Government shutdown day 21

Some workers miss their first paychecks since the partial government shutdown started while a freshman congressman tries to bring beer to the House floor.
22:33 | 01/11/19

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Transcript for Government shutdown day 21
And. Hi there are welcome to the briefing room on this Friday on ABC news political director Rick Klein joined here by Mary Alice parks and we can say it it's gonna be official at midnight tonight the long to shut down in American history partial shutdown of the government extending. We say officially because congress is gone for the weekend they're not back until next week. There's really no action to speak up on Capitol Hill. And Mary Alice this is a moment where we're starting to see some real pain felt paychecks actually missed federal workers missing that and people started to realize what it means not to have government services. You know who still gained ten members of congress there are few members have said that they are going to donate to their paychecks to charity but a lot haven't. They're going home this weekend not doing their jobs not keeping the government open not reaching a compromise but many an entity came in federal workers just aren't. And when interest in twist is that many of them are going to be flying home which means they're going to be going to the airports if he's TSA lines which means as our David Curley has been reporting. Maybe if the weight of over the longer we've seen reports across the country about TSA so called sick outs we got a portion of the terminal closed at least in Miami. David Crowley is now joining us at at Washington's national airport a lot of members of congress are are headed to their head home. What is the scene like in what can travelers expect as a result of this partial shutdown. Well I just saw a member of congress actually walking through the terminal here still had their little button on Thai often going home. That the real problem are the TSA officers this is the first Friday that they are not going to be days. And these are the salary is 3035000. Dollars in a lot of them can't go much longer without getting a paycheck and the fear. Among security experts and the TSA. Is it some of these officers will continue to call out in some of the may just quit. And go get another job in in full employment. Economy like we have that it's quite possible and we are seeing folks reaching out to these officers their reports the gift cards have been left by passengers and look what we just saw five minutes ago. A representative of Southwest Airlines came right here to where we're standing with the cards. And handed over. 5678 pizzas. For the TS so officers the officers TSA officers. To feed them and they went to another checkpoint. Where they're doing the same thing so there is an effort to try and help these officers. But the real concern and I think this is where Americans your average American is going to feel the effects of the shutdown in the coming days is right here at the security lines. Two million Americans fly a day on average and if these officers start to call out if they quit. The lines are doing it longer because they are not going to change the security protocols are with fewer officers. You will see longer lines are not seeing that here right now Miami though is are you making a change. Where tomorrow half day they're gonna move. The conduct consolidate some of their security lines basically closed down a terminal that is and use them much on the weekends. As a way to try and keep lines moving so these are the things and this is gonna ramp up really quickly. There's some of these officers decide. You know I can't do this anymore petty get another job. And Davis or anything else that the airports can doing this and he's a federal workers in the federally employed as as. TSA agents is or anything else airports can do to try to mitigate this maybe get extra bodies out there are people. Are there enough other people to be there as replacements were trained to what you have to do on security lines. So. What we've seen before when we have a real problem with lines in the past the airlines have offered employees to help. To do some of the jobs of moving bins that aren't really security related and don't forget these are not law enforcement officers. Each airport is controlled by either a local sheriff or police department there in charges security. These folks are in charge of making sure that something doesn't get through the checkpoint and into the terminal area. So that's a possibility that the airlines could offer workers if it gets to the point where lines are getting very long. There's talk could. Already the administrator the TSA says he's working to pay the officers if they worked on December 22 which was a Saturday. To trying get them some money if they if they were that day. Could you do retention bonuses could you offer them to go on unemployment while this is happening all kinds of contingencies. If this actually becomes. The big problem that it could become. All right David Curley over about Washington's national airport tracking the real time developments congressman are gonna feel this pinch pretty directly. As we mentioned this is payday a lot of people are getting checks for zero dollars sound wanted to just show you some of this this is it anywhere worker from the EPA. A chemist at the EPA talking about what the shutdown means. The vast. And had everybody's hopeful that. I come. And you know solution. A compromise will be reached between congress today the president and the actual. Enable us to go back to our jobs. If and just moments ago words we've heard president trump talking pig we're gonna taken right now to president trump talking about this. Right to do. It says is what are you can now what. I'll be should it be brought to the ninth circuit. And maybe even though the word is fun and be used just like with the trial then. It'll be appealed to the ninth circuit. And we'll probably lose they do and hope it will wins Supreme Court. But that. You name it it