Economic impact of COVID-19

The big takeaways from spending patterns this holiday season.
3:33 | 11/30/20

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Transcript for Economic impact of COVID-19
An ABC news business correspondent into bold finish. And you'd hear those stories are just another reminder of the struggle that so many small businesses. Have been going through how did things to look sir small businesses over the holiday weekend. On Saturday some of these small businesses really did get a much needed boost and an if you look at analytics from Adobe Atlantic say on all these kinds of records even online. For smaller businesses they netted four point seven billion dollars so that's about a 30%. Increase from last year. But to the queen of the guests that you featured earlier this disadvantage for a lot of these local stores is that they really benefit so much from traffic and from Brown's age and if we're really seeing shoot she's seen so far this holiday season as to what we're spending and why. The first scene is online a lot of people just steal safer shopping from home. And then the second scene is mobile songs she'll almost half the online purchases that we seen any business. Almost half have been on mobile songs and that does it tend to claim better to larger retailers who have had their. I'm running for years and actions imagine some of the web sites even though they worked so hard on them aren't always compatible with an easy mobile experience. When you look at the spending patterns so far this holiday season any big takeaways there. There are some big Siegel raised. Probably not surprising but home goods super super strong so far if you look at Thanksgiving and if you look at black grayish and part of that is as everybody is working living and sixteen recruiting if you like home these products are going quickly outdoor gear even retailers such as LL bean recording really strong two performances aren't well 72 hours. Also she slammed Sarah's specific items that are definitely the hot items this holiday season and I spoke with one retail CEO she was reading for delivery of his you plan to extend the seasons and able to socialize with friends and Stanley exterior and obviously amnesty for environment. Actually -- is where Alice's Doug Alice Narnia's as CEO I was signing. And she's ready you know I'm not surprised he's records sales because he's in Egypt in one. TE. Has thrown out all of as he said there are so many people. Really wanna lift their steer by sending Yassin family and friends and people that normally celebrated with in the past it will not have time she'd been read thirty you're choosing not tune for health reasons and he's and he's not surprised. By the online traffic that were seen as you run out today's Cyber Monday. I expected to be a record anywhere between city teen and thirty sorry percent higher. Then what we saw last year Diane. Endeared her as people do shop online particularly today that really throughout the whole season. He easy ways for them to find small businesses that it can be patrons. On the Internet. American Express is one Sabena has me very vocal and public commitments is shopping malls shopping local and for example people who do you have panics are actually give you money back on your purchases if you shop small and local church but then just good old Google just small shops near me that our border checks or whatever your category is in your sharing data and was pretty nice IRA sometimes a simple is best irritable and we appreciate is always thank you.

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{"duration":"3:33","description":"The big takeaways from spending patterns this holiday season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"74468785","title":"Economic impact of COVID-19","url":"/Politics/video/economic-impact-covid-19-74468785"}