The Diner to Visit and Win in New Hampshire

ABC News' Brad Mielke takes us inside The Puritan Backroom, a must stop for all candidates on the campaign trail.
19:47 | 10/20/15

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Transcript for The Diner to Visit and Win in New Hampshire
As I'm on the in the in New York I think my favorite things we've been doing all day. Our political reporter Brad Melky. Has been covering the great state of New Hampshire. And and I think we can double check him on the map basically making its way across five different diner as. To really get a pulse of the play and see what people are talking about. In these. This isn't really become must stop. Joints for all the political candidates along the way in this early primaries say I'm just impressed Brad. Did you get eaten a meal at each of these blazers this is now diner stop. Number four are at a five year in the home stretch where are you now. We. Well right now I'm at the puritan backroom this is also in Manchester is had to drive. I'm just a little while across town this very different place from the red arrow diner where we just Wear the red arrow diner just 36 seats. Very small 24 hours a day. A real diner from 1922 this place actually. The history stretches back even farther than that but as you can see behind me it's closer to a large scale restaurant and bar than to a diner. But it has just as much history of both food wise and politically. A lot of politicians making their way throughout that last few decades and the series and I actually had a chance to cover Chris Christie when he stopped by just a few weeks ago. So Chris Christie has been there is something I ask you everywhere you go do we know who else has been there this she looks like it might. Some candidates might see it as more worth their time because they get to interact with a lot more people. Yeah if you come here you're definitely gonna find some hands to shake especially those people know you're coming but sometimes people don't necessarily know you're coming and that's troubling question. Bring and it won at their owners here this is. Arthur Pappas. He's one of the members of the family that founded the puritan all the way back in 1917. Thanks for joining us thank you and so Arthur he said that one Kennedy actually came by without much notice and got to shake a lot of hands in the process yes that was of course. Six weeks ago. And his reasoning was he really come and when Clark who photographers and press on him around where you can go one on one with customers. Get a chance talking. It went up emotionally. Routing and meals it usually happens. And we're very well actually good chances on every table and talk to him because that want to talk. It probably is probably about how are yeah. We enjoyed the. Yeah which and I let a you know. By this scope of these sort of campaign events it's tough to actually find. A genuine spontaneous moments when you got fifty cameras and press people following around you and apparently that's what Jeb Bush was going for. And I don't know are there to begin chance to actually have a right to eat as well. No doubt if it's tough because guys find knows time to start bouncing through. Christa came in you can't you don't. I think because to candidate on some time yeah. Well and Chris Christie actually is it's practically living in the states since she lived so close New Jersey he thinks he really competes well here compared to Iowa or South Carolina thinks yes new theory farewell if he wants primary. I should bring an actually Arthur son. Chris Pappas no Chris and I are both part of a long line of owners of this place going back. So what's what's your it was founded in 1917 and I'm generational reportedly involved in the business of its contribution to be part of on him having been around a century we've been around about just want spinning your primary as though. Sir the retail trees. Sure I think started meeting back in the fifties and sixties. Doesn't go back quite that far but we secure communities you know we are always have. Crowd here no matter. What time days and so I think we can cross section of people from an interest area that dying here a lot of people who are active person. Processed and the candidates know that he come here I always find. Sort of you know people who had a good conversation we didn't really get animals and what he's working. Now and if we're gonna talk about. Why it is always good people here I guess we should talk about absolute right so what is the it's a back room no cola. Anything is a few different things between ice cream chicken tenders to be at the you know we are merchants are as an ice girls storing any shock. We don't want her candy instilling a screen here. Condoleezza restaurant opened here back in the seven. And a downtown restaurant. But we started making fractured arms which it'll come far and wide war and an uncertain political map with them. We've John McCain here. Last year campaigning for Scott brown and he actually eating chicken and drops. So on people get very familiar here. They know what to come here for. Chicken vendors are one things for him and now are certain you were telling him. A lot of candidates come here to shake hands but what can it actually is needed this sort of campus buildings that you -- her home this as far as can't. Pain is that it. Hillary is here the last time campaign she revealed she had desserts are over. Robinson storm zone that was she did a soapbox. Exemption. Parking lot rally you know rally has several hundred people there are howitzer kickoff. The space station older canvases birds city Manchester in the final weekend before the primary. Out of our conference center on the and actually eventually nailed it and so when they anticipate estimate and location but it. Com something worked for them because they ended up winning. Primarily in a surprise envelope so you know I think. You know they Hampshire primaries really notorious for operating conventional wisdom. Com and I think every till Stubbs and people do in places like this restaurants and businesses are obviously is really important. Any estimates that one on one connection that's what's special. And