Democrat Conor Lamb rides steelworkers unions to neck-and-neck House race

United Steelworkers union VP JoJo Burgess talks about the new tariffs and instrumental steelworkers' vote in Pennsylvania.
3:43 | 03/14/18

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Transcript for Democrat Conor Lamb rides steelworkers unions to neck-and-neck House race
All right we talk a little earlier that's if the mayor of Braddock Pennsylvania about the importance of the labor vote we have with us one of the local labor leaders Joseph Joseph Burgess that you could join us up here. Rather headset and and I'll join our our Hubble party here as a judge you're the vice president of a local steelworkers. Union and doubt we've been talking. A lot tonight all ready about got the hat over the well not like that. A lot already tonight about the importance of the union vote and that's it goes without saying this is unit country. On your Western Pennsylvania what specifically has this race none too union members to get them off the sidelines. Differently that could easily. What this race is played out. News warrants and to get. We have to mobilize our people to get out of realize that working families and work to keep the if you store important in this country. Caught on lamb has shown that he couldn't stand up for the working people that I have looked devastated. We look at the vision. Would vote on the that you. And we are active voters we do have a belief that we need to maintain our words and they'll stay off the sidelines get out and we gotta do in order to get. People live office that have our best Attkisson on. Attracts last week announced these new T air apps on a live event and CL health Steve think that's going to impact people's. Votes here it seems both candidates who are out there supporting. I think that that was the good political ploy by president trump. The still working have been trying to push for these tests besides its early last year with that petitions. We've done everything we can't try to get the president to move wanted terrorists it took a special election in order to get him to do we did try to get it won't law. I think that it's something that let them unless the temperature and hope that's a code could win this race I'm hoping that people see through that and understand that this president. Only did that could help his candidate. But again we appreciate that eSATA because just like we've attracted to let. Let me begin to design and in my workplace we do these petitions that. Republicans didn't want to sign off on. But now they're. Up for their fifth about how we're proud that it prompted. Never wanted them be bothered with that. So we'll see how that works out. Took a what do you hope to take away is Ritter lose were for Kyle lamb what do Democrats nationwide. Need to know about what's happening but Democrats least likely to go about what happens tonight Pennsylvania with a loser out of. I think that the Democrats nationwide need to realize something that I realized personally in my life we can't sit on the sideline I think it 2016. How monarchy. Every cut numbers come up people cheer about you know. They're good numbers for a student by the way I think. All Democrats skeptical Democrats OP. Realize that lets himself Watson went. Itself not just want to put our Booth where the people that are sitting on the sidelines. And that are under fire with whoever's in the office. I think that president elect that bull lines in. It energize that base a Democrats at C I'm Bob what about this happen again. Public makes the bubble can't put a lot of percent of home because unfortunately the get the signal to meet the sea and across this country and Alabama to Virginia and New Jersey homes like. A bit dented up because if we've mobilized we can be successful. Joseph Burgess thinks it's not a violent to get back to the party through the governing right guys appreciate it thanks again.

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{"duration":"3:43","description":"United Steelworkers union VP JoJo Burgess talks about the new tariffs and instrumental steelworkers' vote in Pennsylvania.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"53738751","title":"Democrat Conor Lamb rides steelworkers unions to neck-and-neck House race","url":"/Politics/video/democrat-conor-lamb-rides-steelworkers-unions-neck-neck-53738751"}