was perfectly worded document adds. We have in this case. They'll always bring it to the answer. And then you never know what's that. You know and want it I'll deal. With what you have the Supreme Court that street it is very fair. So. I'd rather not do it because this is something. That congress should easily. This is something that the Democrats. Should do and I don't want to give. An easy way out a little something as simple as this not only simple. It's easy. And it's going to see here are happy we have a country that is undersea. You can actually get a lot of people don't like the word invasion. We have a country that's being invaded by criminals. And buy drugs and would get a stop. So I want the Democrats to come back to Washington. And vote thank you very much. Oh. And the president leaning into this idea of a national emergency thinking he has the the power to do it he knows the congress is in being here right now is he gonna change anything because the meetings. There's no negotiations going on right now does not like this there's some some basis for them to even have these discussions. Clearly he's frustrated Democrats have got home as he sent congress has. Adjourned but also acknowledging they are the political and legal risk to. This move if he decides to declare a national emergency he is is that he understands it'll be brought up in the courts almost immediately. And really the question of the jury is still out as soon where exactly how telling them. Wanna bring our colleague judge Trish turner from Capitol Hill right now where Capitol Hill basically empty out congress is gone we know we're gonna get ends of that record shut down territory over the weekend. I Trish I'm struck by the can be conflicting advice that the president is getting from Republicans on Capitol Hill as to whether this national emergency is a good idea. It's a tough spot for Republicans have been so skeptical about executive power when it's exercised by Democrat. Yet that's exactly right and assume I caught up with Lisa Murkowski as a give you whine. Just one glimpse into what's happening within the Republican Party. No surprise in your well aware. They are deeply split on this issue. But not even deeply split I would say but more more of them feel like this is not a good idea. That they're split on the idea of whether it's legal or not they know what's gonna get tied a think worth. But when Lisa Murkowski and I just chatted for awhile. She doesn't look I'm really against this because of the precedent that it sets I don't care what president is there she even said what if there's a president's Sanders Bernie Sanders and he declares climate change a national crisis. You know it can think of what he can deal. A gun control if there's somebody in and declares you know gun control in national crisis think what they could do. Says she is sounding the alarm on that from Marco Rubio some more moderate members are. Are with her on in us puppet she also said look this is gonna get tied up in the courts John Cornyn a member of leadership he said the same thing gets more more complicated. But one thing Murkowski just on the I thought was interesting she said look try. We were really could end up in a lose lose situation here he could declare a national emergency it could get tied up in court and then he doesn't get the money anyway. Because the court could tie up the money so he could end up not getting what he wants even if he does go this route but I can tie in. Most Republicans here are saying Mr. President don't go this route because it also. Really complicates things here in congress if he does it. And Trish is there any movement on the idea of the funding compromise. Is unbelievable that we barely been heard. Possible proposals. Front table and all. Rate in you know it's so strange to me two days ago you know Wii's we all saw that incredible. You know moment when Democrats emerged from the White House and they said in up. Trump doesn't president from just walked out he slammed the desk and walked out and and so really nothing has happened since then. Behind the scenes there was a small group Lindsey Graham a trump ally meeting with a group of other Republican senators they were talking behind the scenes to a few Democrats. They were trying to come up with like maybe we could meet you know. Find some emergency supplemental money that we could parent with some sort of the dock affects that's a key Democrat priority. Even Dick Durbin was saying. You know god bless them Lindsay is trying to find a solution and in all mall for if you can find it within in the middle of everything. On Thursday. Lisa Murkowski has some issue was a nagger to. She said we were all sitting in a lunch and we were talking about we were all excited about may be finding a solution. And no we got word that president trump wouldn't wouldn't take it he wouldn't sign it. So he told them no even when vice president pence. Jared Kushner were all would they were in these meetings at different times. A new what was happening in these meanings juror commissioner was encouraging what was happening in these meetings and then president trump once again pulled the rug out from under them so Lindsey Graham he left a meeting we caught up with them he was so frustrated he said and done and going to jam. And then he put out a statement saying just call a national emergency. We don't know what else to bill. Well at least they house him in the senate to they thought the congressional gym is still open I guess mission it's throwing up their hands full crisis in the interest we appreciate you checking in on this Friday with us I want to turn to Louis Martinez. We've been reporting on some preparations that are going on through the military through the US Army Corps of Engineers in particular. 