First Dog Sunny Grabs Headlines at Holiday Celebration

The newest member of the Obama family helped the first lady spread holiday cheer.
3:00 | 12/05/13

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Transcript for First Dog Sunny Grabs Headlines at Holiday Celebration
It's. Yeah. -- Not that saw a lot of our compassionate. -- immediately makes a little jingle bell holiday spirit of bouncing of happy. -- the White House wasn't exactly canine caroling but it did add to the festivities is the First Lady kicked off this year's holiday season of the executive mansion. And of course anything involving a -- usually makes it our favorite story of the day here's ABC's Mary Bruce. Someone may be a little too excited for the holidays -- the newest member of the Obama family joined the First Lady in children for some holiday each year. Bounding with excitement her first Christmas at the White House she got a little too rambunctious for this toddler. With a hand for mrs. Obama and a kiss from -- the tiny toppled top was just fine the First Lady welcomed military families to the White House to unveil this year's decorations and to thank them for their sacrifices. No matter what challenges you all face. During the holidays or any other time during the year. You all just dig a little deeper the White House is fully decorated for the holidays and ready to welcome these 70000. Visitors expected this season. The numbers are impressive it took 83 volunteers from all fifty states to -- these halls. There are -- money for Christmas trees 450. Books 300 pound gingerbread White House. And 1000 yards of satin ribbon. Used to make replica of the famous tops their mechanical this is a new staff -- stepping up in the world that Boeing sunny honoring. Now there's just one more Christmas. She left to light President Obama and the first family will turn the switch on the massive 31 foot tall national Christmas tree on the ellipse on Friday John and Diana. Primary banking. So I think it's fitting that they named her -- because of her rambunctious. She is sunny sunny personality she like Mo lose her older brother I guess -- -- way not not by birth but anyway. I'm Portuguese water dogs just -- Anderson's.

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{"id":21109302,"title":"First Dog Sunny Grabs Headlines at Holiday Celebration","duration":"3:00","description":"The newest member of the Obama family helped the first lady spread holiday cheer.","url":"/Politics/video/dog-sunny-grabs-headlines-holiday-celebration-21109302","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}