COVID-19 in Tennessee schools

Teachers call on the governor to enact a mask mandate in schools citing data that in-person learning increases infection risk.
3:53 | 11/20/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 in Tennessee schools
What does suggest that in some places schools don't appeared to be significant sort of sources of spreading the virus the State's largest. Teachers union is sounding the alarm about -- nineteen in their schools and Tennessee education association president Beth brownies here. With me now for more on that good afternoon baton thanks for being with us. I don't want to pick up on a letter than your union road to Tennessee's governor asserting that. Data shows in person instruction does increase infection risk and that infection rates in school staff. Are higher than the communities in which they serve so what are you asking the state. To do with this. Good and two minutes and appreciate their continued to be here. We did in this letter to governor early or a number he's including a mask ending or Tennessee students and educators. We are also a or. Polity. T and an increase in them. Investment in the they're all these systems HX systems air purification and we are recognizing that eight. Higher infection rates among educators. Is cotton and she actually decline should do going to quarantine. Exposure to infections are we were significant in days and it. Oh. College be eight. Lee compensation. Also hazard paint or our educators are. At increased risk data indicate that they are telling inspected at a much higher rate and yeah the general public didn't need to which they live and teach. Does this that data show World Health Organization losses suggest that. The infection rate is due to end the introduction of the virus by other adults by staff themselves and their children don't seem to be. As much of a transmission risk and as that of concern to the members. Of the teachers union guys are right in the middle between the virus and the parents. Who are desperate to get their kids back in school how do you handle that. We have to recognize that. We all agree that it'll end personal instruction is what is first and it would seem prioritized health safety well being numbers eight and educators. And when the data indicate that I'm educators are being a higher rate we have to neuter. There's a do we have to consider the destruction just learning that it caused in educators are problems aren't seen. And the lack of teachers you to ever or educators. That. Kent and so just strike that balance forming that you just mentioned what in the end. Are you concerned would be more detrimental. To our children's health being exposed. 22 corona virus perhaps being source of transmission. Or losing out falling behind and and losing the social opportunities that. The four form forming a formative opportunities to score presents for those kids by moving classes online. We have to recognize that we are in a pin it may or may not be any perfect option and so we have to go. With its safest option and that is retired in the health safety and well being attended these students and educators. Didn't see educators are highly trained professionals. We know once we get it once did about evenly and ultimately return you. I think what we consider normal we had ability to ensure students. Or any sort of Kobe wanted learning we indeed that. And what are the ways that are generally agree governor in it with that the professionals who know what we're doing. Is in best. How combat. In east sort of learning officer couldn't slide. Laura Beth brown thanks very much for being with us. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:53","description":"Teachers call on the governor to enact a mask mandate in schools citing data that in-person learning increases infection risk.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74326611","title":"COVID-19 in Tennessee schools","url":"/Politics/video/covid-19-tennessee-schools-74326611"}