Gunman slaughters Pittsburgh synagogue worshippers

Pittsburgh mourns the loss of community members as Trump makes plans to visit city's Jewish leaders.
10:26 | 10/29/18

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Transcript for Gunman slaughters Pittsburgh synagogue worshippers
A news today the president plans to visit the city of Pittsburgh tomorrow to meet with members of the Jewish community there we've her condolences out of the White House toward the it did Jewish community that was so struck by this tragedy over the weekend I'll want to bring in now aerial rash chef who's been reporting on the ground for us and is now in front of that synagogue in the squirrel hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh work. Eleven people were murdered by an alleged gunman on Saturday. Aerial what is the mood been like today what's the scene from the ground 48 hours or so after this tragedy. I can certainly say it written that dichotomy between a press briefing and what's happening here is pretty stark re behind me you can see there are young girls with come here from Jewish seminary to pray in front of the memorial. And singing beautiful hands of hope and and it just kind of encapsulates how this community is coming together in the wake of this nightmare. That this has been for them I just was talking to a resident who came up to us before our live shot with your name is Amy she lives in this in this area and says there's no one in this area that doesn't have a connection. To this synagogue behind us. Eleven people murder here. And the sentiment here is one of hope still and one of let's shed the hate let's get rid of the anger let's please come together. As a society and heal from this. Eleven innocent victims ranging in age from 541097. Two Brothers were killed they were a mainstay in this community Cecil and David Rosenthal we also know a holocaust survivor who is 97 years old was. Said to be one of the most by patients characters in this community. Gunned down senselessly while she was in her place of worship. And then a married couple who had gotten married in the very sanctuary we're standing in front sixty years ago also lost their lives in this community has been through. Quite frankly hell and back and they're now trying to recover from it and the only way they know how it by building this makeshift memorial. And coming together we CSX steady stream of people an influx egress. Of people from all walks of life all different faiths coming here to pay their respects and express their solidarity Rick. And they're an aerial from the people you've talked to is there is there are. A recognition. Of the look broader context of this national discussion that goes around it or. Is this very much about the community right here in Pittsburgh. That well Rick as you can imagine like any community that Jewish community and the community writ large here in Pittsburgh is the diverse want to panoply of political. Affiliations and it ideas and about how we should move forward from this and what brought us to this point what I can tell you is not being discussed here in front of this memorial. Is politics. I haven't heard one person. Come to me. And rant about the state of affairs in our country or talk about the upcoming elections what people are talking about is how our society. Pass to come together and house to learn from events like this this is not just the Jewish issue at the rabbi said this morning on Good Morning America this is an American issue the fact that people cannot go to a place of worship and feel safe. It affects all of us it doesn't just affect the Jewish community. Right Eric aerial rash after reporting reporting frosts in Pittsburgh thank you for your reporting in your perspective from the ground aerial appreciate it. In Mary Alice we've heard now from the White House at a couple different opportunities the president in his initial reaction and Sarah Sanders today about their condolences for the Jewish community. We also heard a tweet from the president he he's been pretty active on Twitter not a lot of public events in the last 44 hours this what he had to say. There is great anger and our country caused in part by inaccurate and even fraudulent reporting of news the fake news media. The true enemy of the people must stop the open and obvious hostility and report the news accurately and fairly. That will do much to the flame of anger and outrage and we will then be able to all sides together in peace and harmony fake news. Must stand. That's a pretty startling sentiment from the president at this time of national mourning in the lot of national anger. Brent you'll respond in the present United States calls a group the enemy of the people. And we watched their centers they're in the briefing today really have a hard time focusing using sort of circular logic sane on the one hand the president wasn't placing blame but. Going not to repeat those claims she's very much continue to blame the press contains take no blame as far as a heated rhetoric this White House. I felt like in the briefing she was really working towards. Those it was a defensive Greek bank she came out there to defend this president to defend the White House defend the staff. And and to basically make the claim that that they were wrongfully attacked this week because as we know crossed the country we saw many people asked whether. The president was to blend in some way for his heated rhetoric and has it is violence comments over the last year us. What want to play a little bit of our colleague Jon Karl at that briefing that you referenced talking this hour Sanders and challenging hope that the White House over the president's suite. Terror the president say every weekend