Florida statewide machine recount nears Thursday deadline

Palm Beach county says it may not be able to make Florida's 3 p.m. Thursday deadline for statewide machine recount.
3:00 | 11/15/18

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Transcript for Florida statewide machine recount nears Thursday deadline
Let's turn now to the Florida recount which is a key state. As always come election time and as has been the case in the past it's a state where the vote is now under dispute in the senate race. And in the governor's race Republicans. Have claimed victory but Democrats have said not so fast. And now the complicated process of a Florida recount begins you can see the pictures there. I can remember the pictures of hanging Chad it looks a bit more. Efficient this time around Victor attend those keeping amount of for us Victor is this process going smoothly so far. Perhaps a little more efficient David but. It ain't over yet so the machine recount the deadline for that to be completed this afternoon at 3 PM of Florida's 67 counties right now it only looks like. One will not be meeting that deadline we're talking about poll beach county the supervisor of elections their doctor Susan Bucher. Just said that is unlikely they'll be meeting their deadline they've had a number of issues there in Palm Beach coney. Apparently their machines are a little outdated they were overheating. As recently as yesterday they're also multiple reports out that this stuff they're the team actually took the night off last night possibly this morning to. So it does not look like Palm Beach County will be needing that 3 PM deadline but here's some good news the other candidates had several issues. Broward County. Early this morning there were actually able to complete. There machine recount now if the candidates are separated by just a quarter of 0% after this machine recount. Then we turn to a manual recount. And of the big races at stake here the one that we expect to take that next step is the senate race between Florida governor Rick Scott and senator. Bill Nelson right now these guys are separated by just point 14%. Roughly 121000 votes. This race has been incredibly contentious a flurry of lawsuits involved in this one. Most recently senator Nelson filed the suit to have all the deadlines no doubt make sure that all the votes were counted in time giving these counties as much time as possible. He also scored a victory this morning a federal judge gave voters. Until Saturday to correct. Any signature mismatch issues if they've had their votes thrown out due to Florida signature mismatch law but we don't have the exact number of votes. And not when we should know by the way they are actually still counting votes those overseas. And military ballots they're still coming in the Dublin for those to come in. Is tomorrow David. Florida keeping interest and it's a bath. Polling process meanwhile. Outgoing governor Rick Scott is claiming victory in the senate race he says he's already you know go ahead and attend the freshman orientation. For new senators and Rhonda Santos has claimed victory in the governor's race. How likely is it that the outcome of either race could change. Well in the governor's race it does look like that one would likely won't be heading to not know hand recount that machine I should say the manual recount. Where they take a closer look at those over and under votes so. What those votes are specifically is where people perhaps voted for too many candidates or not it also the governor's race likely will be headed there. But this senate race is so tight. It is it really is too tough to tell there could be. You know tens of thousands of those over undervotes that need to be closely looked out here so we could be looking at a chain's thereby got both of those candidates on the Republican side. Already declaring victory and and moving had apparently. All right Victor an election very much in limbo thanks for giving us the update.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Palm Beach county says it may not be able to make Florida's 3 p.m. Thursday deadline for statewide machine recount.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59221471","title":"Florida statewide machine recount nears Thursday deadline","url":"/Politics/video/florida-statewide-machine-recount-nears-thursday-deadline-59221471"}