look good it looks like he was making an effort a will only Nestor perhaps polluter the very least seek stolen. Compromise information that the Russians had their fingerprints on. I believe me he makes it clear he never did he also denies all this he denies lying to the other guys were losing the fight this in the area and you saw him today come out and say look I'm not gonna bear false witness against president. The United States. He basically said I did nothing wrong if there were some. Statements that were not quite accurate to congress who was not an intentional thing on his part it and not material to what we're talking about here. You had a presence on team come on say this is not about collusion. The Roger Stone has not charged with collusion and certainly the president nor anybody involved president was involved in collusion. It what a spectacle it was outside that courthouse in Florida and we should say that. Roger Stone arrested very early this morning by the FBI they did point and he says 29 agents where there was it was simply quite something. And then we did see you later from some aerial pictures the FBI continuing to search his house we don't know for want. About one monster zone emerged from that courthouse after just a very preliminary hearing he'll be formally arraigned here in DC. He did speak to cameras let's take a little bit of a listen I think we have some sound of Roger Stone speaking. After his indictment today. It is in. I made in my. Material. Intent. I will plead not guilty to these charges and I will defeat them into war. And I believe this is day politically motivated investigation. And our thanks to cheer for your reporting on this much more coming up on ABC world news tonight more news prime here and ABC news live at 8 PM eastern time and let's go to the White House. Terry Moran what is the reaction there to what the president. It had to say about this today. Well you know the reaction have you heard it before it's president of their shares Sanders prejudicing nothing to see here. She said this is something that has to do solely with that individual Roger Stone. And not something. That affects us here in this building and president trump himself of course tweeting out. His familiar take on all of this greatest witch hunt in the history of our country the president treated tweeted no collusion all caps actually is more. And he goes on as reporter could border security is more important the course and no collusion at this point. Is that there are now half a dozen of his very close associates is. Former campaign manager hitting guys known for thirty years it was on his campaign's payroll and others. Who have been indicted. Pled guilty or or been convicted at trial of lying about Russia or WikiLeaks getting the Russia and material. So but if they're not colluding what. All hiding. Yeah that's that's a big question Terry why are so many of these people that were so close to then candidate trump. Why have they lied to the special counsel if they had nothing to hide our question that remains. An open when Terry Moran at the White House thanks so much much more from you coming up on world news as well and just to recap if you're trying to make sense of the Muller probe is this now stretches into the twentieth. Month. It has borne fruit as we said 34 individual grand jury indictment seven guilty pleas for people have served. Prison time and one person the former campaign chairman of Donald Trump's palm and a fort has served. Has been found guilty at trial. And as Terry was mentioning their six of those people were trump associates. So much more to come from this is Bob Muller continues at investigation. I'm meanwhile wanna circle back to our top story today if you are just joining us I hear in a brief period room the president has announced that there is a deal now understand the shut down 35 days. That if gridlock here Washington some progress three weeks the government will be funded going forward workers. Getting back to work we caught up with one of those workers a little bit earlier for her instant reaction. To this development here's what she had to said. Very happy that. This account is over. You were happier once the that was actually signed. Saddam Hussein is on the paper but. You know it's hates it takes time to impeach him so I'm happy beautiful back toward. That gives us enough time to make at least one paycheck away as you know for contractors are normally not promised back pay. And so. It's kind of like we're starting from scratch and so you know just as talented as me she your basic needs of man best of difficulty knowing in my particular case. My husband is as simple. Yes just heart failure and so. He's not able to. Kind of sick. My 980. A steady income. We go to work every day we're extremely hard passion about what do our jobs. You know our work is our reputation on the job so are we want to do is do our best and so the American people threat to us and hopefully you know. This discussion around port security can be separated from Chattanooga me him. All right hearing from the real voices of people impacted in the shut down 35 days or thanks to Janet Weinstein for bringing us that story into. When he Forte. For sharing it with us thank you for joining us here in the briefing room on ABC news libel have all the continuing developments. Of the shut down now as it's coming to an end after 35 days and of course is similar investigation continues. To roll on download the ABC news app you can follow us there all day Long Will be back here Monday morning but afternoon rather 3:30 eastern time in the briefing room until then. And ABC's Devin Dwyer have a pre weekend.

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