Democrats vow to open investigations into Trump

Donald Trump slammed democrats on Twitter overnight as they're vowing to investigate whether the president potentially obstructed justice. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.
2:49 | 03/04/19

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Transcript for Democrats vow to open investigations into Trump
In terminator president propp who slammed Democrats on Twitter overnight. Accusing them of hurting their country if they vowed to open new investigations. To potential obstruction of justice and much more after hearing what former trump fixer and attorney Michael Cohen had to say the House Judiciary Committee chairman. It's seeking documents from dozens of people including the president's side. This morning house Democrats are prepared to launch a sweeping investigation into president trump and his inner circle. We will be issuing document requests over sixty different people. And individuals. From the White House to begin the investigation is to present the case that two American people about it bad obstruction of justice. Corruption and abusive past. Jerry Nadler chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that would lead impeachment hearings included Donald Trump junior and Trump Organization CFO Alan Weiss oberg. Among those who will be contacted today president of the United States. Thus wrote a personal check for the payment of hush money. As part of a criminal scheme Democrats are claiming the bombshell testimony trumps former fixer Michael Cohen showed more evidence of potential criminal behavior. Sudden. They're trying to take you out with. In a two hour marathon speech trump denied the charges his. Collision so now they go in morphing into let's inspect every detail he's ever done. We're gonna go into his finances Wigan and check these deals when get a check. These people whose. The president's Republican allies in the house are standing by am I think congressman Nadler decided to impeach the president that they the president. Won the election. On North Korea president Trumba suggesting that congressional grilling of Colin. Contributed to the failure of the summit with Kim Jong moon tweeting for the Democrats interviewer and open hearing for convicted liar and frost there. At the same time it's very important nuclear summit with North Korea. It's perhaps a new low in American politics in May have contributed to the walk. The president is also be seen him in Couri. And two Howe with son in law what do we gotta top secret security clearance over the objections of career intelligence officials and the White House Counsel's Office. The house oversight committee is set a deadline for today requesting the White House turn over documents related to his security clearances. In your view even though the president has a right to discredit thanks to anyone he wants to give it to was at an abuse of power. Yes I think it was an abuse of power look at the president has a right to do a lot of things but he can abuse his power in doing there. As another possible political setback for president trump there appears to be enough votes in the senate to block its national emergency declaration. To build a southern border Walt enough Republicans say they will join Democrats in rejecting the move. It doesn't appear congress has the numbers to override the president's promise Vito.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Donald Trump slammed democrats on Twitter overnight as they're vowing to investigate whether the president potentially obstructed justice. ABC News' Kenneth Moton reports.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61451977","title":"Democrats vow to open investigations into Trump","url":"/Politics/video/democrats-vow-open-investigations-trump-61451977"}