DC sniper asks Supreme Court for chance at getting his life back

Lee Boyd Malvo wants to show his youth influenced his involvement in the DC sniper attacks.
4:31 | 10/16/19

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Transcript for DC sniper asks Supreme Court for chance at getting his life back
We're not off finally today we turn to the US Supreme Court any fascinating case. Involving one of the two DC snipers. Who went on a murderous seven week Rampage here in the capital region back in 2000 to leave Boyd malveaux. Who is serving several life without parole sentences that's him there on a laugh today asked the US supreme court for a chance at getting his life back. His argument. He says he deserves another chance to show that his youth. Impacted his decision to seventeen years old at the time of the crime when he and John Mohammad their went around and of and a car here in the capital region it's nineteen people with a gun and killing ten and wounding three and torn now. By Amy Nellis she's joins us here from didn't have sentencing project just next Sorin Brad Garrett. A former FBI agent and ABC news contributor who actually interviewed. We were involved malvo agreed to seat us. Brad let's start with you because you have been very interest seemed an experience of actually speaking to this killer. And he is now claiming before the United States Supreme Court that he should get a shot of getting his life back. What you like when you talk to him did you get the sense that he was an impressionable youth and this was. Sort of a bad decision made because of that. Well yes however he came across. As arrogant controlling. Every Little League did not want to put Mohammed. The gunman Mohammed take him as we broken down after a number of hours he then started admitting. Committee the different acts that we body committed around DC. With problem is he would never actually put Mohammed. He would put in there but they pulled the trigger each time so what does happen basically over the months and year uses. That now has flipped around. And he realizes he is basically brainwashed by Mohammed. But doesn't take away the fact as to number of people they killed because he goes beyond DC. There's basically eleven other crime scenes by people dead around the country so it's a big no. It it actually your organization. It takes a look at the impact of life sentences for juveniles. In this case we Boyd malvo is serving several life sentences and two jurisdictions but today's case was about the one that he received in Virginia. Should the door be open to revisiting those sentences now. And my view it should be and here's why not most case was back in early two thousands. And a lot has changed in the legal landscape since then we still have the death penalty for juvenile is back then and malveaux was susceptible to getting execs you added. They chose life without parole. And they also have had a series of Supreme Court cases since. Since he was originally sentenced that now invalidate life without parole for juvenile son a number of in a number of ways and so. He's going to the court and saying but what about this way the way that I was given the sentence so it's really a legal matter rather than re litigating you know the horrible in this of his crime which was indeed horrible. And Brad when I was I was in at the court today as the justices heard arguments over this morning the issues boil down to determining whether. A youth that commits a crime commits murder is. Is incorrigible or is is simply. Two long gone there just the there's going to be pretty determined that when you in it you interview somebody. OK well there's a bit of reasonable is going on here OK the typical juvenile crime might be murder might be of robbery etc. It's not fourteen murders and crime scenes all over the country so. It's a bad example. You know was he as I mentioned earlier brainwashed by mom and that's the answer is yes is clearly he's no figure that out. Kinda hasn't hit Michigan another shot here no I think the sentence he's got his just fine and I'll be shocked if the Supreme Court reporters around than any former fashion. He's there for the duration. I'll be surprised that actually before we let you go and give us the big picture on this the number of juvenile serving life without parole because a crimes in this country how big is that universe it's over chief. But she many others stand to benefit. From a favorable ruling. Even if malveaux we know malveaux we'll never get out of prison. OK fascinating conversation thank you both for coming in a really interest in case will now wait till June to hear how the Supreme Court decides Greg Garrett former FBI agent who interviewed malvo thank you so much. Actually knows who the sentencing project next story here Washington thanks for coming over Ashley.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"Lee Boyd Malvo wants to show his youth influenced his involvement in the DC sniper attacks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"66329985","title":"DC sniper asks Supreme Court for chance at getting his life back","url":"/Politics/video/dc-sniper-asks-supreme-court-chance-life-back-66329985"}