FDA could authorize Pfizer shot for people 12 to 15 years old

Infectious disease specialist Dr. Todd Ellerin discusses how giving students the COVID-19 vaccine could impact the country's efforts to combat the coronavirus.
6:13 | 05/03/21

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Transcript for FDA could authorize Pfizer shot for people 12 to 15 years old
They're encouraging signs in the fight against the corona virus more cities and states are announcing plans to reopen including here in New York City once the epicenter of the virus. This as Pfizer's vaccine is on track to get FDA emergency use authorization for children ages twelve to fifteen. For more on all of this looks good ABC news medical contributor infectious disease specialist acted tot Eller and thanks for being a dad Keller and bearden. So this emergency use authorization for Pfizer's vaccine kids twelve and up I could come as early as this week what effect do you think this could happen. Fascinating middle schoolers and high schoolers on reaching a herd immunity in restoring. A sense of normalcy. This is really important very encouraging you'll likely recede UA remember there are seventeen million kids between the age of twelve and an end fifteen so. And we know that while they tend not get very sick. From from as far as we do know that rarely do kids that are hospitalized and rarely die from this. I also is the transmission right if you decrease infection in these kids and you're you're going to decrease transmission of overalls and to the adults in the older kids that. This specially curator compromised or have called more duties they can get very sick from this what is really important and remembered the phase three trial that fights are shown is that. This looks very safe and his cast to be viewed through a lens of safety and so far in the over 2000 kids there were given the visor vaccine we've heard that this is extremely safe and a very robust immune response so those two things together make it very likely that the vaccine will receive emergency is very soon. Now some experts are still saying that reaching herd immunity in the US is now looking unlikely. Because daily vaccination rates are slipping what do you make about. Yeah I mean I do agree that I want you remember herd immunity OK so with the measles vaccine where you have an amazing vaccine and you don't generate variance we can. Herd immunity which we do that's why we rarely hear about measles with influenza. We don't really talk about herd immunity because we don't vaccine as moderate effectiveness and we know we had a variance to come back every year. I think we've Kobe nineteen somewhere in between what's possible that we might get we get herd immunity but even if we do you'll. It need be temporary because of these areas and of course with taxing hesitancy if we have a third of the country that doesn't receive this vaccine I agree it makes even temporary herd immunity. I'm less likely. The Republican governor Florida Ron Desantis made headlines today by signing an executive order ending all local call in nineteen emergency restrictions. And I want you listen to what he said. I think that's the evidence based thing to do I think folks that are saying that they need to be policing people at this point. If you're saying that you really are saying you don't believe in the vaccines. Now according to the CDC 56% of Americans have received at least one vaccine dose so what do you make. The governor's decision and his comment there. Well first of all I'm really happy that Florida is doing well right now and ended you don't case counts are decreasing or not being overwhelmed. You always with colon hospitalizations like pink. Debts that's important. I do think the key is when you have executive orders or no executive orders we know what people need to do we took action even more because we know the vaccine is extremely safe and extremely effective not just in preventing severe disease but also preventing infection if you don't get an. At the same point you can transmit. We also know when things weren't the that in the masks work and well it's not as important to Wear masks outdoors especially if you're distance. It's common sense principles will take us far. Now tomorrow the US travel ban to and from India takes effect we keep hearing about the devastating scenes they're how things get so bad in India. And what do you do to combat a surge that did that is this sad and this big. Diane my heart is breaking right now for initial slick it did previously in the United States I mean. You know the bottom line is there's a lot of factors going on here you know you have this very insurgent and we know these variants are much more contagious. Remember he he is one of the most population dense countries. In the world okay how will the other things are vaccination. When in the US we had been vacillating much more aggressively. They're in India where the vaccine hasn't been as widespread so they're missing a major tool. And you know the right now they're overwhelmed you remember personally what that was like New York City when there wasn't enough oxygen there wasn't enough PPE so they need global help from all of us to help them but even bringing them oxygen isn't enough because there have been difficulties transporting. From one place to another sore right now if they don't get on top of this there will be New Orleans. Indians that are dying from cold in nineteen and it and they have. To be aggressive. This calls for shelter in place these these extreme measures debt. You know we in the United States were even too late in the Indian declaring so that's what has to happen right now it is it's a humanitarian crisis. On the flip side over in the UK thousands of either that came out for this government back test concert in Liverpool nomads no social distancing. And they're hoping that this pool help the process of reopening large in person events really quickly what are your thoughts on that. Well listen I you know I really hope that there's fewer deductions from this. Here's the good news right when this experiment it was outdoors. And they wanted people testing not just once but potentially twice before they entered this concert soy think what that. And of course with the vaccine that seems to be working I'm hopeful that this won't. You know the reverse the great content strives debt that the UK is made as far as getting control of code in nineteen. Right fingers crossed sector Tyler and thank you as always.

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{"duration":"6:13","description":"Infectious disease specialist Dr. Todd Ellerin discusses how giving students the COVID-19 vaccine could impact the country's efforts to combat the coronavirus.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"77472492","title":"FDA could authorize Pfizer shot for people 12 to 15 years old","url":"/Politics/video/fda-authorize-pfizer-shot-people-12-15-years-77472492"}