it seems to be its words saying that he had Hillary here but you've also had just pushing Chris Christie he believes a bipartisan. Welcoming to mask and a lot of these diners around New Hampshire roll out rights not and I know post offices you as an executive council and New Hampshire. You know you're Democrat who's endorsed Hillary Clinton but it sounds like you guys will demand for whoever comes absolutely no it's definitely equal opportunity he talked patrons. I'm income from properties political perspectives on this sort Michael. And so. We try to keep very bipartisan an even handed him while folks are coming here in it's part of our duty is Stuart Hampshire primary. Excellent now you'll see behind me there's a footballer. There's a kitchen and back is there a chance we could see the kitchen actually is that is that it. Could open. That opened for business you know him. Well let's yeah. Books and stuff that the cardinals over the bar and a bit trust me but will put that in the end of the day thing but I right now maybe we'll. Go. Gotta stay sharp for you on the bottom but it will back into the kitchen right now and siblings who famous chicken tenders are made. People they told me to come from all over the place to find these things. The guys right now as you live on Hasn't gone and then. We don't and today you don't make another chicken tenders yet which I know about what happened around here. So says this with a magic happens Paul yeah. Oh goodness so. You didn't love us. Intensity all we don't want. What's your name I don't. I'm Tony. I. Oh OK we're having problems of when the signal and self. You know I'm gonna laugh and for goats they go to less than sorry about that we're gonna take you out of the kitchen or reflected a little bit better signal. That's a shame because they. Should. The chicken tenders really look that we'll make we'll have. And what what what he's. Then yeah. This happening and what's the secret cities is there if I tend to get him. Sudden you've heard that first if they tell me this recipe they're gonna have to kill himself was reading it's another reason that they dropped or wireless. Connection I was gonna end there was some interference them some deliberate interference with the signal that don't want you figure out how to make sense to contenders. But that is what keyboard and now I don't make sure everyone knows that you have been eating something every single one of these diner stops along the way. And the puritan backroom is no exception right. Yeah that's I had been. I say he's I'd just had the American shot Sumi at red aero ray chicken that you contenders here are really on a legends unlike anything else for this place. Chris I can ask you do yeah. It's really known for these are contenders in a way that there's not many signature dishes like this. New Hampshire. We'll keep an assistant people come online for them himself thousands of pounds a week. Obviously we your restaurant business unit something to do well consonants and a system. That warning your waitresses is telling us if she told me secret ingredient shipped to kill me is their secret ingredient is there's a secret. Process and in some ingredients that you know you can probably guess I guess finally trying we tell us now on ABC aisle just between you and you know harassing and absolutely not it is from. For practical. You gotta keep. People coming in the doors. So nice Cherry Hill on a civil we got to chicken tenders and on the way you know. Easley he's over here. So that had actually been talking to some. I've been talking to some customers here in fact he's young ladies here city involving. For quite awhile and. The company puritan backroom. I 25 years why did you live in the area where you're coming from somewhere else but you know. Break and don't make any of you can ask this you live on ABC news right now but how often you get a chance to eat. Presidential candidates here in New Hampshire even here in this in his restaurant. I haven't I'm not hear nine. I think it was met a presidential candidate that. I must have I seen. Adam Sandler. So you are. I loyalty here in New Hampshire. You know it's like to run yet constantly in dishwashers. You need saying and they come here very. Very. Share. It's no fun even hear what what should again. And so yeah. Isn't that right senate and I'm drinking what should. Because you're telling them through the famous strengthened. At some it. The dolphin Martinis that's the other thing on an accent Europe for a so. So that's sort of the legends of the puritan backroom here. Desolate we've actually gotten a chance to happen some chicken tenders brought out to us so I don't think it will try her fourth meal of the day. I want it got a lot of students are being back here anywhere you know. Well thank you very much that these young ladies here I guess in trying these chicken tenders for a while. Eating and we. Six rates it's just there's less here than my goodness. You're missing. These. They took one of my chicken tenders you guys do not believe it at least one from you leave the chickens and their. And did that's what happens at their house. Exactly news. Yeah I brought this on myself. So what you have here are some magic engineers and a famous duck sauce they have both duck sausage. And a coconut sauce of the two things you can do here is people's we're buying everyone picks a side he got into one or the other. He brought the ducks us we summoning checking out enough. Let's see here. And almonds yeah. Guys look at some of the juiciest chicken tenders you're gonna find. Com witness apple and make sense there's a secret ingredient. I got my finger out. I am really hate I don't think I've ever heard at bat or that differently than good. At the duchess is fantastic it's almost what you might find in. It's a much lighter version of something might find. You know the Chinese restaurant you can buy it would mining with some fried chicken which is always been that. You know the secret to success but this is that some indifferent to a that a camp but from my finger on but it is excellent you guys. Pratt and learning so much for me today and has now mechanic to competitors but without. I'm wondering