Second Democratic debate highlights and what to look for on night 2

The second group of presidential candidates are slated to take the stage in Detroit on night two of the second primary Democratic debates.
6:39 | 07/31/19

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Transcript for Second Democratic debate highlights and what to look for on night 2
We begin in Detroit yesterday the first night and the second democratic primary debate. Ten candidates with the top contenders Bernie Sanders an Elizabeth Warren taking center stage so take a look at some of the action. Which bad policies like Medicare for all three everything and impossible promises it'll turn off independent voters and get trump reelected. You're wrong. Health tea is a human right. Not a privilege. The party of taking something away. Don't you know we are the Democrats we are not about trying to take away healthcare from any want. That's what the Republican. Republican talking points and ordered to talk when each other about how to best provide health care. You don't know Zack good Oklahoma county and a second column I wrote the vamp bill. If we embrace a far left agenda. They're gonna say were a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda you know lowered their candidate they're gonna say were a bunch of crazy socialist if you think any of the small penis is going to deal with his dark psychic force of the collective eyes hatred that this president is bringing up in this country and I'm afraid that the Democrats are going to see some very dark days. Yes I got a little heated air want to bring in our Maggie really to give us the rundown. Maggie did the CU again and seemed like health care was the biggest battle last night. They can really he had allowed here and that rundown and little feisty and likening genetics Baghdad healthcare when the number one top priorities for Democrats became a first class plane also was expected but until. A progressive powerhouse is on state senator Bernie Sanders of senator Elizabeth Warren they really had a united front on this. They stood together talking about Medicare for all the back each other's plans. Also expect them the other eight on days where danger that little bit and we heard from the former congressman John Bellini just now. Calling out Bernie's standards as planned and they got tested it really come to a united front feared some other Democrats call for sort of more about. Medicare for all who want it plan. So right now can really bottom line that helped there is a huge issue there are planned on the table but there's a lot of them Democrats don't think. Have a united front on this issue. Yet and so who on the wings and that's days do you still like really had a moment last night. Calculates your thing I needed and that sort of outsource undefined talk to a bunch of our political team here on the ground they were listening to every word last night a couple people they mentioned in needed fed up. One was from a hundred and John Delaney we heard him there kind of going after standards and more rain on health care he had a lot of air time last night more than if he was even expecting his team says it's a good thing. We're cautioned though we don't know how all that extra airtime gonna play with voters just yet but he definitely dominate on the stage. I also about the more than four mayor Pete Boone a dead heat really stayed on message he stayed on points or stayed above the fray. All brought things back to how they're going to be Donald Trump how to gonna stay united as Democrats. And this last one of amending an element of her ball without very slowly and can hurt her at the very end. And during that mash up you know she came out with some flowery language they got a lot of blog that she mentioned those. Dark psychic forces and called never let up on stayed out for there. Long seen as do without like she really got a lot of play online been trending onto an hour will it be enough to get ahead for the magic numbers is going to need to make in the third debate. Some experts are saying it may have editor in the Arab but it's third in significant numbers but fell interesting blogs. All right well we sell scene Maggie really rank ended strike thank you so much it's. And one name we didn't hear once last night was front runner Joseph Biden but all eyes are on the stage again. For part to a new round of ten candidates including Biden. And Pamela Harris I wanna bring in the range shot who covers the Harris campaign and Chris did not know who covers abiding campaign clearly an ask you about how maligned how she's prepping for the debate tonight if you're with us right now. Missouri and let angry about online crime night he was definitely up frighteningly young her husband was. I that he flight. Heat and leaving at least seven other big moments. And there right now means mean he'll warn big moment gatlin England last night scene and it really built bar Rhett had not death. I don't think. Scenery. Back in California was running for senate in credit ends as he's known for big moment. No big air so that's certainly something we think that he's getting right now I'm glad he it was from them tonight. And Chris you're with us now I heard that Joseph Biden did you watch the debate last night housing prepping for tonight. We'll be lots debate last night from his house when his family in Delaware he's traveling. Detroit today with his family and it last minute preparations with the team. Just make sure he's fully prepared for anything it may come and play. His campaign says. You know they fully expect to attack tonight he's the front runner and they fully expect to get a tax on certain issues concerned and that's what. This time but also we really prepared for the unexpected. Yes so you guys know from none the last debate Pamela sort of surprised. I'm Joseph Biden with the busing issue. As a rain do we expect that to come up again this evening. And if it's so hard to know right Ed asked for each night that they'll look at any other teacher didn't mind jokingly. I know when they think anything about what. It's back front night. Companies really big moment for the dynamics on the time. Are far different from what they were like lots I don't forget last. Listen up caller on the highest. The nines. One apply so those dynamics and any really different that someone cut the line of five people of color of all of them being on its feet. One went to fight were sent so. Am very different night and it was the last time but it was nowhere to be prepared to live so we'll see you. And you mentioned here for a moment in Biden's campaign that repeatedly you know. And they're not looking birds these are moments when they went on but the facts so we'll see what happens. And we don't we also note and that means not at this time. Who knows but mechanic from Leon. All right so we have the Marines shot and Chris did not know right there in. Detroit with us as well thank you guys for joining us and as you know ABC news libel have you covered for tonight the mate tonight's debate on coverage starts at seven. PM eastern so don't miss it.

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{"duration":"6:39","description":"The second group of presidential candidates are slated to take the stage in Detroit on night two of the second primary Democratic debates.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"64684131","title":"Second Democratic debate highlights and what to look for on night 2","url":"/Politics/video/democratic-debate-highlights-night-64684131"}