George H.W. Bush wants Trump at his funeral despite bitter family rivalry

Government shutdown on hold in wake of former president's death.
4:40 | 12/03/18

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Transcript for George H.W. Bush wants Trump at his funeral despite bitter family rivalry
How to go to Terry Moran. Who joins us live from Washington. What to get a sense of the scheduled today the capital and also today I imagine many years seeing this as even if it's temporary a unifying day note it was important for the former President Bush to have. President trump intend his funeral it sounds like he'll be in attendance and really putting that presidential protocol above his own personal animosity. And that's a great point Lindsay the 45 president will pay tribute to the 41 president in keeping. With the old American tradition in the old American way the way the ways that that president George Herbert Walker Bush stood for so president trump will attend. It's unclear whether or not he will deliver a eulogy but it is and overcoming as you point out of some some bad blood between the trump. Presidency and campaign and the bush family in many ways what Donald Trump represents is a repudiation of what. President George Herbert Walker Bush represented but together. As Americans. That is the way that that President Bush wanted it and that's the way it will be. The casket carrying president George Herbert Walker Bush will arrive at Andrews Air Force Base this afternoon there will be solemn ceremony of welcome. And then he will be transported to the United States capitol where he will lie in state in the rotunda. And the public will be allowed to come and pay their respects beginning tonight and all day. Tomorrow and people will come to say goodbye but there are many ways to be remembered as president of the United States. Being a good man. That's a good way for anyone to be remembered as a way people are remembering. George Herbert Walker Bush may be a little bit of that a good missile will rub off on that was pretty partisan time when he was president to. Nothing compared to today but that's the way politics is he certainly had. And effect today. Available for example does one practical result of remembering pausing to remember this good man. That looks like the fight over the budget will be postponed for a couple of weeks there was this. A government shutdown set to start at the end of this week. It looks likely that lawmakers and the president we'll get together to postpone that. And fight over border wall funding and other things another day while we remember George Herbert Walker Bush. So that government shutdown and temporarily averted and cherry obviously know that the former president that day after his eighteenth birthday joined the navy and we're hearing. A final farewell from. The navy today. That's right lieutenant George Herbert Walker Bush he was the youngest fighter pilot. At that time he flew fifty combat missions and in his last one of course was shot down lost two crew members and was rescued at sea. And then maybe tweeting out a very touching tribute the United States navy's official Twitter feed saying fair winds and following seas served. We have to watch with a picture of them on board he lob but she's did take world leaders. On harrowing ride in a speedboat up by hand I'm a crashing seas off the coast of Maine. And there's Fe fantasy the French president Francois Mitterrand declining. To go on was where Ratzinger he gets to see sick but it was. Part of his life this see all his life summer his entire life up on the coast of Maine and serving in the navy. He was once asked of all the many high positions that he served in government vice president headed the CIA ambassador or envoy to China. Head of the Republican Party congress what. Prepared him the most. To be president and without hesitating he said getting shot out of this guy in September 1940. He was tested in a way. That he knew. Himself in that way and he also said having lost the two guys who are in the plane with them he's that I know I was no hero. It's a very different ideal of masculinity when we don't have too much anymore the strong silent arguments and that it is brave person but also be lethal. But who is who was quiet about it no brag or no bully. No nobody like that he was a different sort of American man. And Terry his mom apparently famously told him his mom told him not to brag and say oh he was following in her footsteps and in following and it hurt her life advice here. Thank you very much Terry for for your live report OK one leave us with this memorable quote from the 1989. Inaugural address. Former President Bush and I do not mistrust the future. I do not fear what is ahead. For our problems are lying large but our heart is larger our challenges are great but our will is greater and finally the picture of his dog solely. Long time spokesperson posted to Twitter with the caption. We'll take a look at it there mission complete.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"Government shutdown on hold in wake of former president's death.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59579516","title":"George H.W. Bush wants Trump at his funeral despite bitter family rivalry","url":"/Politics/video/george-hw-bush-trump-funeral-bitter-family-rivalry-59579516"}