Michelle Obama Eye Roll, President's Gum Chewing Light Up Twitter

Twitter users cannot help but to speculate on two small happenings at the 2013 inauguration.
3:26 | 01/21/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Michelle Obama Eye Roll, President's Gum Chewing Light Up Twitter
-- -- was expressing some surprise that Twitter was set for the gum that the president was. Please killing I feel no surprise surprise you don't see exactly the type of thing that. -- -- we want to feed. On. That aspect. Without -- checking his Blackberry chewing gum. But we did have some great background to -- you recycle my earlier which with the Mars curiosity -- Some -- actually had uploaded a bunch of great pictures on to flicker of this. Grover at this model of the rover coming into DC -- Mars curiosity itself which usually just tweets -- from the surface of Mars actually federal here's my double. Ready to roll and country. So let me editing and thin and reinvention has been made even pick -- and -- this gift. That's really been circulating on on the Internet Michelle Obama allegedly rolling her eyes -- speaker Boehner he's seeing a lot -- I I am although who knows perhaps she was -- right -- -- was asking for cigarettes from John Boehner. Fair enough fair enough so we we really do not know it's -- it would be. Unfair to say we know that he's rolling her eyes and and could be here it is. It could be inadvertent it could be that he liked the taste of whatever he had. Someone told calorie count and yet -- next I mean anything is possible for that yet but that's the beauty of Gibson's that they're all purpose and anyone can enjoy them I still think it over the -- is three. And -- -- desserts got to be lessened as vice in his age. We know lean mean it is a lean mean I don't one last treat for you -- mayor of Washington DC. Made a point of tweeting out a photo of himself holding the sign -- he was carrying -- inauguration calling for DC statehood. So -- that actually think he of these we've been talking today about the fact that the at least the the Obama. The presidential vehicle that -- Secret Service puts puts President Obama in now when he's going -- -- local. He is now. Bearing license plates that say taxation without representation. And Wafer. Wafers Obama -- signaled his support for Washington DC to have. Representation in congress at this point. Right the debate is over it had provision congress does not full voting -- you know there's a house member. Delegate -- -- -- -- -- making it to him. Well if they get statehood and yes there's there's a whole spectrum. Rights that people are arguing about for DC at the top end of the spectrum is full statement which would come -- support to senator. Congress and that -- -- you get -- accusing the delicate full voting rights. How about maybe. -- not once but how about some other kind of reputation more power. And a license plate just. Doesn't it doesn't say where on this afternoon -- will fall in roughly speaking with a population DC. What happened in. That's -- sneaking in where people not to have. Balloon race right and they they've opponents of the victory in DC -- point -- constitution when you know. Distracted as the car -- territory does not as evidence the state. There have been various proposed limited over the years over the decades back. Should be absorbed by -- and should be broken up somehow get more people some -- it can be given to Virginia but. As a right now they'd do not have -- voting -- and.

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{"id":18278487,"title":"Michelle Obama Eye Roll, President's Gum Chewing Light Up Twitter","duration":"3:26","description":"Twitter users cannot help but to speculate on two small happenings at the 2013 inauguration.","url":"/Politics/video/inauguration-2013-michelle-obama-eye-roll-john-boehner-18278487","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}