See Inside House From Classic Film 'A Christmas Story'

ABC News' Charli James tours the famous house in Cleveland, Ohio.
20:00 | 07/20/16

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Transcript for See Inside House From Classic Film 'A Christmas Story'
Everybody attorney James here in Cleveland is now at this obviously is super busy here aren't seen but there's a lot more to be hearing Cleveland. Tourist attractions and one of them. Is the Christmas story house and museum now this is the house here is that and it is an idiot I am you know Ralph either keep funny it's of course. See it led lamps and this is the house. That was. Movies and the neighborhood that's the exterior sports films and and now is again. Restore it and turned into a replica of the movie and also. A museum showcasing all kinds of never Italy it's really fun. And we're lucky enough you have. I'm Michelle Albert she is a veteran tour guide here at the Christmas story she's been giving -- here for seven years. Out and she's gonna get us a little taste of what people get to see here at the house. The Michelle first just for the viewers lettuce still light what exactly was. And not feel that the house apiece good majority of the filming here is an exterior. Step at a backyard. Tree care about it is the only instead and mom and lakes and a perfect. On the street right around he's coming back and forth every day at this house over here at this is an art ralphie felon and I'll have to be aware that every Andy I was reading cannot get it think this look at the industry and I'm Catherine some scenes were actually found. Canonized more. In and they Cleveland Akron and summit coming here. And now this is of huge tore restaurant here in Cleveland. Michelle is just telling them where we got started that in the Christmas. Fees and so it's Christmas in July irate now here at Christmas how to. But after Thanksgiving things get pretty great and a half to lately. So from Thanksgiving weekend ten about the first week in January we have. I'm happy Penn street around the corner some excitement people are just happened he bunny steam out of classes. Then neighbors and the pistons TV telling actually under apparently there. Totally am busy season steroid is had a net impact a lot of fun and that we are very creepy. There's such a cult classic and I was so it thrilled to find out that that's something we could do here in Cleveland I'm gonna turn the camera around and let Michelle and I take the legal little that what this tore. I'm so you'll see the house and what will head on in to see what it looks. As well. And took people taking pictures here with. And he says this mailboxes this is the original mail I haven't actually isn't a film. And it three when that night my classic which they're accurate are males don't come into now. I. And they tell us a little bit about my boon undertook this project who bought the house he didn't and right engines in the pat. He purchased patents. Captain for. 850000. Here's 240000. Dollars and restoration to. In the open doors in Denver and she hasn't next week to celebrate our tenth anniversary here in November the saline bag and I'm right. So let's take a look inside zone and they had before a lot of those scenes were filmed on a sound stage. I'm need to look like house like most movies are but he owner has. It works really hard to replicate. What it looked like. Then he recreated this cat inside her home to look exactly like it was there. Okay and called it may be explored selling any shares fell and terror attacks and the end of CNN team out. Well and I think viewers if you if you watch the movie every year you're gonna instantly recognize a lot of these grounds and PT. Memorabilia inside. And. It's. Pains. So here is more. Look up hands. He. He's. Yeah. Follow mentally and me. Role in the movies. It's eat the Afghan people our. You hear and see and hear him on the screen and that's Alan. And this is another room where a lot of these actions happened in front he can and a and eaten with his brother in the bathroom. And parents the same ball. Yeah. This. He that's where he'd work yeah. His letter to act and gotten me here right out in the near the anything that. He's he's. So this firm actually did have some upbeat movie filmed and it's just have seen endorse and looking out. Craig. The and he aren't so yeah. Here. Are. Yeah. Well he his head. People who come from Lima Q recreate scenes. And a picture. Some funny part in this or aren't that. Every scene here yeah. I have most people aren't tax. And Cleveland's and now. Hat cocked and you can't really get it not sleeping at night. He things and he. How many people. Good hair and they're not all around the bar so I can't imagine T. Hey it's your. Everything I think we'll look past downstairs. Me and I thank. Re creations living and it's so I'm how many like. Story and many here from the only at all worried understood pictures and the actor in anything it's really fun little. B it's a little touches. And here. He ridiculous lives and she's lock it and yeah yeah yeah yeah. I pray each and when attacked. Under ground beef after this yeah yeah there is no slam and the wind now profits. Rose and guns. And Aaron. Life is an endless war to grow. Millions of tension. Sheila Ellis and center analysts the they can. When he comes costume is and trying time. In your dream to. Try and honestly funny countenance sending pictures exist. Now you're telling me out really or and a that's. And mark. I mean yeah. Yeah. Let daily ET yeah tour players carried around clay this is yeah. Serenaded him whatever they ask instead it was a 308. There yeah. I look easy yeah. Let me that he. Yeah. But it definitely a lot of great Easter granma. And photo. We're an opportunity. He. Past crimes. I'm but this isn't the only park it's not just the house and actually. He vehemently anti now. Nineteen. Might be even more fun than the house and is because of all being real memorabilia. And posters and things from from them and if so in in addition to getting to go in the house. The tour also includes. A visit to the Christmas story museum it's right across the street. So we're gonna say goodbye to the house. You can see in others bargaining yeah. Running every half an hour definitely keeping that if you opted more at Christmas time. Distant time meet kinetic in the eighth explores Agile and time depending on the planet people. Still we do what's called elephant calves so we opened the doors that they bags were scattered throughout