Congressional baseball game goes forward despite shooting

ABC News' Serena Marshall reports outside Nationals Park ahead of the congressional baseball game.
10:23 | 06/15/17

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Transcript for Congressional baseball game goes forward despite shooting
Pay every line on an Abbas here in New York while the annual congressional baseball game. Is on for it tonight it's a century old tradition that was almost threatened by yesterday's mass shooting in Virginia to remember the Republican team. Was targeted in their practice yesterday that they will take the field tonight. Against their enemies for tonight the Democrats and Arlen Serena Marshall is outside Nationals Park with a little bit of a preview. What we expect to eat tonight how you doing today Serena. I there on the power yo I'm good I'm good city this sense of what's going on there right now. Well eight people are just starting to arrive you can see the doors just opening for some vendors to go hence the media the official. Got hits the first pick isn't until 7 PM but we do expect the congressman and senators who ride at any moment they can start warming up. And getting ready for this game now since yesterday's tragic events we have heard that an end and outpouring. Of support for today's game last year they raised just over 500000. Dollars for DC area charities. This year they're already at a million dollars it also upped the number of tickets sold. They've already sold out of the 20000 original and it released more tickets to the public at the stadium holds just around 40000. Individuals and they expect at more than half to be felt. Serena before we get into more about the details of the game tonight health club about a battle we know on the latest. About the congressman who was injured in yesterday shooting that was Steve Scully. Of Louisiana what's the latest on his condition now. A majority whip is and gone in for his third surgery we've heard from the president just earlier today that his condition to take a turn. For the worse than he's still in the hospital right now but the vice president. Paid his respects earlier this morning the president going late last night as an outpouring of support from members of congress. They pass or resolution earlier today on the house floor. For those involved in the shooting did not just the congressman but the four other individuals as well that's you. Capitol police officers that you stopped the attacker the lobbyist and the congressman's aide. And there they had an outpouring of support and also leader this afternoon. Before the game begins were told to expect a prayer service with all the numbers coming together in center field. Sure they're all gonna have seized police. On their minds tonight as they play but Serena you have to imagine security is a major. Concerned tonight especially after yesterday's events are their extra precautions should people expect more security if they arrived there tonight. On Allen just take you Whitney for a second to take a look at this line right here they aren't you shut down this road which didn't atypical for a baseball game because this is the route a lot of people take coming from the metro. BC this line of police cars I'm told from some vendors were here for normal baseball games that that's a little bit atypical of they they don't normally see that level. Of security in front of this stadium. Now Chuck Schumer and Democrat Philly Democrat and that Bennett has said they he's also been given extra security since that shooting last night we can expect the same for other leaders in the house and senate. Sister it's helpful to bit about this game I think a lot of people with the first time they even heard about this happening but it's a really alternate and it dates back decades and decades. Health club at about that and also is there at favorite team that's supposed to win tonight. Well on this that game news that a goes back decades early nineteen hundreds is when this was first. The first time they'd throughout a pitch in this Republican vs Democrat baseball game this coming together of Republicans and Democrats are taking America's favorite past time. Appellate Nationals Park this is the DC baseball stadium here. And did they come together to raise money for charities as we said they party raise over a million dollars. For local DC charities that includes the Boys and Girls Club of greater Washington DC as well as the capitol police memorial fund who will be benefactors of those donations and so far right now actually this is the tiebreaker game because Republicans and Democrats are barely barrel napkin that they actually equal. In the standings of the history of this game last year the Republicans won for the first time and I believe it was sending eight years. And so well there is still that little. Feud Republicans first Democrats were also planning to see a coming together on both sides as many members are saying they're going to be wearing LSU material and tribute to Steve schooling. You know you mention that phrase coming together it's something we've heard a lot over the last day here though in the aftermath. Of that shooting from members of congress in particular. And they think one of the things people are wondering is. How long can we expect that the lack that you cover Washington and you cover politics you know. How these guys work. Is this something that's different in some ways it expected to last this Peary and partisan that nonpartisanship but thank. Well we've heard from some members of congress that is not atypical for them to going get coffee together and said to have these companies lunches Republicans and Democrats come together