22 called swift and and and start to comply with a presidential declaration of a national emergency Louis. What do you believe what's your reporting show could the president could actually do with allocated funds. Okay on the that they were having some problems with Louise audio excellent. So until we get that back I think there there's some talk of this would be an incomplete solution. And a political question do members of the military do active. Troops want to spend their time to be so high not to build a wall on Gingrich continued to get some political questions if he goes out. We've got Louis back Louis if you can even answer the question for us of what the president would be able to do through the military to money assertive and allocated. I says have a so record tying him at a US Army Corps of Engineers in undertake large projects nationwide. We're talking about building dams and maintenance of levees big projects rerouting of rivers and Puerto Rico bad disaster relief that's really what they're known for. In this case what that the White House is directing the US army corps engineers to do is look at one particular fund. Thirteen point nine billion dollars that has been allocated by the congress for long term disaster relief projects that includes things like hurricane party early. Puerto Rico release includes. The situation is for from the relate to the forest fires in California. Even wolf wolf flooding in West Virginia now we're talking about very large accounts some of these monies they specifically dedicated her talking not 57 projects. Then in dedicated specifically by congress. And what the White House is looking for a with the Army Corps of Engineers is T take a look at where you can might be able to shift some of that money and potentially use it towards the construction of at least. A segment of the wall. Now one official told us that it could be potentially much as 350 miles of wall. That could be funded if he if if with a five billion dollars that the administration is looking for. I'm in but it's uncertain to us right now. Specifically how would much of an option is really is for the White House. Because ultimately it's gonna come down to what has the money been spent is that money actually available and can it be used within a timeframe that the White House is looking for. And of course as there was a congress who point out its money that was intended for something else Louis Martinez over the Pentagon we appreciate your reporting. Today I wanna move on Mary Alice to the fallout of some comments from congressman Steve King a Republican from Iowa he's a long history of making comments that are to say Italy's racially charged. A but in particular an interview that he gave earlier this week to the New York Times has been making some very big headlines. He said in part quote white nationalist white supremacists western civilization. How did that language becomes offensive white I sit in classes teaching me about the merits of our history. And all our civilization. A we have seen some some pretty staggering fallout from this us senator Tim Scott the only African American Republican. In the senate said this needs to be called out because as racist and you have to call it out as racist. And that words matter senator Scott said that words are dangerous. And basically event in 2019 we should understand that that words have power. And that that the Republican Party need access to address this Tim Scott stopped short of laying out a proposal for how the Republican Party should exactly response. But basically said enough is enough. Enough is enough and obviously congressman king was on the house floor today in part delivering an explanation saying he made what he calls a freshman mistake in talking to the New York Times he says this comments work. Taken out of context and that. He is not a freshman and his that he. A lot of these elegant white and more he's been he's been around but before and and this actually feels very consistent with past statements of his. He did apologize there on the floor that bits but again double down on this idea being nationalist. Ends it's it's it's a lot of language that most records not the confluence. And I think you're seeing a growing number Republicans say that we remember during the campaign when the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee stepped stepped aside from saying he supports the king seeking ended up narrowly winning. Now there's at least two primary challengers in the mix Jeb Bush among others on the aren't are those among those saying good. Seeking used to be beaten in a Republican primary if he doesn't step aside on his own and be curious to see the president when he reacts to this because he's been a big supporter of congressman king and king like last. At a party reacts what they do in terms of funding or support. Great big big weekend of 20/20 action Mary Alice as we look to cover tomorrow Leon crossroads on in his hometown of San Antonio is expected to announce his candidacy for president he's already gone to the exploratory committee. What's your sense on on how the shapes the race if Castro gets him. While at and also a little in Warren is in New Hampshire she was Iowa last weekend. Lancaster of making the rounds in those early states as well I think we're seeing are really accelerated timetable people have noticed that. Glink Castro annals of Warren are benefiting by being the elements how in these states right now there's a few others don't have the same name ID. And add everyone's anticipating a really crowded field in March and April and may there's going to be a lot of folks checking around. A just a few cities and so there's a benefit perhaps to being in early. Some news from that to a war he hasn't said much other than to his dentist I guess in in all on in online forums that was kind of talk on little gross but he is gonna be unity by Oprah next month that I think that'll get a couple levels. It will he have Viles a lot of buzz around ten people are excited about that generational shift in the Democratic Party he seems represented. Something newer and fresher obviously a lot younger than some of the other front. And if he needed to assign the twenty funny really is upon us you're gonna have physical office space opened up by John Bellini the former congressman from Maryland he's a declared candidate for president he was the first in