that they you can ask some of the women sitting with you if they have a chance to meet anyone of the candidates coming and Ehud they wanted to eat and beat what do they want half of the candidates in a short interactions they get. They hope to get out of the month like them. That's a great question on this so what I'm being asked is. Have you gotten a chance to meet any presidential candidates. If not who would who who do you want to me here. Oh. He has a camera shot slightly yesterday eating chicken fingers and how well Anderson actually be in its. Well let's see it a civil fight someone do who can answer this baby. Maybe now had did you come here often yes you come here often asks. Let's get Erica camera that is our salaam. What what you get when your. Of the burgers island it's again the CNN. And I probably eaten here over as a time on my chaos had humidity presidential candidates is they come and thank him. Who would you want to meet and if you could who who would you want walking door. Clinton Hillary Clinton against eight years ago she actually was secured kind of off and it's. Here you legends. Hillary. Honestly I don't really follow. What's going to let it okay enough to know what I need to know they'll. And so what do you want here it is instant presidential candidate because you know it you're so accessible and injured list in the country. You wanna know and this is these voters that really would mean the rest of us I mean. Everybody asked some months now about the issues I. Instantly what your core beliefs your values what makes you real. Don't answer. And how can you tell is it's by the way they're talking isn't by the way they're walking in that sells. The state today look you in the island day's top news today. They are they listening like they have something in the can read and it's ago. Yeah now I look if I look you in the eyes right now and I somehow you vote for. You a little more than. Well informed them resident now. There you have that you guys say I'm not winning them back in a run for president anytime soon I've really got to practice this eye contact thing. I think got to work on bag of chicken to measure gave up on things happen fast making us about what he's telling us Holliday hit how. Incredible opportunity all these folks have actually inner act with the residents want an on line. Before they make up their mind about who gets in of those floor and that's something that really need to Hampshire right. It is something this very special to this place in fact I should say the staff here probably gets a chance. Some meat on the back here and me. And and hopes to score his right now. You're probably get to see more these candidates and an attack happening opportunity here is for you guys to get to see someone in these rights are close to do what's that like his. Hi it's pretty interesting to their you know they're just regular people just like they're very nice. Eighties you come in here very gracious. Being. Are very friendly. They have allowed people with them. Axis is very interesting now lot a lot of candidates here do you feel like they lowered their guard and all around you guys since they are in such a casual setting they let their guard down at all or is it very much the same sort of person we see on TV. They let their guard job. More you know I think they come in and relax people are very excited. C he's. So I think Dee Dee feel very comfortable here. It seems that we Sunnis now not to let their guards. Who's your favorite persons coming you have any good stories. Gary Hart to every heart what here is that again that was. YE. Every member will what are what we're what did you like him. Well because of the scandalous stories about it there dying to meet him you know let's be honest. It was he was very interesting to me it's good to see on me that I hadn't planned. Chris Christine ship goods. Who would you like to meet this time there hasn't been here yet. And I'm not really sure I'd hate. I have never gotten to meet Hillary does it might graduate student from central high school after two. That was wonderful experiences. Greets her I've never gotten a chance to. Think we thank you so much about Hillary today and I'm that you can back up on this rightly so much Hillary. Not too much about Bernie Sanders hasn't been a presence here because he holds so well in New Hampshire but I admit that many people think we're just dying to Bernie. Liberty here and now I don't think he has really tight you know and Hillary has had more than symbolic yet everywhere mark. Everett. Hillary or eat not so much I don't think I really don't really get here its name around. She too often it's interesting or the Clinton name going back. So many years back in 1992 there are legends. About Bill Clinton coming into these retail politics areas and shaking as many hands as he could staying late that some people the red hair until he went back into the kitchen. To shake people's fancy you'd almost couldn't get them out of the building. And so that's really something that's particular to Bill Clinton. I'm not sure we've seen it so much from Hillary Clinton and against Scott Secret Service all around her and the people here definitely wanna meter that's for sure. That's really interesting and that of course reflects what is being in the latest poll numbers you Hillary getting a little bit of a visit late last week. Shows that popularity is really carrying across it will be interesting to see if she does actually make her way to some of these diners. Maybe not with the same death and deal that you have to picking your way across all of the isn't right now he's got us one north stopped ago on your daylong tour is that right. Got one more stuff we're gonna go to the Tilton diner in Tilton do you get it. The film and Tilton as we're going next. Is there that I want to get your check there's unfortunately. It's. Hopefully this field or your plate like you're on. But we'll keep checking back in ABC frat milky lied in New Hampshire he's got. What shortstop that they tore I don't know how he does when it reports in the field. Stay with us here for more. Campaign when he sixteen.

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