House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses COVID-19 testing initiative in Heroes Act

Pelosi says that testing is the key to preventing further deaths, especially in communities of color.
4:18 | 05/28/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses COVID-19 testing initiative in Heroes Act
Thank you for being here very sad time mrs. we have served. Over 100000. People in our country. Dying of the Coruna virus. So sad. Always carry them in our hearts as big number of people. It is a scar on our nation. That we could not save him. It is sad for their families. And we give and they are in our thoughts and prayers. Who top of that one point seven million. Had been diagnosed. One point seven million people had been diagnosed. The has to be a stop to this. The answer is testing. We have in our heroes and they plan for test. Testing to open up our economy. Testing to open up our schools. Testing to heal. But in order to heal we have to know the gravity of the problem. You know we talk a great deal of that a vaccine. And a cure. And god willing we pray that that will be soon. But we don't have yet and we do have tests. And you noted for countries that had controlled the spread and the deaths from the virus they don't have a vaccine. They don't have the killer. But they had common sense they had used testing tracing. Treatment. And separation isolation. Are necessary. And that's exactly what we should have been doing all alone. On March 4 the house passed bill first film corona virus. We wrote it in February brought it to the floor march 4 it was at that testing testing test. Throughout all of our legislation is fizzled in bipartisan thus far it's been about some testing. For the masking in the things that we need. To prevent the spread of the virus. Cares that would put forth resources in me. We're bill the interim Dylan PPP. The put forth the major 100 billion dollars for health and testing and for hospital. And now in the heroes and still. We have not had from the executive branch the appropriate determination and strategy. To test. People aren't 900000. Over a 100000. People are sick. Isn't an horrible in Pakistani communities of color in that country. So many of the deaths at least 13. Our seniors in nursing homes in the rest. And yet we can't seem to get. The executive branch the president of the United States to make the decision. To show the example. Of what we can do to stop it. Yesterday we came here many people with us. With represented in Savannah. The Congressional Black Caucus the Hispanic caucuses K packet can turn. Congressional caucus on Asian Pacific affairs in. Native American and one person in American women ever to serve in congress stand Holland with Aaron distinguish what mr. Khyber in the senate and mr. Annan. Cologne the cheered energy and commerce committee mr. from won't talk about what's in the bill the heroes act. The energy and commerce piece. Just about a robust and rapid testing initiative a strategy. A strategy with a timetable. Benchmarks milestones. And the resources necessary. To get the job done and the job is to save lives. And those who together here yesterday were pointing out Hal. Affected communities of color. Or by this. But there's not adequate testing there. We've got to get handle. On the challenge that we face and we can only do that if we test. If we Trace. And then. The retreat. We can reduce the number of deaths.

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{"duration":"4:18","description":"Pelosi says that testing is the key to preventing further deaths, especially in communities of color.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"70935299","title":"House Speaker Nancy Pelosi discusses COVID-19 testing initiative in Heroes Act","url":"/Politics/video/house-speaker-nancy-pelosi-discusses-covid-19-testing-70935299"}