Gorsuch shares personal stories in opening statement of confirmation hearing

ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Terry Moran discuss Gorsuch's opening statement and what he needs to do to win over public sentiment.
4:20 | 03/20/17

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Transcript for Gorsuch shares personal stories in opening statement of confirmation hearing
Terry you expecting it is talking about some of his influences some of his judicial. Heroes if you will any actually mentioned Justice Scalia. As and then toward so that helped or hurt as folks are considering his nomination. Well it depends on which side of the fence you're on right at you like Scalia that helps you know that that hurts you. He's he separated Scalia a little bit such thing. So he clerked for a just is named Byron white who was nicknamed Byron whizzer white. A nickname that he hated. Because Byron white was great college football player in the 1930s and in fact. First it was a be a Rhodes scholar at the University of Colorado is cholera. Where the roads and became the highest paid player in the NFL in the nineteen cards which wasn't that much drugs at the great great athlete and president John Kennedy put them on the Supreme Court. Judge Neil corset clerk for him. Almost 25 years ago now and really looked up to him white was a guy who was appointed by Democrat. Was strong on civil rights very much part of that civil rights revolution of the Warren court. But also very strong for police and prosecutors and criminal law and pro business and so you couldn't predict where he was going to end up. Judge course its ads kind of judge I'm like. He also page of the Justice Kennedy for whom he also clerk because just as white retired and I just kept the inherited them praised justice Kennedy's. Inclusiveness and and it says that every single person comes in the courtroom is a real person these cases are numbers or names a real life. He said that's what he got Justice Kennedy and then went Justice Scalia. He said we got Justice Scalia this originally his idea this notion that. That you stick to the original interpreted original meaning of the constitution the original text textual. Integrity of laws and the constitution. To slightly less warm if you're looking for a line. He clearly adored justice white hand Justice Kennedy. Admires. Justices Scalia did say however what officially and he said he fished with the enthusiasm opened a new Yorker and if you slap the line Harden up on the water some other fish would like it's it was warm there. He shared a great stories he did you mentioned earlier how he came across really personable really. Genuine and authentic he talked about his family and its humble beginnings he shared a story I think also about like tripping on his robe right on the first day as a judge. So how important it all of it how important is it for him to be. Light and to come across as likable to whoever gets intended audiences. That's a good quick the first first audience is the son he needs needs to connect with senators and then the American public will if they don't. Like an out if they elect a nominee. It'll be that kind of public sentiment and public pressure that will ultimately determine the vote. Just chairman Greg Presley Chuck Grassley to stop by that job a little while ago said it very well he said. He has a moderating personality. Of course harder. To bail. Apartment kept open this hearing room. Because he's. Nice Fella. Currencies instinct is right that doesn't mean they're not gonna do it. Doesn't that will vote against them and it doesn't mean they can generate public opposition to but it is harder. You know where and when someone that we don't Justice Scalia has died last year just last year. And he was up four a seat on the Supreme Court. And the two people two finalists that President Reagan wanted to consider for the supreme court's it was want Justice Scalia. Was Robert Bork. And that was that famous conservative intellectual leader and Reagan indicates Scalia and liked him so much talked abort this is my gosh. So friendliness and good cheer can catch a long way and as us ultimately there is this. It's kind of gut test the public adds. I walked in that man's courtroom that woman's court. What I get aftershock. I think of course it does the job communicating whether it's true will see that you would.

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{"id":46263551,"title":"Gorsuch shares personal stories in opening statement of confirmation hearing","duration":"4:20","description":"ABC News' Amna Nawaz and Terry Moran discuss Gorsuch's opening statement and what he needs to do to win over public sentiment.","url":"/Politics/video/gorsuch-shares-personal-stories-opening-statement-confirmation-hearing-46263551","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}