that he couldn't hold up its rhetoric what was he might that is getting any concern at all and that his words. Could inspire and provoke troll people you awful thing. Certainly. The president wants. In moments for our country is hurting like we've seen. In the last several days. Find ways to bring our country together and we've seen him do exactly that however the president is gonna continue. Two draw contrasts. Particularly as we go into the final days of an election the differences. Between the two parties particularly on policy differences shall continue to see him make that contrast. But he has certainly I think. Found those moments to bring our country together and certainly focus on some of the things that all of us can support all of us actually condemn as well. Let's bring in our colleague Jonathan Karl over at the White House and John you asked the president Balch the comments that he is made on Twitter the tone that he has been setting. It seemed like Serra Sanders didn't really wanted to go there in terms of the substance of even what the president himself with sweeting. I gather them Serra and said that the president was trying to bring the country together. And it was. Kind of ashamed that the media was casting blame on this. Com I aids day and Rick tried to point out big it was the president that's been casting blame in fact very. Very strong direct blame this morning take a listen to the rest of it. He's also harshly attacked some of the very people who receive those pipe bombs and this morning suggesting that the news media is responsible for for the anger in the country. It's one in the case of the pipe bomber's was somebody who went to trial rallies this is somebody out of band cover we're when it went. Attacks on the media praise for for the president pond. The shooter in Pittsburgh is somebody who was. And provoked it seems by the caravan the president has been so much time talking about what why is he got there. He sees trinity united countrywide C out there. They're very. Barry first thing that the president didn't was condemned the attacks flowed in Pittsburgh and end at the pipe bombs the very first thing the media did was blame the president and make killer responsible for these ridiculous. At. Accent is outrageous that that would be the very first reaction. Of so many people across this country me off. I'm not finished only person responsible for carrying out either of these heinous acts where the individuals who carry them out it's not the president no more than it was Bernie Sanders fault for the individual who shot up a baseball field of congressional Republicans should you can't start putting the responsibility of individuals on anybody but the individual who carries out the crime. Seems just the news media the president's the one. Please can claim here out of prison not placing blame the president's not it is not responsible for these acts again the very first action the president did was condemn. These heinous acts the very first thing that the media did was condemned the president and go after trying to placed blame not just on the president but everybody that works in this administration. Major news networks first public statement was to blame the president and myself included I mean that is outrageous that anybody other than the individual who carried out but probably hold that responsibility. So wreck you know I I have to say as a card carrying member of the news media. I have been seeing. Any of us blame the president for what happened I don't know of maybe they're somebody somewhere on cable TV who has said that. But I think the very first thing that was Don by a by news organizations across the board was to go and report what happened. Both in terms of the spate of bombings. And in in terms of the horrific shooting that happened in Pittsburgh. So it's it's a little bit on uncomfortable situation to be an in the briefing room. When the Press Secretary you're you're you're trying to Pasco a question about the president's tone. And in the Press Secretary it's kind of putting you in in in a situation where. You have to speak on behalf of the quote media for something I'm not sure as does does as happen. John do you get any sense that the that the White House is aware overlooking any way to some moderate what the president is about to do in the next. I'm the last eight days of this campaign he's going to be on the trail a lot. Starting on Wednesday as he says you quoted as our sanity could tone up he says he could turn up his season suggest he could turn up his. His political rhetoric back to where was before is there any sense of it of a different attitude going into this last stretch. Well here is what we know is that starting Wednesday he has at least eleven different campaign rallies. For the for the one week period leading into Election Day. Eleven different rallies all over the country all Saturn in areas were Trump's support is strong. It what what you know about the president's advisors. Is they don't try to control and they have seen that that is something that is simply not effective. They have encouraged him to get encourage him in. It in the in the wake of this to set. A somber tone to address the attacks but nobody can go into this president and say. Mr. President you gotta you gotta tone down the attacks. Nobody can do that and I think that the idea that this president will go on a tour. Of eleven different campaign rallies over six or seven days. And you don't suddenly become a different person on the campaign trail I I think is because there's kind of a fantasy. All right Jon Karl for us over at the White House thanks for thanks for checking in appreciate it.

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