What should we expect from James Comey's testimony?

"The View" co-hosts discuss what to expect from the former FBI director's testimony as part of an ongoing investigation into the Trump team's alleged ties to Russia.
9:44 | 06/07/17

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Transcript for What should we expect from James Comey's testimony?
So as news breaks that Christopher WRAY has been named new FBI director, he is not the son of fay WRAY of king Kong. This is Christopher WRAY. All G all eyes are on the guy who used to have this man's job. The anticipation is building for Comey's testimony for tomorrow. About whether or not he was asked to back off of investigating Flynn's ties with Russia. We have an exclusive photo of how he is preparing. Woo glchlt! And that's not far off the mark because people are treating this like it's a sporting event. It's kind of amazing. Like a countdown clock. You remember the time that Chris Christie was accused and his people were blocking traffic over the bridge? Bridgegate. This man who you just mentioned is the new FBI director, he represented Christie in that scandal, and Chris Christie got off, and everybody else went to jail. They worked at the justice department together and he was a federal prosecutor in Atlanta. Went to Yale law school, and graduated I think in 1992, and he is qualified. He is a nonpolitical appointee, which I think is the right now. If you have someone who understands the inner workings, I can feel more confident in that kind of choice. Now that Comey is going to testify, trump decides to put an FBI guy in there. What will he do before the testimony tomorrow? He is going to pull something. That's what -- this was it. Distraction. Game on, game off. Twitter now is the official statement. Yeah. It's interesting though to see, it's so fascinating to me how many Americans are plugged into this because there was a time these hearings would come on, and they would tune it out, but people are worried about the collusion and Russia. They are worried about about instruction of justice. Did trump tell Comey to back off the investigation into Flynn? He made that statement. Saying, thank you for telling me three times I wasn't under investigation. Which doesn't sound suspicious at all. It's so fascinating these what were once in the weeds discussions are now dinner table discussions. People feel like they need to be activists on their own, and journalists. This is something we haven't had to deal with in a president. And, you know, we have never had to deal with questions as to whether Russia's fingers are at work in the elections. What the new guy knew, what he didn't know. You know, it's kind of amazing, and this is all sort of new territory, and people want to know because that might be the line that you are not supposed to cross for a lot of folks. Political -- sorry. It's political participation, and people aren't voting. You have people who don't come out to vote, and the fact people are informing themselves now, hopefully this will be a game-changer now that we are treating it like a sporting event. I was going to say, even this guy, clapper, watergate wasn't as bad as this. Watergate was internal corruption and screwing around with the constitution for sure. But this is external interference in our government, and they are now saying that Russia interfered in an international thing that was going on with Qatar, and Saudi Arabia, and it's dangerous what he is doing right now. It is. There was an ominous statement from you know who, and he just repeated it about someone else in his inner circle. Let's take a look at both clips. You have become more famous than me. Jared. Jared has become much more famous than me. I'm a little bit upset about that. So people are saying that might be a kiss of death because once you get more famous than him, you got to go. Yeah. That's what happened with Steve Bannon, remember? Steve Bannon, who I think is the president, suddenly disappeared. Now he has come back up. Yes, baby. Has anyone ever heard Jared Kushner speak? I have looked for -- Maybe ivanka. He is sort of like the silent guy behind the scenes, and he appears to be a puppeteer. He is like Michael corleone to me. Even the way he sits. When somebody's speaking to him, he looks at them like this, as if, you know, I am the don. He folds his hands in front of him in this peculiar kind of way. People wonder why we are obsessing about that. Because we haven't heard him speak. It's all we have to obsess about. What's interesting to me is the new report that Comey asked sessions, the owner generattorney general, not to leave him alone with trump in the room. He was afraid to be grabbed by the you know what? But, you know, it struck me as very significant because our training is never to interview a witness by ourselves, and you see it at the doctor's offices all the time. When you have a male ion Kol gynecologist, there's a female nurse with you, and for Comey to have said, that I think that is true. I think he was concerned about what could have happened if he were left alone in a room and sort of pressured to obstruct justice. You don't know if that happened. But I think that's -- a lot of Americans, you know, I said before did this in a way they were. I think it's because a lot of the news that's breaking comes from the officials claim. We say allegedly because we don't know. There is so much information out there that people don't feel they have a hold on the truth, and trump supporters who those who aren't, they want to know what happened. They want the truth. No. I believe they do. I don't believe that because even in the face of fact, when you know what happened, and you still double down on the lie. I'm talking about voters. I'm talking about his -- the people that support him. His base. That's who I'm talking about. I'm not saying they are bad people. Yeah. I'm just saying when you see when he says, you know, the mayor of London said this. And what he actually said is there, and was there before the man tweeted, and you stick by what the man said, to me, you don't want the truth. But yesterday, speaking of truth, the sons, Eric and don Jr. Came out hard in defense of their dad's current problems to ABC news. Take a look. It's the greatest hoax of all time. I was there throughout the campaign. We have no dealings in Russia. We have no projects in Russia. We have nothing to do with Russia. And to me, it's without a question, you know, reads and smells like a witch hunt. Now. This is the hunter. They are hunting. This interview was with ABC news, which is part of the mainstream media that they keep insisting is turning out fake news. So how are you supposed to take this? Yeah. It's fake if they want it to be fake. Because -- you know, I just -- I -- I think it's fake news. Only because you have Donald Trump -- What do you think is fake news. What they are saying. Donald Trump Jr. Said -- Eric Trump Jr. -- No. He is not junior. Eric Trump basically said they have no business dealings in Russia at all. However, Donald Trump Jr. Became a regular presence in Russia around 2008, including visiting at least six times in 18 months. He spoke at a 2008 conference and said Russians make up a pretty disproportionate cross section of a lot of our assets. We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia. We're not giving money to them. He doesn't say, they are not putting money into us. Watch the way he phrases it. It's the way he said it. So talking about his -- his -- his base. Yeah. His base will say, well, that's fake news. They are not -- that's not what they really said. There are a lot of members of his base that I talk to every day that don't feel that way. They want the truth. They need to speak up. They want to talk about the kwlishs and talk about the economy. They need to speak up. Tbefore they can do that, this needs to be solved. I saw something that was interesting. It's from "The Washington post," and it's about the people who love him. They don't care if he lies. Yes. He has given these people a voice. The people who have felt out of the loopy the intellect, whatever they call people in new York City and Washington. These people feel that they have been left out, and this man has brought them into the game, andand that's all they care about for the moment. A lot of team care if he lies and hold him accountable, and they are on social media, and they want the truth. Do they care about that issue? We know what the truth is. You know what the truth is? We got to go.

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{"id":47892523,"title":"What should we expect from James Comey's testimony?","duration":"9:44","description":"\"The View\" co-hosts discuss what to expect from the former FBI director's testimony as part of an ongoing investigation into the Trump team's alleged ties to Russia.","url":"/Politics/video/expect-james-comeys-testimony-47892523","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}