the house. And Natalie let them equally continue and they have commitment people and tears stands at Kennedy Manning at holiday time it's. So I'll turn the camera again and Sweeney enter the Christmas story house museum. Anyone can of course you do it. Eagle lately which is probably the most recognizable thing but you haven't. Something that kind of explained the story behind Mandalay Olympics I never him. Let me get in regional and that idea that we do you remember history currently. I'm me or me everything you do it. We'll. 800 grass. I'm it actually sponsors. The only ones telling our humanness 50000 dollars in went bowling Alley but he activity I think. It's currently written let he and yes hello there lately and became. Idea effect. Com and so this. Actual identities Percy like a lot of other posters. And even a poster. From an entity in fresh. For it's theater on. None but should he just come up dean original. Costumes and props and other hand he had hair. And the race. Hey it's. Yeah. And 93. Her popular. Yeah. 83. Two pitch K this for us. All cars. It's your yeah. And so the. Her actual props from me. A work and play this. And it's creamy Buena. Yeah yeah yeah so how do you not get all of these I am British. All. We'll pray that only had hit warehouse and he whose house he. I'm. Me. The he had. He allegedly contacted some kind of that Hillary is in the east have. Came from Constance how much. A mile race. Yeah. We got this person. He's in her. I mean yeah actor's. He had. Does that. Peter apparently the dean Reynolds is. Already helipad and today check. Lightning. And there's a really fun story about also one of the more recognizable item on TV gotten the red clarity and. I I. DE right here in and maybe. It's. Or being tells time. They have to be created where I'm. And TE terrorists came to me stakes casting yeah that are here currently in his teens. I don't sound and original last year when he enters his grandkids and start asking the original. 8900. Relatively new in here. And the there's a lot of stuff in here so we're not militia everything. The more after and not lower in the film here more hats. Some really great stuff. And. Any idea where the original lately I am sure that you don't have any. I'm. Happen it isn't there. In her basement are there out of somewhere I am sure that the people here at Christmas story house would love to have it. Are. Eight lists that earlier fourth year hurt. Me hurt forces. He got into each which he how he is still working in her head so great you aren't there. And here's the great news. Reading. Andy here. He can make it to create temporary we offer virtually all right there as he kept me here in Macon and there compounds and. We are going to. Finish up these tours in the gift shop always good stop. To exit through the gift shop. But so it sounds like. From talking report that little brother Randy. Does quite a bit went with the museum and the house here Ari are a lot of the actors they're involved. Yeah I just to rethink gently and that we're learning that they got ark didn't that mean bully. I heated hearing tougher treatment for another bank and designated time here at history has. Doing autographs or any other I can't hear you very. Thanks. You never know who will run into error and hit him so where most of the people who come visit comes from mark they like from around this area are usually. Question what panic torque and it is clear. Eastern part that states usually Pennsylvania. And new York and they act but even have international. Yeah England for. An airplane and people from. He. So funny because we think a Christmas story as such. A classic Americana album but its conflict. Even this fire is Brazil. Today at love Christmas story as well I think so we're in the gift shop on it's really fun items in here so I was gonna have Michelle show you here. You know of course there are multiple ways to purchase a lightning and come in thank Dave. Early and nailing the an angry enough time in history yeah. Yeah. Those are my favorite present pain and an uncle a long night lights yeah. And people there's website as well as those people out of his misery has an animated character gets. Section. Grace you can see all Beazley plans in the back room in like it here at least if not. Indifferent as the what is. And the other on items. Lee Chris Smith village the story. Is he. It's an act. It's free and it's on missing and there's. There's little frank G Elaine leg being delivered promptly in the news back Aaron. And one of the fantasy scenes. Throughout the fighting off the rockers. And and he gave her malaria I think it's cut out. You wanna be able to take pictures pretty. Went Randy or update any time. As well as well as a variety of sciences for the funny. I think it's an adult for the whole family can. Like the pink funding. Again. I'm history. Do you recognize the pattern means companies are going to send filing your tax revenues the end that it did don't have any of limited edition. The 25 or thirtieth anniversary of the midweek. When you actually can still purchase. Here's the anniversary with the kind of an a and. This is probably one of the most fun. Get shots I've ever been a permanent pick up some stuff from my family because like I think most Americans. We always watch C a Christmas story marathon on actress plants and leg. Almost everyone loves it may have been at it something that you'd never spotting this did but exit and it's wonderful. I feel the effects can end. Your child. And her hair and his campaign and the end it came. Evidently. He either perjury count indictment I think there is taking them after an April. And so they aren't see that special mention is going on right now have you met any delegates are people in Town Car and on the tour as I can I. They government cats and so. The delegates taking advantage of their free time here visiting. All kinds of sites on which is the Christmas story house that if you're in Cleveland. It's open year round so you can come on spy. It's not too far down town so you. Make that a stop and Cleveland tour thank you send us Michelle or giving us. A little behind the scenes look here. And that's stay with ABC news them we have a huge team all across Cleveland are bringing you course gavel to gavel coverage of the RNC but then also fun Cleveland stories like this they're still two days less of coverage here. In Cleveland and then we had to Philly for the DNC is well so stay with CBC news.

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