Hillary Clinton: 'I Am Running ... Around the Park'

The former secretary of state continues making speeches but remains tight-lipped on decision to run for president.
5:32 | 05/16/14

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Transcript for Hillary Clinton: 'I Am Running ... Around the Park'
This is a special room. This is not -- rat dead. Why am running around -- part yeah. Incredibly -- -- her last day at work and still making news Barbara Walters. Saying goodbye to -- today talking to someone who is not going anywhere anytime soon. Everyone I'm Dan Cutler in New York -- don't call -- campaign but Hillary Clinton has been traveling and speaking and as ever strips of excitement splitting -- angst. Potential for a run. For the White House sixteen could be shaping up to keeping tabs and all that joining us now from Washington DC he's ABC's political director recline Rick -- Friday to use certain. Did -- with him are as a former secretary of state Clinton recently leaving -- job growth and today she. Ms. Walters a bit of advice. On what to do next. Well I've been thinking about the -- -- -- first of all take some time off. ME -- handling and you're an opposition to -- -- -- Take some time if you have a wealth of friends who adore you spend time with them can get a real vacation and I go out with my dogs my husband I'd take long walks is yes to let down and enjoyed her like a week at least -- it's. A week Italy's anyway that I mean is that led mrs. Clinton has been -- is that -- -- the description of a vacation. -- -- a perfect addition he said that her post time at her post secretary of state time would be beat. His in speech as well. She's done a lot of speeches not a lot of beaches because she is. Actually speaking more than a lot of presidential candidates just this week I lost track or two and one day in Washington DC you don't think that's a presidential campaign. What are we talking about here look. Is I think something's changed just in the last couple -- -- And you made reference a little bit to this I think the fact that they are responding aggressively to some of the critiques that they're getting. She is mixing it up she's -- a little fun out there she is effectively running for president until the moment that she decides not to anti that's which she is looking more and more -- -- candidate virtually by the day it -- A big check to counter those 20142016. Still a bit of -- ways operating unit prior strategist hat is it Smart. To make all these kinds of appearances put yourself out there so. Often so early on. I think yet -- in -- -- -- that is not and you do have run -- danger of being overexposed but she knows the drill pretty well by now and keep in mind what's about to happen she just at a campaign event last night. For Chelsea Clinton's mother along astronomy to return to congress she's -- got a book coming out in about a week -- months time or sell. And in the mid term elections are upon us that he may look like the political season is a ways off but functionally she's going to be out there and she's been doing. More than dipping a toe into the water and I think it's on now I think she's -- basically people tell. This -- the mid term elections happened that's when you start seeing people declare for the presidency. And I wouldn't be surprised if we're you know within the zone of eight months or so before we actually get an announcement from Hillary Clinton -- to -- -- out what happened last night Clinton's going all out for the in laws do what is -- history with Marjorie margolies is fascinating Marjorie margolies do you see Marjorie -- visited skis and recently divorced she lost her job back in 1980. 31984. As a congresswoman from Pennsylvania she cast the theme is vote deciding vote for the Bill Clinton budget. People chanted her goodbye Marjorie on the house floor -- actually lost her seat in 19841 of the biggest casualties of the Republican revolution. Fast forward a decade and a half two decades -- so. And her son actually marries Chelsea Clinton remarkably she becomes mother in law to the clintons only daughter so now she's part of the family and she wants her old job back she's running for congress this year. In Pennsylvania an open seat in the Philadelphia -- -- heavily democratic district. But and here's the big but it is a crowded democratic primary she may not win she is not the best funded candidate despite the fund raiser. Bill Clinton did for her a month ago despite the fund raiser Hillary Clinton did for her last night she's been trailing in the polls she doesn't have the late -- she's hoping that some of the though the ads that are now running with Bill Clinton in and change that she may actually lose would be remarkable for the whole breath of -- history all of the -- -- -- this -- -- he -- able to win. Well as speaking navigation is neither one last night -- one it probably is secretary former Secretary Clinton has -- no part of and that is on Capitol Hill. The Republicans in congress are gonna call the former secretaries -- to testify again about the thing Ghazi attacked. I I I wonder about that because I think it's hard for them to do in her position as a private citizen she's already fulfilled. Our responsibilities to the committees that called her last year I've no doubt that they'll be an. Energy around trying but I think it's gonna take something -- something different. Something immediate that suggests that she wasn't forthcoming in her original testimony before you do that. That would be a -- and Republicans know it they want to make sure they got something out of it they know that the last that she appeared. Hillary Clinton seem to get the best of them on a political perspective with that theme this line as he delivered what difference at this point does it make. She had that one ready to go in no doubt that you have something similar radio next time. And we shall wait to see what that line will be ABC's political director recline in Washington DC force Rick back to have a good weekend sir thanks them. Of course there's been ABC's -- special report and you can keep up with the clintons in real time by downloading ABC news apps starring this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now and down Cutler New York.

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{"duration":"5:32","description":"The former secretary of state continues making speeches but remains tight-lipped on decision to run for president.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"23754455","title":"Hillary Clinton: 'I Am Running ... Around the Park'","url":"/Politics/video/hillary-clinton-running-park-23754455"}