Inside the Inauguration Committee Headquarters

Presidential inauguration committee communications director Boris Epshteyn shows ABC News' Katherine Faulders and Alex Mallin around inauguration HQ.
15:31 | 01/13/17

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Transcript for Inside the Inauguration Committee Headquarters
I don't think for joining us on I'm Katherine Pollard and I'm Alex Malin anger here and Bronx inauguration. And residents. Inauguration committee we're gonna give you an inside look behind the scenes. Of course esteem of those who use the communications director of the Presidential Inaugural Committee. And accidents some news that I was just put out by the inaugural committee about some new events for the inauguration week looking. Fourth planet. Earth Day first time we're going to hear from. The remarks. There's to what little ball it. Yeah yeah yeah us we only Q. Although the rooms personally don't Thursday. That we. You should have bats was America concert. And it's really great representatives of America singing publicly America. It was so long. Against which. Celebration. What will you around the memorial stage setup and the Arab world will be key. Three doors down heavily we would end most importantly. The American people. Marks. What about it supports them. One week our nightly setting it's in this building. Working hard listening. One a lot of fun but. Talked a little bit about. Divide the mentality right now. It's resolute the truth where you're working or we're getting things done. Open news that would all we'll also and it's one of the stores. Just that from groups that got executive team got us about it public. He's there reporter there world layer comes lives. So everybody's in the mood outlook thing. Big business the legalize. Working. Artist. And I hot sleepers that it premieres this thing is that you bring into question the cameras kind of get a little via what's going on here and I hope and app. Our ears neck and heard reported one. Over and related crop I mean it's it's it's not exactly you know it is on to discuss it before the election for whoever is going to win but and he. It's it's always possible for only a week of events really. Yes there are. Just stats what's going on right now. All. We're in the two years ago and governments are just yet this is where the presidential. Oh. Where there are no matter what his American wife you know which years so the question. Thirty. This vision or. Answers. It's it's not there if theories about all we don't want exposing. One we have a great group of people which applies here. There's. If you look up. I'm so very diverse group from all over the country some matched all business. News pictures all sorts of goods prices common right. The Republicans don't Zealand who. And here. You probably don't immediately hang. It's a hybrid CE. But others from what is business entertainment. Falls or organizing. It also would infrastructures of the company's. Over the years since the great great group of people from all over the country. Doesn't take. The beavers as well I don't hate. For the Craig get my thoughts it's just think it's you don't have. Shelter in place. Very important. Or we expect him to. Every tendon that yeah. The stork craft complete gridlock can you see preparation being with city and easy so getting good Middle East rules. Over millions of events of the week. There are divided. Overlook. Great moment. Orders and. Looking okay. Athlete memory every national parks and they expect. Is there any worry from your friends. Not at all joint task force. There with a. Hardest part. On the play into the match. Here. Let us look. Standing. Beginning on that morning. And. Department was the top of the pharmacy. I'd like. That morning why is it and it scared hair that's fast. The most. Originally your delivery and market. He is our hair our it's eating worm or more conservative. Every press news agency. This question it's good evening you know. So how about that in. For threatening us from ski. As marks that's molecular tomorrow we're gonna get back here. This continues provisions. Talking to good people Campbell. You close. So that's why did you make of those remarks and welcoming. It's silvers reports settings. Up here tonight whether he announced. Some of the things the Robinson. Overs. Yet when and we. Call one. Mark Burnett Tim. And witness. On all day parade for a short. And where was born out helpful. For us this year we. For the hero and a great big bird proposed brilliant anyway when we will be crucial in the mobile. In 2000 I haven't had a little ball. Obama attend this show will be three Q was walking home home saluting. But all forces and first responders and others solution. Little bit about the decision. It cut back on the ball and passersby anymore what all of the decision to find out why does president. Q what. It's. So awesome. His campaign for reasonable and now the bulls are. He's just can't the elephants. Movable. Who's going to be great accurately. What. When I think of presently speaking. We think about the speech that he gave during the campaign what is it going to be like I mean just in the differences between his Thursday events. Respect him steps of the Lincoln Memorial and Lincoln and his back. And then we have been on the steps of the capitol right after he takes the oath of office isn't going to be adding similar to the atmosphere and yet I imagine a lot of supporters that would. You don't take trips you'd go to his rallies went beyond the on the mall looking for a show it's gonna be as much of that worst enemy. More elegant as Tom Baer strike. Wow I would think. Speeches. Yeah. Unlike any seen him. There the remarks. More than lost the war. This article was being I was. Talking to. What we've been through this this is the congregation. Was of the national movement what is hopeful. It's a victory for all and it's come to. Actually make America great again on the slow movements. She was huge pictures that you were sold between the remarks. It was so. Messages and. The inaugural addresses into working hard aggressors and sentenced on his head are Britain numbers it is still. Working on it through and through the late nights out of it's. Plus going to be my. Because. Two horses horse people and that's why it's. Good news. In more than my asking the I think it's been the reports out there not your numbers are anything you can share on how much you hundreds point. Resources. Available to us so we put in the position or we'll animals but there's. We are goal of vegetables. Didn't hostage that you mentioned earlier you know. It presents no looting civil problems. We sort of a wee hours of the government run all. Oh. So. Some would get horrible most of us know what we're excited. Won him global outpouring of support a lot of local butcher. In. Part of the city going to let. Allie Allie the end. Aren't. How. I was here in six days and we have sent is now it we measure it by sleep. And I. Can't think like yeah. Here anyway Dow briefly or wrong what you thing. How much time you can standing in his. The and can't face as they. But our team made in our team coverage. And street. Westpac. Three and media outlets as you please believe me through that people feel like we are pre inauguration. The picture that we read recently that. Evening. We're everything. Vacation aspect of you asked him as a it's believed. Things. So. Perfect woman because. Has been. Of course it is actions. Ago. The team in columns is so. So. We don't. Last couple days we will work through it. Was we'll. Into this little about the communication let the president. Your is playing in touch with him. Often is he away angry and a lot of these positions that you guys are making your everyday and of course you. We do for Verizon's. Business vision for the little more broadly this isn't. Let's have been like me you. Basically he started as and he working for the RNC. Inaccurate readings global event something that is if you watch my eyes all around the world other countries watching to see how this peaceful transfer power to over. Functional right now. I think. These are human right ACP. In Everett. Either agree there's someone standing there with a capital begin office my team whereas almost as if part of making an attack on the world he's. You know when the president via physical boxes and I think that's the you know we're really excited part of good out there for everybody at a Beverly. The dancing demanding anything about them what they preparation like underweight do you. And he inaugural enhancement a lot. The amnesty. It's going to be an excellent chance the anti attend. Pillow again. The I mean again. Results from British. Ask that you so much for joining us. On the heels of new details new performers now by the president Michael speak. For the first time in Washington DC and it's definitely memorial. Thank you guys for team here at Boris N Alley are now it's more.

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{"duration":"15:31","description":"Presidential inauguration committee communications director Boris Epshteyn shows ABC News' Katherine Faulders and Alex Mallin around inauguration HQ.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"44761121","title":"Inside the Inauguration Committee Headquarters","url":"/Politics/video/inside-inauguration-committee-headquarters-44761121"}