for lunches. Quit often let their hoping that this shows the American people that they are an attack on one is an attack on all we heard not just the Republicans and the Democrats say that them. The president yesterday. Day are hoping that this will show the American people that although the rhetoric may be topped an ailment they they may disagree on policy in what's best. For the American people moving forward when it really comes down to it they are together in doing what they think is best for America. And three and that spirit you know there was an event earlier today on Capitol Hill write a line change and which members of both parties came together time eleven about that. That's right they had a lunch this afternoon on Capitol Hill Republican endemic Allentown picking up without resolution that they passed in honor of the victims. Of the shooting and I believe we have a picture and a tweet from the challenge and I you can see the members sitting together at that table right there now ice guy again the most opting for them to come together for L and the happening the day after. Yesterday's tragic events in leading into this game is really trying to show solidarity that Washington is to gather and an attack again on one as they said yesterday is attack on every. Member of congress. Serena got asking you know just in the last hour so. Senator Chris Murphy as Connecticut's. Shared something on on FaceBook for an op Ed that he had written and he plays for the Democrats on their baseball teams he was writing this. Saying I'm than any playing tonight. And here's why but in that op that he also articulated. That. As we move forward. As a country we shouldn't forget how these things these Mac heating continue to happen he laid it out very articulate or Anthony wouldn't go to FaceBook and creator. We're two's website I'm sure but there's one party here particular wanted to get your take on. Where he talks about. What is it say about us as a country that we can so easily move on from such a seemingly. Cataclysmic event his point is that we're becoming desensitized. And Chris Murphy is when of those guys who of course. You know. That Newton cute new town shooting at Indians elementary happened in his home state he's long been an advocate for gun control. Is this the kind of thing where we think there could be progress made. By members of congress because they themselves were targeted this time. Well I think on there you're so have a very contested debate because on the same time in his poignant article as you pointed out on FaceBook. He says this is it more this been more than a 115. Gnashing just so far in 2017. Now that's. Described as that shooting a more than four more people. In one attack. And he says he doesn't he's concerned that it will make America desensitized in the next coming days. They'll move on from the shooting and we should remember yesterday there was another shooting a workplace shooting where. Two to three people did dying that shooting. And so he is worried that is desensitize Americans like gun control the very deeply personal political. Points you're the same time having its call for more gun control to making sure gonzo fallen to people who have a history of violence that history. Abuse history of mental element you're also having the other side of that argument that without those. Those police officers who were presents because again police was in them. The leadership position. I then this could have been a whole lot worse so well hopefully this'll bring them to gathered actually work out those differences and come to an agreement on things that most Americans. Agree on like mental illness and maybe they can move the ball a little bit for it and that's that. Things are reading you cover Washington you know the challenges they have had for them on the policy front there's some the issues coming up. The Democrats and Republicans are going to have to weigh in on their going to have to find a way to move forward health care tax for formal pot of things. Do we think that this spirit of bipartisanship can continue. And congress is hoping that spirit continues because. They don't want America to think Washington is so dysfunctional that after an attack like this they can't work together a day. Are looking for at the best in each other and trying to find ways I think in the coming days to do that thing like you mention their a lot of hotly contested issues still on their agenda and yet two weeks until their fourth of July recess. On that docket is still tax reform. Senate health care bill. And of course the rush investigations still front and center. In the senate and so trying to find ways were together I think it at they're going to be trying to use this game. And is nonpartisanship. So look towards the good that they can work out as. And at least tonight they can just focus on playing. Right there Reid of a heart I. Tonight it is is well why aren't there at Nationals Park and threw me you're gonna stay covered a game as well right going to be doing some live here or at. Reality coming back steel live right here we'll talk to some of the people going to this game and it. Possibly even some of the senators. We can. Find them before they head and says take that first beds and of course will be coming to you live. From the baseball game itself and it Theriot and mark alive aren't in Washington DC thanks demonstrated its top. Your honor and thanks to you as well for watching stay right here for all of Serena is reporting tonight from that historic game happening in Washington DC of course. For all your other related news for now I'm on an about the backing soon.

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