GOP Candidates Debate Immigration in the United States

Kasich and Cruz discuss their plans for immigration at the ABC News GOP Presidential Debate.
4:20 | 02/07/16

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Transcript for GOP Candidates Debate Immigration in the United States
It's turning immigration now I don't want to bring in governor Casey because you told us in an ABC interview governor quote. It is completely ridiculous to think that we're going to go into neighborhoods grab people out of their homes and should people back to Mexico. Adding quote that's not where the party is the party is not for deporting eleven point five million people. But mr. trump and senator crews who made deportation central to their campaign's. Top the national polls. So my question for you are you know where the voters are. We you know David I I I've does spent a lot of time here in this state as I mentioned earlier. And we have to have practical solutions just like we were just talking about few minutes ago one North Korea. Look to situation is we need to finish the border. It asked to be completed just like we lock our doors at night the country has to be able law its doors. And we can have a guest worker program where people can come in and out in an orderly way. And and for the eleven and a half million that are here. And if they have not committed a crime since they've been here. I believe the at a pay some back taxes pay a fine I've never get on the path to citizenship they get legalization. It is not I I couldn't even imagine how we wouldn't even begin to think about. Taking a mom or dad out of the house when they have not committed a crime since they've been here leaving their children in the house. I read that is not in my opinion the kind of values that we believe in. And secondly I I think at the end of the day that Americans would support a plan like this I think congress would pass a plan to finish the border guest worker. Pay a fine a path to legalization and not citizenship. And we got it we gotta get this done and I will tell you this within the first 100 days that I am president I will put that proposal to the congress and I will tell you was a former congressman. And an executive in Ohio I can promise you that I believe you get the votes to pass that and we can move on with that issue and protect our border governor of Tennessee thank you. You heard what the governor said he said we need practical solutions and you said I don't intend to send Jack boots to knock on doors that's not how we enforce the law for any crime. So what is your plan how will you deport eleven point five billion undocumented people and be specific how would you do it. So interment of up practical solution I've laid out the most detailed plan. For solving illegal immigration it's eleven pages single spaced chapter and verse it's on our web site Ted Cruz Don war. In short what we're going to do we're gonna build a wall we're gonna triple the Border Patrol we're gonna increase. At and actually since since Donald enjoyed that. I will simply say I got somebody in mine to built. We're gonna increase fourfold the fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft. So that you have technology monitoring and attempted incursion to direct the boots on the ground where they're gonna Wear their current. We're gonna put in place a strong. Will put in place eight biometric exit entry system on pieces because 40% of illegal immigration. Comes not over the border illegally but people coming on visas and over Stan. We will end Sanctuary Cities by cutting off taxpayer dollars to any jurisdiction that defies federal immigration. And we will end welfare benefits for those here illegal. But for a disastrous because governor Casey was talking about the families and what you do with the families that you have to send home can you tell the American people tonight how you would do that. What you do if you enforce the law you know under the constitution the president has an obligation. To quote take care that the laws be faithfully execute. Federal immigration law provides if someone is here illegally and is apprehended. They are to be deported. We saw just this past week the head of the Border Patrol union testify before congress that President Obama had given the order to the Border Patrol to stand down. Not to enforce the law that he is wrong. I will enforce the law and for everyone who says you can't possibly do that. I would note that an eight years Bill Clinton deported twelve million people in eight years George W. Bush deported. People in enforcing the law we can duet what is missing is the political will and when they were deporting the people. The border wasn't secure so they come right back once you secure the border enforcing the law will solve this problem and that will Bennett that American workers.

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{"duration":"4:20","description":"Kasich and Cruz discuss their plans for immigration at the ABC News GOP Presidential Debate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"36763590","title":"GOP Candidates Debate Immigration in the United States","url":"/Politics/video/gop-candidates-debate-immigration-united-states-36763590"}