Inside the Senate offices

A closer look at the office of President Harry Truman.
4:40 | 11/12/18

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Transcript for Inside the Senate offices
I mean if you valley road and on Capitol Hill now one of the coolest parts of covering high. There's history and everywhere you turn and bank six senators working very hallways. It into the Oval Office. We're taking you inside one of the life before that he had. You're the office of senator Roy Blunt this season he Harry Truman's office and what a treat we have senator point here with us. And he's going to tell us about some of the amazing history in this room. Senator we are actually standing in the opposite used to belong to then senator Harry Truman and you're telling me he was here for eight. Of the ten energy use in the senate Tintin it is not an office that automatically goes with the statement just an office truly lucky for. A Missouri and to have so Truman was here for eight years that's a picture of him standing right there in front of this window at his. Pretty piled high desk. And then he also which worked here the 82 days he was vice president but he was working here. Is as vice president today he became pres exactly president Wally was working here just didn't know it yet he went over. Oh late afternoon to have the drink was Sam Rayburn was speaker of the house. Passed a note and you need to come to the White House something is happening and lots of things were happening in April 1945. It just happened that day. What happened was he had become president and the first thing he did the next morning when he was president. Was come back here to clean out his desk I think Alley the first time. He saw press is president was out in the hallway there we're photographers. There. The night before when he was sworn in. But this was the first place he actually interacted with press. As president of United States was here in the hall where the Russell building. Rock and does not the president lockout as president while he you know he wrote his mother that night he still handed a letter writing president. Heroes mother that night today I went to the White House thinking I was gonna see the president I got there and found out I was the president when Harry Truman got here he was considered a machine politician from. Kansas City the campaign had been focused on the fact that he was part of the so called prendergast machine. And frankly a lot of members had kind of a hands off attitude is standoffish attitude. To Truman for awhile. But he was well liked in the senate so much so Alley that I think he's the only vice president that ever had any substantial amount of office space to work done. A because he was allowed to keep the three rooms he had in the Russell building. As senator he was allowed by the senate to keep those rooms as vice president so. The president Truman started out his first two years in the senate were down the hall this play in this interior hallway we have here in our office. The office I use now. But there were 96 senators say we're all in this building and so basically as opposed to the ten or so rooms or twelve rooms that. Most senators haven't Russell bill today that would have had about three rooms. And so we started there are moved I guess down here to be closer both to the senate floor and to be closer what was then the senate cafeteria which is where the commerce committee. Period as a man priority if a man with priorities if so here's a picture I think this was probably wouldn't Harry Truman used to spot the first two years. Not in this office but it's his first coming to the senate. And vice president John Nance Garner. Who was FDR's vice president the first two terms. Somehow had managed to get possession of a couple of Jesse James is guns. And so it looks like he's about to shoot freshman senator. Harry Truman Bo what he's really doing is showing in two. Two guns of that famous Missouri outlaw. What I really like about this is Larry. Long cigar ash that is comfortable is still resting on the end of faux cactus Jack garner was the Texans nickname from. You validly taxes I think. There is breaking Harry Truman menaces new freshman senator I think this picture probably had to be color rise later. Where unit took a black and white picture but then you went in and and individually colored it because they weren't taking many color photographs in the forties but there's Truman during the I think the Truman commission days in. The globe right there behind the more you can keep track of what was happening. As he was trying to look and be sure that the war was being fought and supplies from being provided in the right way not in the wrong way Pincay sent it Croatia seceded.

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{"duration":"4:40","description":"A closer look at the office of President Harry Truman.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Politics","id":"59149060","title":"Inside the Senate offices","url":"/Politics/video/inside-senate-offices-59149060"}