Embattled VA gov. to hold 'listening tour' across state to discuss race

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has no plans to resign. Meanwhile, impeachment hearings for Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax have been put on hold for now.
4:04 | 02/12/19

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Transcript for Embattled VA gov. to hold 'listening tour' across state to discuss race
Or let's go to Virginia now where that political stalemate. His now stretched into a second week embattled Virginia governor Ralph north and museum there on the left DC mark hearing the attorney general on the right. Lieutenant governor governor of just in Fairfax also involved in scandal. Well there's been no movement on any of those fronts were of Ralph north and vowing to stay on the job and has just announced she's going to take it listening tour. Across the state to talk about race with various communities are Zachary quiche is forest is in Richmond have four Zachary. A listening to how is that going over down their in the capital. I haven't heard directly how people have been receptive to the actual tour itself we do know. The a lot of people were listening to that interview that he did on Sunday it what points he referred to the black experience in here. In Virginia is indentured servants I think that rob folks the long way in a lot of cases he isn't necessarily somebody who as. Exemplify that he understands. The black experience in this country and for some it seemed to minimize that. I've talked to have a number of professors in this space number of academics who say you know when you win you really look at the details there there is a delineation they're depending on the time line. There is a time that you could call. What happened to Africans brought here as indentured servants would certainly. Again the governor hasn't necessarily exemplified inability. Two 22 to hit the right tone. On a number of these issues so that will continue he's calling this is racial reconciliation to. And also talking of are promoting some policies to back that up we shall see no indication he's stepping down meanwhile. Exactly you've been following the the scandal surrounding the lieutenant governor just in Fairfax impeachment proceedings were put on hold but. What are you hearing about efforts to investigate him and needs to allegations of sexual misconduct against it. He had ever I mean that's up from the beginning here I mean the black face kkk robe photo comes out related to the governor just as I'm. How you're talking about the idea did just in Fairfax right that lieutenant governor young black man. Who's IV school educated and certainly has a incredible history of his own as the descendant of slaves. Dis I'm talking about the ability that he might have to step into this role these allegations come out to the first one comes out. It could dates back to 2004 a woman says. Did she it was forced by Fairfax perform oral sex. And then days later I mean that was damaging in that certainly deserve detention and investigation. But then just days later from that a woman. Came out from his days as the undergraduate student at duke. Instead today at Fairfax had raped her. And in and that's really work brings us to where we are now I mean it was obviously. A PP big big deal and I'm gonna give you some details related today it's a she says that Fairfax and her were XP friends. In that she had been raped by someone on the duke basketball team. A year prior to do this now we've heard from that person a gentleman by the name of Corey Maggette ESPN is reporting that. Corey Maggette. Vehemently denies that he had anything to do with this that this was raped and so that makes two people ride mr. Maggette in mister Fairfax. Who say these allegations. Just aren't true. And we've also hearing from duke duke has put out a number of statements but nothing that necessarily. Brings any clarity to the issue they say that they're looking into the issue. But they have not spelled out what was gone on there and in just to give you an idea what's going on here today I'm once idea of Republicans on the other side yet the Democrats. They're caucus meetings going on and obviously the elephant in the room on the democratic side is just in Fairfax Devin back to you. You know the elephant in the room and what a stalemate it is exactly he's thanks for your reporting and down their Richmond will be back with Hampshire later this week.

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{"duration":"4:04","description":"Virginia Governor Ralph Northam has no plans to resign. Meanwhile, impeachment hearings for Virginia Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax have been put on hold for now.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"61025305","title":"Embattled VA gov. to hold 'listening tour' across state to discuss race","url":"/Politics/video/embattled-va-gov-hold-listening-tour-state-discuss-61025305"}