the race he's been working this pretty hard. It's unbelievable just how early this is of course is not that early for Diana Laney he's been. To riding around Iowa basic last year even have the campaign bus areas talking to our Brad milky in his hometown. In New Jersey. But John Bellini yes opening up this. First campaign offices of the twice when he cycle in Iowa this weekend. And you know he could benefit in some way you for being straight ordered the Arab voters was not calling. From the beginning he has said he is in it not not plan that sort of funny dance he's not. Being shy about his intentions and a Mac about helping. And I know today on the Supreme Court Ruth Bader Ginsburg RBG. The film the biopic about her going in wide release just today an unusual statement from the Supreme Court today. Earlier this week she missed the first arguments of her entire career in the court for southern quarter century. In a statement for the Supreme Court today saying that she is cancer free that that all of the tests of comeback queen she's gonna require some more time recovering. I was just struck by the fact that the statement had to be released at all there's been some buzz and speculation about her health and it seemed like Ruth Bader Ginsburg through the court wanted to quell that as much as they could. Well sure she Witten underwent pretty serious surgery. And you know you really feel like Democrats after. What she's come to represent for them but also that that brutal concur fight with Brett have allowed just last year. I you can feel his tension the Democratic Party. About a moment where she might have not guilty to genes do her job I've seen. On line people volunteering to donate lungs to keep our region in her sees the left is very right about. No for the treatment required at this time according to the statement from the Supreme Court. Will part of our Friday series I love these Mary Alice good on the history buff but studies are really call our colleague Ali Rogen has been. Traveling two congressional offices talking to members of congress about some of the more famous people least occupied the offices so for this recent edition. Alley caught up with senator Mike Lee from you saw who occupies an office that used to be used by none other than Richard Nixon take a look. Eight Jeremy feed Alan Rogan on Capitol Hill where Indy historic Russell Senate Office Building. I'm with Kate Scott senate historian this office now belongs to senator might leave you talk. But it used to belong to Richard Nixon right right of California he had a relatively short congressional career but it was during that short. Period of time that he served in congress two terms in the house. And as he was just. Into his third year during his first senate term when he was selected to be vice presidential candidate with Dwight Eisenhower shortly after he won the election for senate some of his friends created a long campaign fund for him that he can use to pay for some of his expenses. It actually against the lock the problem was that it's sort of undermined his credentials as. Fierce. Anti corruption advocate you know as someone who promoted good government and wanted to reduce waste in government. He's making the case in this checkers speech to the American public and saying like one of you. Where young family we don't make a lot of money we try to be frugal and then he mentions. This little dot it was a little cocker spaniel dog. Pieces you know we've got these gifts we've received some of these deaths one of the gets that we received does this cute little dog which one of our daughters has named checkers. And by gosh we're not gonna give checkers back. Than what they say about. The American public responded very favorably and said he's just as we understand he got himself into a bit of trouble but he's come clean. We like an Eisenhower was deeply impressed with the speech and it convinced him that he'd at this moment. Some like Kate really appreciated this learned. Senator Richard Nixon's office. You might think that is an early viral moment did that that the the country was relating to Richard Nixon and a different way there's there's interest thing echoes I think that checkers speech in what we learned today. Humanizing him Ott man we talk about. Cons like every every president's top. We talk about dogs but today we're gonna talk about the year to end our show because this is that this good friend because it's Friday in the suppression story congressman Joseph cunning and he just got to congress a Democrat from South Carolina and it's a Friday and hate. You know it's been a long week he brought a six pack a beer or trying to bring a six pack of beer on to the house floor today. Unfortunately I was against the house rules and he did not actually succeed in getting a six pack. Onto the onto the floor. We're told it's easy to see it was removed from. By officers we're told that the this expect was not good for consumption on the house floor Mary Alison is going to. Bring it to a colleague is an example of some south Carolina's finest bruised and thought that was the best chance the only chance he'd seen before you to the airport we're told it did get to its. To its intended recipient but about that Joseph six pack image. I mean you can see why some new freshmen members are we'll board up on Capitol Hill yeah they get elected. Government shut down what can they do. Have a beer are. I mean most popular congressman really evil I think all we can all understand that. All right that does it for this edition of the briefing room on this Friday thank you for joining us for Mary Alice parks are Rick Klein who check us out all week long at Thank you for watching.

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{"duration":"22:33","description":"Some workers miss their first paychecks since the partial government shutdown started while a freshman congressman tries to bring beer to the House floor. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"60319183","title":"Government shutdown day 21","url":"/Politics/video/government-shutdown-day-21-60319183"}