Indiana Politician Commissions Humorous Billboard for Campaign

The witty advertisement promotes her bid for County Treasurer.
3:01 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Indiana Politician Commissions Humorous Billboard for Campaign
I signed up for the mix it with a lot this campaign season movement about the candidates not being honest enough gas up front enough well. We have an Indiana politician who's trying to do. Set herself apart from the fact with a hilariously blunt billboard for her campaign okay she is getting straight to the issues that she believes her voters are concerned with. From billboard says I want steal the kind I know how to count. All residents. Relevant question today Collins is running for treasurer. Of the road southeast Indiana that's one way to get street to the point into the background of real estate investing in this is what she thinks her voters need to know that period amen. That is an important asset that you want in its state treasurer for pivot that it idling out that they can count if they won't steal yet. So Pittsburgh. Is coming out with a brand new museum. That I will be. Gladly sign up for its America's first. Dear museum. Yet Welles himself field kit he has had that Saddam Hussein get a feature exhibits of a historical nature it has and a beer hall of fame. As well ads get this get best. Bob Barr. Ball yet but wait we don't need to go there but we have we don't have to go there it to happen but if this will be dedicated to all of that the Beers that we've come to life you know you angling that's popular in Pennsylvania and iron city light and you know. And it's they were exploring our 26. By going to visit its museum. So 2018 though is when it opens up well we'll have to wait about yeah in the meantime we can study we'll tell us how about the product around here exactly speaking of which there's a new product. Hitting donut dispensary in Colorado I think that it should it we may finally found a food that ten this would Kent is the taste tests done there. It's bound to be donuts. He's always done that comes out of the pipe head where the shots weren't boos all my gun away and learn have. The sort of inject the doughnut and when you create the boos into a supposed to for the penetrate the entire done. When he came alive I'll get a combination of the alcohol and the doughnut. I don't ever injected a don't I would with Kate we can get Candace eating. That can we just put the idea in my advance instead out like you have waste area. I don't believe system that would definitely get me going OK so this cop this dancing cop in Virginia has been popular on the Internet and he recently went to pep rally. Take a look he broke. The house been down this is information by. Yes. This is an officer digs there he's done others to be on tickets witnesses. Well Spezza moved as a senior single ladies and we didn't have.

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{"id":42854121,"title":"Indiana Politician Commissions Humorous Billboard for Campaign","duration":"3:01","description":"The witty advertisement promotes her bid for County Treasurer.","url":"/Politics/video/indiana-politician-commissions-humorous-billboard-campaign-42854121","section":"Politics","mediaType":"default"}