GOP Trump challenger Bill Weld one-on-one

The Republican and former Massachusetts governor became the first GOP candidate to challenge President Donald Trump.
3:45 | 04/22/19

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Transcript for GOP Trump challenger Bill Weld one-on-one
Not just Democrats challenging the president though including one in his own party for the party's nomination in 20/20 we caught up with former Massachusetts governor bill weld. Who is it running a campaign against the president for 20/20 just a short time and and ask him about the report I'm whether he thinks impeachment should still be on the table tackles. You horror or one of the only Republican so far directly challenging the president. In its points when he campaign how much will this report. By Robert Mueller factor into your case to the party. For the nomination. Well I must say when we finally got to read the report I was horrified by a despite these. Conclusion of no conspiracy with the Russians there's a whole lot in there about obstruction of justice all of volume two of the two volume report. And it's it's rough stuff he's telling senior. Intelligence officials to lie he's telling senior national security people alive he's telling his own legal counsel to live fortunately they said we can't say that Mr. President says why not they say because it's not true. He says. You know he hadn't thought of that it's kind of like a so what cancer. In light of everything Mueller said in the report did you think impeachment should still be on the table. You know I really don't think so and I'll tell you why it's not for legal reasons it for political reasons. Because the house could easily if there's more than enough evidence much more than there was against their President Nixon I worked on that case for obstruction. But. You know the Republicans control the senate so very unlikely that you would ever be convicted in the senate where you needed two thirds vote. So the upshot of you know fifteen months of impeachment proceedings might be. That the house looks like overzealous prosecutors and the president. Comes out those smelling like a Rhodes so I can understand why Steny Hoyer said impeachment is not a good idea for political reasons govern. And are setting aside the behavior of the president in his campaign the report obviously documents so much. It's a much detail how the Russians interfered with our election if you have been president. Back in 2016 of course Barack Obama was in the White House would you have considered. Oddly early indications from the intelligence community about what the Russians were doing would you consider that an act of war. I don't know about war but cyber security is serious business in the Chinese and the Russians in the Koreans are absolutely. Out our throats there and you know all what all the pros say is you gotta figure out how to make it more painful for them. To attack you and hack you that it is what they get from it. And that's highly technical but. You know that these countries are throwing everything they have about each other both on offense and. Defense and what would you do differently if you were in the White House and you win a your party's nomination in 220. To make sure that we are sick here before against those threats. Well for one thing I might listen to my national intelligence community every once in awhile. National security and intelligence. I've talked a senior military people who briefed the president they say. It is terrifying to brief the president because after two minutes it's like a light goes off in his head and he can't. Focus and follow you any longer this this is a guy without a long. Attention span and unfortunately not much curiosity about the world. And how it works are I really do think the president so wrapped up in his own head that he will tune out extra now they doesn't really know. When when the lights are on when they're off when he's telling the truth when he's not robberies on stage mothers off stage. I know that's a lot to say but I'm I'm basing that on his conduct in office. And now challenging him for the party's nomination and twice when he former Massachusetts governor bill weld thanks so much for joining us. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"The Republican and former Massachusetts governor became the first GOP candidate to challenge President Donald Trump.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"62556997","title":"GOP Trump challenger Bill Weld one-on-one","url":"/Politics/video/gop-trump-challenger-bill-weld-62556997"}